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March 30, 2013

Thomas asks…

Women drivers are so much better than men – What do you think?

We dont all think we are Damon Hill and we know what an indicator is. Thats why our car insurance is cheaper.
Anyone care to comment? (just a bit of fun) Im not a man hater, honest!

Administrator answers:

Lol….Im a woman and I have to disagree with that. I see so many bad woman drivers. Just saw one yesterday. I was amazed that she didnt cause an accident. It was unreal what she did. I think Im a good driver. Ive never caused an accident, but Ive been rearended by a cop before. Lol, Go figure.*

Sandy asks…

How can we change the law for auto insurance?

I had to fight to get where I am now, I have insurance that I don’t have to pay a crapload for. Why is it the law to have insurance? If we have a law for insurance, I think we should have laws regulating how insurance works. I could not get my own policy for a long time, I had to be under the same name as my dad. If I tried to get my own with the same company they said my insurance would go up $50 a day. They make it very hard to get what is required by law to have. They use statisics to tell you what kind of driver that you are not. I think there has to be some way to change the rules. Should make it either easier to get insurance since you have to have it or not make it a requirement at all.

Administrator answers:

You could move to New Hampshire, where you ONLY have to carry insurance if you’ve caused an accident.

If you want to change the law in your state, you’ll have to petition your Congressman, or gather enough signatures to put it on the ballot for the next local election.

There ARE laws regulating how insurance works.

Rates work like this – they lump you into the category you fit – might be, 18 year old men, credit score under 600, one speeding ticket. Then they mathematically estimate out how much EVERYONE TOGETHER in this group will generate in claims payouts, and divide the amount of claims by the number of the group.

They do NOT try to predict what type of driver you are – they don’t care. They ONLY care about how much they will have to pay out IN CLAIMS, for your group. They don’t work on the scale of one person – it works under the “law of large numbers”, which says, the more people in the group, the more accurately you can predict future losses.

It’s EASY to get insurance in most states, it’s just not always CHEAP, because people insist on only driving new cars, that are financed. If you paid cash for your a 6 year old family-type car (not a fancy Mustang or something “impressive” “cool” or “fast”), and didn’t put collision coverage on it (ie, put your money where your mouth is, as far as being a safe driver), your insurance would be a fraction of what it is for a new, financed, hot shot car.

Mark asks…

if you say your married are Apartments cheaper to rent?

see im married by common law but not really married so would it be ok to check the married box?

an would apartments an car Insurance be cheaper?

Administrator answers:

The rent should be the same if your married or not. Car insurance would drop a little if your under 25 and married. Young men under the age of 25 and single have the highest rates for car insurance.

Laura asks…

How much will my car insurance go up?

I got 2 points on my license, i pay $700 a year now, and this is my first violation. I live in new york

Administrator answers:

The extent to which one ticket will affect your rates largely depends on your age and many other factors such as:

Factors That Impact Your Rates

Deductible: This is the amount of money that you pay out of your own pocket if you get in an accident

Age: Younger, less experienced drivers have higher insurance rates.

Gender: Men have higher rates than women.

Demographics: People living in high-crime areas pay more than those living in low-crime areas.

Claims: Accident-prone drivers pay more. If you want to keep your rates low, keep the number of claims that you file to a minimum.

Moving Violations: Speeding and other moving violations all have a negative impact on your insurance bill. Obey the law to help keep your rates from rising.

Vehicle Choice: Sports cars cost more to insure than sedans, and expensive cars cost more to insure than cheap ones do. Looking into the cost of insurance before you purchase that new car could help you save a bundle on your car insurance.

Credit Score: Good credit lowers your car insurance rates. Bad credit increases them.

Cheap car insurance is best found by investing time, educating yourself and comparison shopping. To get multiple quotes at once from top companies go to:

(91% report saving money after getting multiple quotes)

Take care,
Ron @ InsureMe

John asks…

Is it dangerous to take your vehicle on a road trip in Mexico?

I would like to take my family on a road trip for a few weeks in Mexico. I know all the rules for taking a car to Mexico, but how safe is it? How likely is it that our car will be stolen or we will be robbed? We’ll probably steer clear of Mexico City, but we plan on spending a lot of time in the Yucatan.

