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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

August 20, 2013

Steven asks…

Is a 2012 or 2013 Ford Edge SE a good choice for a first car for a 17 year old boy?

I just wanted to know is this a good car for a 17 year old boy to get as his first car?

I’m going to be a Senior in a High School this fall so I would be driving this car to school everyday. I’get mostly seen women driving this car. So is it a women’s or a man’s car?

is it a safe car to drive in?

Administrator answers:

Wow who has that kind of money? Id look on Craigslist n find a decent runing, cheap used car. Kids r bound to wreck n have accidnets n fender benders. Y risk wrecking a BRAND NEW CAR? Plus the insurance would be stupid. I dont think a new car is a smart desicion. Id go cheap n used for a FIRST car. That way if you wreck it it wont be a big loss. My 1st car was a 1980 chevy stepsider 2wd that i took 2 yrs to git running again after my dad destroyed the motor. Then after that i had a 1989 suzu Amigo. Great rig =) Think smart man. And plus thats just rediculous anyhow. New car in HS? Rediculous

Sharon asks…

How much would it be to insure a 17 year old male on an Seat Ibiza 1.2 52 reg 2002 ?

Looking at it for a first car as it has very good reviews as a first car but all I need to do is be able to aford the insurance which we all know is stupidly expensive !! How much do you think it will be for third party fire and theft and if it was on my parents insurance how much cheaper ? :)

Administrator answers:

About 2 g’s if you play ur cards right, When they give you a quote refuse to pay it and say its too expensive and you have been quoted cheaper by another insurance company. Trust me fam.

Ken asks…

what would increase the insurance on a car for a 17 year old boy?

i know little, for example, increasing the engine size…
a long, informative answer would be much appreciated!

Administrator answers:


What would increase your insurance could be the following:

If you have previously driven a car uninsured and been caught.
If the car has an engine size larger than 1300cc
If the car has had modifications like a sports exhaust, nitrous etc.
If the car is brand new and has cost more than £5000 (UK)
If your male (like you have stated)
If you do more than 9000 miles per year

And the type, if you buy a car on finance, which a 17 year old lad in the UK cant do because your too young (unless your have a guarantor) then you have to have fully comprehensive insurance which covers you, and the third party.
Comperhencive insurance costs the most

If you buy a cheap first car for £500, then you can get third party or third party fire and theft.

Third part just covers the other person should you have an accident

Third party fire and theft will cover the other person and you if your car catches on fire or if it was stolen.

John asks…

What is the best car for a 17 year old?

Okay so I’m turning 17 at the end of October and should be starting my driving lessons shortly after. I’m just thinking about what car I’d buy when I hopefully can drive.
What’s the best type of car to get for low insurance, costs etc.
Thankyouuuuuuuu :)

Administrator answers:

Insurance will be the killer. At 17, it is not beyond the realms of possibility that your annual insurance premium will be more than the value of the car itself.

What you need to be looking for are cars in insurance group 1. Cars in group 1 are generally the cheapest to insure. Cheapest being a relative term.

This is what came up first when I searched group 1, it gives a list of some common cars you could consider.


Michael asks…

Just passed driving test. 18 years old. What is the cheapest insurance company for me?

Just recently passed 17, turning 18 in a few days. What is the best insurance company in terms of price? also what car would i need to purchase to get the cheapest possible quote?

Advice needed!

Administrator answers:

There isn’t a single company.

Susan asks…

Roughly how much is insurance for a 17 year old female?

Just wondering how much it would cost per month for a 17 year old girl with a very cheap car?

Administrator answers:

At the moment, the average cost of insurance for a 17 year old, with a basic 1-litre car, is £4,500 for the first year. The exact cost of your insurance will depend on your exact circumstances.

Thomas asks…

How much would insurance cost for a 67-69 Camaro for a 17 year old?

I am wondering how much would a 67-69 Chevrolet Camaro be for a 17 year old male for insurance. I am get decent grades A’s B’s and C’s. I could pay for the car and insurance just wondering how much the insurance would be. I have around $35k to spend on the car. I would either get a V6 or V8. also, would a 65 through 67 mustang be cheaper in insurance. if so how much? thank you in advance

Administrator answers:

Here in NJ, it’s the same rate for all cars, if you have your permit, and you can afford the price, it is 180$/month.

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