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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

June 22, 2013

Daniel asks…

How much is the avg car insurance for a 17 year old living in Toronto?

that’s with driving school under my belt and having an average over 70% in school (cause apparently that cuts your rates)

i dont need an exact number cause everyone is diff, and i don’t need a link to one of those things taht calculate it for you cause i don’t have the patience lol.

Administrator answers:

$1,400 – $1,800 (can) Per Annum Should Be Good For Starters

Tell The Insurers that you will Limit Your Mileage to 5000mls for the
First Year and it should be cheaper as their Risk is Smaller !

Charles asks…

What car should I buy for a 17 year old to learn on?

My daughter starts to drive soon – my car is in too high an insurance bracket and too powerful for her to learn on. I would like to buy another family car for her to learn on that is cheap to buy, low insurance bracket, cheap to run and safe – any advice?

Administrator answers:


Donna asks…

Is it cheaper for me and my girlfriend to get insured on the same car?

Hello, I’m wondering If anyone could help me, I am a 17 year old that is learning to drive and am looking into insuring a car. I’m currently searching to get insured on a 2002 1.2ltr Renault Clio, and was wondering if the insurance will be cheaper if I get my girlfriend who is also 17 and learning to drive insured on the same car, I’m not sure if 2 people on the same policy makes the insurance go down or not and could really do with knowing. Thank you for your help :)

Administrator answers:

It will be cheaper than insuring 2 seperate cars in most cases but if you do not live together it may not be allowed by the insurer.
To sort it you would need to talk to an insurance broker – forget trying to do it on line – its not possible.

Ken asks…

Should I get added to my parent insurance?

I’m 17 years old and want to know if I should buy my own insurance on a new car or get put on my parents insurance?
Which would be cheaper.
I’m buying the car myself so can I have the car registered in my name, but on my parents insurance?
I live in Nevada by the way.
Will I run into problems with the law if that happens?

Administrator answers:

You you can ensure on your parents policy.

Joseph asks…

Would a Porsche 924 be good as first car?

Would a Porsche 924 be a good first car for an 18 year old (as I can get one cheap, less than 1400 quid), and how much would insurance cost providing he got his licence after his 18th birthday?

Administrator answers:

The Porsche 924 is a great car that you can pick up very cheaply. With regards to repair costs, for this model the parts etc are not hugely expensive as there are lots of places where you can get refurbished parts. As these cars are now old you can get good insurance deals but for anything that is classed as a sports car or with a Porsche badge on it you will have to insure it in your name and put your son as a named driver (i just insured a n old Mini for my 17 year old son ant it cost me 1200 Pounds for a year). If you do decide to buy it for him there are great contacts and advice etc in the Porsche Club of Great Britan.
The down side of buying your son this type of car is that if it is his first car he will crash it (as we all did with our first cars) and quite rightly as people say it will make him want to go faster if he is in a sporty type of car.

James asks…

What is a good first car under $5000 to modify for a 17 year old?

Im looking for my first car, I was thinking of getting either an 02′ WRX or an 04′ RSX but I just started working and insurance+car payments all of my money would go directly into car so I wanted something cheaper. Are there any good cars besides civics and integras I can mod and come pretty fast stock under $5000. Also would a 240sx 95 on up be a good start.

Administrator answers:

Civics and integras aren’t good cars if you want speed because both are incredible slow and look ridiculous ‘modded’. You should be able to pick up an older model 5.0 Mustang, z28 camaro, or nissan z car for under 5. Not only are these cars already reasonably fast, they can go fast for cheaper than a rice grinder. Also alot more respectable on the street.

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