Administrator answers:

Hello there I drove more than 10 times from Illinois to mexico city and one time to Chiapas and I tell you what never I have a problem with it so you need Insurance crossing the border for any damage in your vehicle and sometimes I have more trouble in New york LA and San Antonio Tx than there if you think in a travel like this 1.- check your car very well (no failures in it more safer) any way is a lot of mechanics there but the best way is in some of middle size in case, but ask for invoice you can complaint if they suck your money got information in “secretaria de turismo ” www.sectur.gob or check it out in case of help you can find assistance in English so easy in the roads choose for the highways some charge a fee but is secure and have good maintenence is a lot of motels closer of them in almost places have personnel that speak English if you going to the cities you can find lots of traffic but is more safe than New york, some problems maybe for find some place for parking in the big cities too, the things like food or others you can find lots of supermarkets in the cities like walmart they have almost in English and Spanish the prices are cheap and you can carry some items in your car if you dont want stop in any restaurant, in the more important roads exist a service named “angeles verdes” (green angels) this guys are mechanics in some cases they have parts or gas in emergency case you can watch for some of this trucks they can help you and is corrupted police but not each man that you can see the most are located in estado de México and some in México city but you can report abuse to the major authority you can check it out in a free phone number from USA 01 800 4829832 and they can help you if you have complaints, problems etc. So you can make good friends by internet too and they for sure can be helpful a must if you take a trip there Ok? Well good luck in your serch!

Helen asks…

How can you calculate how much you can afford to reasonably pay for a car?

Would like to gauge how much i should pay monthly on lease and insurance. It helps that i can deduct my car payments through work. But trying to ascertain whether it would be smart for me to buy the car i want vs. what i just need

Administrator answers:

There was a young man on answers this week who asked “i just signed a truck note for $599.00 a month for 72 months at 9.5 % did i get a good deal” my first thought was he will be back in six months saying he was 2 months behind on payments can they take the truck – or in 12 months saying they have taken the truck and he is in debt to his ears and how does he file bankruptcy!!! One of my favorite saying is you have to ask the price you can afford it — with all that said i have to agree with the others two and say == just for now get trans portion — something used cheap and will not eat you up on insurance — take the money for the car payment you won’t have to make and put it away and if you do this over a period of say 10 years you will always have a cash cow where by you can pay cash for all of your future cars!!! I have brought 5 new cars since 1972 and paid cash each time — yes i still have the 1992 pickup and also own a 2002 ford suv — but i also have the necessary cds when the need comes to procure a new set of wheels!!!

Betty asks…

Where’s the cheapest place for a one-man-band company, work from home, to get business insurance?

Like, where do housecleaners, tutors, tour operators, hairdressers, fitness instructors, go to get liability and property insurance? Any help would be soooo appreciated! Thanks!

Administrator answers:

You cannot buy it online, and each of those types of businesses would need a DIFFERENT TYPE of general liability insurance.

You’d start, with the guy who does your house/car insurance, but you’re NOT going to find an insurance company willing to sell ONE policy that covers all those different exposures.

If you don’t have a house/car agent, you’d find a local, independent agent in your phone book. Minimum premium for a new business like any of the above, runs from $500 (for hairdressers) to $1500 (for housecleaners). Keep in mind, general liability doesn’t cover anything like professional liability (fitness instructors) or driving others for a fee (tour operators) or abuse/molestation lawsuits (tutors).

Mandy asks…

What happened to a chicken in every pot or are the middle class the greedy ones?

We want to earn more than workers in other countries doing the same job. We want rich men things like a home, car and gas to get back and forth. We want good schools and health care cheap. Now we want a President that knows how to struggle to get ahead!
What do you think are we too greedy?

Administrator answers:

Want cheap healthcare, get rid of the ambulance chasing democrat donating lawyers. Number cost in healthcare is insurance.

Nancy asks…

What are cute sedans/cars for a teenage girl?

I would like a cute car, looks/is pretty nice, and this would be my first car so not tooooo expensive. Try to give me alot of choices. Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

I love mustangs! And if you find around a 2005 (the new body style) they are not expensive. I also looked at Altimas, Maximas, Xteras, and a bunch of little cars, and mustangs are actually cheap, and pretty cars. Although if you git a 2010 gt mustang, of course its gunna be expensive. You said you want cheap cars, but you didn’t exactly say how much. I am looking at ones under $9000…(i don’t know if thats to much) If you look on AutoTrader, you will find the best deals for sure. But my favorite vehicles are: Tacomas (trucks), mustangs, and altimas. When we talked to a man at some car dealer he said insurance on a mustang is cheaper than any nissan or toyota right now. And mustangs really are cheap cars!

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