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February 24, 2013

Joseph asks…

What is the cheapest truck rental for 3 days?

I am a business man and I am in need of a truck for 2 weekends. I am planning to sell my car and about to purchase a truck. I’ve heard about public storage, enterprise, any others that are cheaper??
Please help

Administrator answers:

Hi Julie, once I have rendered a Minivan from Discount Car & Truck Rentals, they are providing a very attractive service and I think they are the first car and truck Rental Company in Canada to focus on the insurance replacement business. They also offers Free Customer Pick-up and Drop-of resonates.

David asks…

What Things should i look for when buying a car?

I had read that sometimes a car my have a Lost, total, salvage title What exactly are those.. What are some others things i should look for. I’m a first time buyer. Looking to but a used car for cash. If there is any other tips you can give me that would be very appreciated.

Administrator answers:

A vehicle that has been totaled by an insurance company for what ever reason, may have salvage on the title or a brand which is kind of a description of the damage may say “flood” next to the word brand on the title, a totaled car that has been rebuilt by almost anyone trying to make a buck can go to the dmv and get a title issued for a Salvage title. I do not buy salvage title cars, and there are a lot of others who do not as well, there are many stories on yahoo answers alone of dangerous poorly rebuilt cars that were pawned off on an unsuspecting buyer, and some have to pay thousands of dollars to get frame damage repaired.So a clear title is one that has no salvage or brands on it.
As far as looking for a good used car, often times engine or transmission problems may start to show up when a vehicle is cold and has not been warmed up for the day yet. And there are many people who as soon as they know the car has a problem, will try to dump it on someone else and get another one.I try to eliminate this problem with a private party car by insisting to test drive the car cold, and showing up as early as convenient the next morning. Some cars with a transmission problem just starting, may not even move the first 5 to 20 minutes after starting in the morning. If the owner knows this, they will warm up the car anyway even if you asked them not too, trying to hide a problem. An engine problem can also show up when cold first, there may be some loud banging, or a bad rattle or knocking, or big clouds of smoke, but once the vehicle has been run for awhile, may be fine the rest of the day.
If you can get a used car to run drive and stop good in the first five to 10 minutes, it may not be in too bad of shape, drive it for at least 30 to 40 minutes get it on the freeway it should get up to 55 easily and run good. There is nothing better than a wheels off mechanical inspection, a good mechanic should be able to do a good inspection and an engine and transmission diagnostic for 150 bucks or so . Max you do not have to take every car you test drive to a mechanic, just the ones you are interested in buying. I had one mechanic that would often tell you things about a particular used car BEFORE HE CHARGED AN INSPECTION FEE. He would say something like don’t buy it, I work on them a lot or something similar.
What area the person lives in, can help tell weather or not it got a lot of routine maintenance, I would buy an car owned by an older guy in a nice house, in a nice neighborhood, over a car for sale in the low rent district, with other beater cars around, If someone is living in a low rent part of town, routine maintenance is not often part of the deal. I walk away from cars where the owner knew they were selling, and refused to pay 50 bucks for tags, this is the epitome of CHEAP. So what other routine oil change did they skip too.? Don’t buy cars from teenagers, and I am not a big fan of being lied too, about any part of the deal, I have had people say they have the title, but did not have it, and tried to do some fast talking con man crap with just the auction paper, or worse not even be the owner, trying to sell the car with no title. So be choosy, be careful and check the title out before you pull out a wad of cash. I do this transaction at any local bank, I have been in banks I did not have an account, and never had a problem exchanging a pile of cash for a used car, it all depends on what you are comfortable with. I had some nut one time, lie three times about having the title, when I went to get the car, he pulled out some slip of paper I could have wrote myself, I took someone with me that time, I told him no I would not buy the car, and the guy flipped out and as my friend and I left, he followed us almost an entire city block SCREAMING YOU WILL BUY THE CAR!!!! I was just glad he followed us out, because when I first walked in, he had a shotgun behind the front door, and I saw a 357. Magnum under a magazine near him, and another pistol behind him within easy reach. And I was pretty sure he had more guns. After that it was do the transactions in the bank only, at least what ever happens is on camera. Best of luck

Lisa asks…

How much would insurance cost for a 16 year old for a 2000 toyota corolla.?

I just got my g1 and I’m planning on buying a used car. Can someone tell me what car a beginner could start off with. But it must be cheap; budget around $1000-$3000. And if you can please tell me the price of the insurance.

Administrator answers:

Depends on if your a man or woman. Men’s insurance rates are higher. My best friend, his insurance was 5 grand a year. And defiantly get a used Toyota car. They last forever if you do scheduled maintenance. My Toyota is 17 years old, over 350,000 miles on it and is in mint perfect condition. No major work done at all. Stay away from salvaged car titles. It would be best if a parent helped you find the right Toyota. Oh my camry gets 36 town, and 38 freeway. Another reason to get a Toyota.

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