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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

August 24, 2013

Lizzie asks…

What is the cheapest company for a 17 year Old’s car insurance in the UK?

I am 17 and looking around on sites the car insurance is around £2500 but this is too expensive for me, if I was to get car insurance I would probably drive a ford fiesta or something like that.

Administrator answers:

That’s what it costs to insure a small car for a teen. In fact £2500 is cheap.
If you can’t afford that, you don’t get to drive.

Thomas asks…

What are some decent Chevy vehicles for a teen to buy and save money?

I’m a 17 year old trying to make it by. Obviously, as a 17 year old male, the first thing I need is a vehicle. If that’s not the common demographic anymore, oh well. This 17 year old wants/needs a car.

My dad is making me buy the car AND pay the insurance which seems a bit harsh to me considering the ridiculous price of insurance for someone like me. Logically, it would seem like he’s trying to get me ready for the real world, but realistically, he probably doesn’t trust me and doesn’t want me emptying his wallet. It’s not that I’m not a good driver, it’s that my dad isn’t the kind of dad who will just do favors for people. in laymen terms, he’s a hard*ss. But that’s beside my question, I digress…

I need a car that I can afford. By afford, I mean a car that’s relatively always on the cheap side (2,000 and under) for someone like me. and the insurance needs to be as low as possible. Again, my dad isn’t putting me on his policy, he says he won’t put me on his policy because it will raise his rates and he says I don’t understand the price. I don’t think he understands how much more it will be for me to pay insurance on my own as an unmarried teenager under 18 with nothing to his name.

back to the question, here are my preferences…
-Must be chevy (it runs deep)
-must be cheap
-must be somewhat stylish, nothing like a cavalier.
-you’ll get brownie points if you can estimate what insurance would be like for an 80′s El Camino for me. I live in Michigan and I’ve never had any accidents, so my record is clear.

I hope this was clear enough for someone to do some in depth research. I’ve tried but I haven’t had any luck which is why i’m asking for assistance. An El Camino would be my dream, but I realize that that’s probably an unlikely possibility for me. anyway…THANKS.

Administrator answers:

First off, I’d like to say that an older Toyota, Honda, or other foreign car is subject to the same wear and tear as an old Chevy. If an ’80 Chevy should never be driven by anyone, the same holds true for an ’80 Civic.
Enough of that nonsense. Any Chevy V8 should be reliable if it was taken care of, even the dreaded 262. I’ve bought nothing but V-sixes for the past 13 years and the 4.3 Chevy is a great reliable engine. So, keeping in mind that I have a weird idea of what’s cool:
Third or fourth generation Camaro – mean, evil and nasty-looking. Insurance might be too high for you, though.
S10 pickup or Blazer – Get an extended cab and even though you live in Michigan, I’d consider avoiding 4x4s. The Illinois salt has really destroyed my rear disc brakes, and 4×4 front hubs aren’t very durable.
Caprice – You can probably find a cheap 4-door or wagon that hasn’t been turned into a druggie buggy. Wagons are way cool.
Astro – The only minivan that comes close to being cool.

Honorable mention, if you don’t mind FWD:
Beretta and Corsica

Get on the Craigslist for your area, go to cars & trucks and put a limit of $2000 on your search. I’ll bet you find something that works for you.

James asks…

Would insurance for a VW Golf be cheap or expensive?

I’m 17 years old currently doing driving lessons and I’m thinking about a VW Golf for my first car. Would the insurance be high or low and which engine size would be the best to start off with?

Administrator answers:

Ask an insurance company. Depending on what model it is I’d guess at somewhere between £3,000 and £10,000.

Anything is going to be £2-3k at least for a teen to insure.

Sandra asks…

Car recommendations for 17 year old learners?

I’m 17 and looking it to saving up for a cheap little car to learn in but i haven’t got much knowledge of cars, have you got any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Forget the answers from the Yanks, they haven’t a clue.
You’re looking for a sub 1200cc small car like a Corsa, Clio, Polo, Ka etc for even slightly affordable insurance. (IE £3-4k rather than £6k+)

George asks…

Can anyone help me find cheap car insurance?

I’m 17 and live in the UK and I’m currently learning to drive. I really want a Fiat 500 when I pass my test, but the insurance is really expensive. My parents say they won’t pay for it if it is more than £1000 a year, as I attend a prestigious driving school and they already pay my fees. However, my mum wants a new car and was considering a Fiat 500, so I could always be insured as a secondary driver. What’s the cheapest way of doing it and can anyone find me a good insurance quote? I have no idea where to start and my parents won’t help until I figure it out myself.

Administrator answers:

“My parents say they won’t pay for it if it is more than £1000 a year…”

Then your parents won’t be paying for it at all. End of.

The average cost of insurance for a newly qualified 17 year old driver, is over £4,500 for the first year. And that’s to insure a very basic, 1-litre car.

If your Mum is insured as the main driver, but the main driver is actually you, that is called ‘fronting’. Which is insurance fraud. You can go to prison for insurance fraud.

You and your parents seriously need to look at the real world of teenage car ownership. And you’ll then realise why so many teenagers DON’T drive. At all.

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