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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

June 30, 2013

Sandra asks…

What is a good first car under $5000 to modify for a 17 year old?

Im looking for my first car, I was thinking of getting either an 02′ WRX or an 04′ RSX but I just started working and insurance+car payments all of my money would go directly into car so I wanted something cheaper. Are there any good cars besides civics and integras I can mod and come pretty fast stock under $5000. Also would a 240sx 95 on up be a good start.

Administrator answers:


Nancy asks…

How much is a Car for a 17yo?

How much is a car, insurance, lessons, test, tax etc…. Everything! For a 17 year old Guy. Just for a cheap second hand car ie. Peugeot 106 (second hand) But how much will it all come to? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Well first of all it’s highly helpful to post what kind of cars you got in mind, a peugeot 106 may not give you accurate price ranges. My point is..look at all your options then post the name, condition, and year of the cars cause this question cant be answered accurately. If the 106 is your car choice then its up to you to find that stuff out by traveling your town and asking professional people.(I say that cause you’re the one paying them and your towns prices may differ from mine)

James asks…

Can anyone tell me how much it was to add their kids to their insurance. If you have Geico preferably?

If you dont have Geico I would still like to know. Preferably their 16 year old child. Or 17 year old?

Administrator answers:

It really depends on several variables: do they have their own car, does your teenager car require full coverage, type of car and more. Personally, expect about $1,500 annually for a car without full coverage and at least $2,000 if you have a loan and need full coverage. This is based on my personal experience with 3 boys with no tickets. It ain’t a cheap date!!!

Carol asks…

How much do you pay for car insurance?

Ok so im a 17 year old girl
with a job that pays 600 a month. and i want a 2005 toyota matrix. its 7,000
but i know where to get it cheeper. but the question is how much do you pay . can you tell me your age and year of your car it would help me compare this whole thing alot better THANKYOU :)
oh and how much do you think ill be paying?????

Administrator answers:

It matters a WAY LOT where you live, and what COVERAGE you want on the car. If you lived in Houston, have a spotless driving record, and carry minimum liability only, it’s GOING to cost you $2,000 a year.

If you add coverage for the car itself, like if you get a loan for the car, it’s going to be at least twice that much.

How much *I* pay doesn’t matter. I’m old enough to be your mother.

There’s no short cut. To find the cheapest rate for YOU, in YOUR area, you have to shop around. And there really isn’t any “cheap” insurance for anyone under 21.

Sandy asks…

How do I graduate high school a year early?

I looked at the classes that i took compared to the classes i need to graduate and I would have all my required classes done with after my junior year. All of my friends are a year older and I am academically ahead of my class. I just want to graduate and do something a little more challenging. I would talk to my guidance counselor about it. But what do I do in terms of SAT ACT and applying to college? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Some highschools require a certain amount of credits to graduate, so it isn’t necessarily about what classes you’ve taken, but how many credits you have.
I personally graduated the week after I turned 17, and I had a 29 on my ACT and a 3.88 GPA, but I have to tell you that it is a lot of work to graduate a year younger. First of all, make sure you have a lot of money saved up.
Seriously, I had to buy a car, insurance, gas, books, college classes, and anything else I “needed”/wanted (like a laptop :p). So if you can get a job or anything and work on saving your money, it will really save you a ton of stress.
Secondly, apply for financial aid. Some of it is only offered to juniors, for when they graduate, but not a lot of people apply for it because they don’t start looking for financial aid until they are seniors. But whatever financial aid you don’t use for college classes and books comes back to you in the form of a check. Cash money…how about that? My refund check was $1,900 this semester. So it’s definitely worth the search for financial aid.
Also, I’d go to a community college, rather than a university or whatever, for your first two years, b/c it basically doesn’t matter then, but community college is a lot cheaper and easier.

About your ACT, if you haven’t taken it yet, work extra hard in your classes. Your GPA and ACT are crucial to what colleges will accept you and what financial aid you’re eligible for. For instance, University of Michigan students ACTs average from 27-31, while GPAs are generally 3.6+.

Oh, and apply for college by like November or December of your “senior year”.

Mary asks…

How much would insurance be on a red 98 Honda Prelude (2door)?

Im 17 year old male with my g2, ive had it for 2 years now and want to find out how much insurance will be before i purchase it. Ive tooken the car driving school and have had one small ticket. also dont want to have to pay to get a ins quote so anything will help!

plz help :)

Administrator answers:

You will fall under your parents insurance if you are underage.
They will be in charge of calling their current car insurance company and getting a quote.

With that old of a car – you will only need liability – sounds like you will have no loan.
Liability only insurance is very cheap.

Tooken is NOT a word.

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