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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

July 11, 2013

Jenny asks…

Do you think I could buy a decent car by working like this?

If I work full time stocking shelves at a department store (yes I know the job sucks) making 10 bucks an hour, could I afford to buy a decent car?

I’m 17 years old. I cant work full time though until i’m 18. I plan on getting some sort of first job stocking shelves since its easy and I heard they pay good money.
I was thinking maybe an older mustang GT. Like 99-01 year.

Administrator answers:

Anything is possible. The best solution is knowing how to work on cars yourself. I have quite a lot of friends who buy nice cars they could never afford (like Audis, and Lincolns) very cheap with accident damage, which they have the ability to repair themselves. The only downside to wrecked cars is they tend to have minor electrical issues. (sensors going bad, headlights burning out frequently, that sort of thing)

One thing you do have to consider is the cost of insurance. My stepbrother is 18 and has a 98 Chevy Camaro with an LS1 engine. He pays about 1,200 every six months. But insurance is different for every person.

Contrary to what the another person stated, you do not need to put premium fuel in the mustang GT, if its the 4.6 single overhead cam engine, you can get away with regular. Gas mileage in Mustangs is decent enough as long as you don’t have a lead foot. But if you get the Cobra dual overhead, it would need premium. Not to mention the insurance would be a lot higher.

If you shop around, you may be able to find a decent deal. Private parties are always cheaper than dealers, but you more of a risk of buying another person’s “problems”. Not that dealers are any better, I’ve met my share of crooks private sellers and dealers alike. But some dealers have warranties, which is a plus.

One word of advice I would give you if considering a mustang. The 4.6 engines are notorious for having weak internal components in the automatic transmission its paired with and the engine itself. The connecting rods are pathetic and the automatic transmissions can be a headache. If you go with an automatic, I consider having an auxillary transmission cooler installed and have the filter and fluid changed immediately when you buy it.

Sandy asks…

How much is car insurance?

I have a 2002 trailblazer that is not insured. I own the car and I’m not making any payments on it. I live in kansas and I am a 17 year old male. About how much will my insurance be and what is the cheapest company to go through?

Administrator answers:

You’re asking a very common question and the answer never differs.

It’s expensive for a driver of your age, often prohibitively so, but as every quotation is unique it’s impossible to be any more specific. There is no one single company which is best for everyone.

The ONLY useful quotations will be from insurers. At your age you’re considered to be a very high risk prospect, so don’t bother using price comparison websites and phone insurance brokers directly to ask for quotations. There is absolutely no point in doing this unless you can state a specific make year and model of car which you’re hoping to buy. If the quotes are far too high then you’ll need to start looking at the smallest engined and most basic models you can find and then asking for further quotations, but it will remain expensive and often the annual premium will cost more than you paid for your car.

Helen asks…

what is the cheapest car to insure for a 17 year old girl?

i am looking at buying a car when i pass my test, was just wondering what would be the cheapest way to insure a car and what cars are cheap for insurance?

Administrator answers:

An older, run of the mill, 4 cyl. Sedan

George asks…

What kind of car should I get being a 17 year old?

I make about 8 bucks an hour, is there anyway I can get a new car for cheap? What kind should I get, I like subarus and Kias,,,?

Administrator answers:

You have to consider that you have to have a down payment when you get a car if you want a new car. Or you can save up and buy a car but warn you that when you do get that car there’s insurance money too.

Steven asks…

How Can a 17 Year old Teen Afford Car Insurance?

I am a 17 year old guy working on getting my first car. I was thinking possibly a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire, or a 2006 Saturn Ion. I had looked up a few quotes from Progressive and Esurance, and noticed that the semi-annual price was VERY high, way beyond anything my family could afford. I was wondering If anyone knew of a way that I could possibly afford this. Many of the quotes totaled at $800-$1000 per six months. This is outrageously high, and that was just insurance for an adult I had quoted. Adding a teen onto the insurance would be much more expensive. If anyone has any ideas on what I can do to “cheat the system” per say, or just find a nice and cheap affordable, reliable insurance company I’d be extremely grateful.

Administrator answers:

By working and earning money.

“walkin ain’t crowded”

Maria asks…

will a Dodge Charger be horrible decision on a insurance? due to my situation?

i’m 17 years old and about to turn 18 in november. I have been in a car accident once so my insurance has gone up a little. I been thinking on getting this Dodge Charger for cheap for my first car, its a 4door so I heard it is not considered a sports car? and its not a RT or a srt so its just a regular model. do you think my insurance wold be higher than it is now or will it make no difference?

Administrator answers:

Yes. Most standard insurers won’t insure a Charger with a driver under 26. It doesn’t matter how many doors it has, it’s all about how fast it goes.

Charles asks…

What is the cheapest car for a 17 year old with cheap insurance?

Im nearly 17 and am looking for a car, of autotrader or something? Preferably cheap and cheap on insurance? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Ignore the lost Yanks.
You’re looking at a small, sub 1200cc shopping car like a Yaris or a Clio and you’ll be paying at least £2-3k a year insurance on it.

Betty asks…

How much will insurance cost for a 17 year old male in north london?

hello im 16 gonna turn 17 soon but when i check the internet for car insurance there is just crazy quots like £13,000 for a 1.2 renault clio 52 reg. i was wondering wtf and what should it really be because the car cost £1,500

Administrator answers:

Thats what it cost for 17 year olds. There is no cheap insurance.

Mary asks…

About how much is Car insurance for a 17 year old with a first car?

I really want to get my own car and my parents already said that if I want a car, I gotta pay for it. I just got a new job and want to know if I could afford it without slaving my life away. I don’t have a car in mind but it’s going to be something cheap. (A traditional 1st car). I’m just looking for a veryyyyy rough estimate to see if I’m even in the ballpark. Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Estimates range from 1,000$ to 3,000$ a year. That would cover around 90% of them.Your parents may pay around 300$. This is for liability only.

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