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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

May 20, 2013

Joseph asks…

What should I expect in car insurance?

Right now, I am seriously considering sharing a car with my boyfriend, so the insurance is lower than it would be for two cars. He is perfectly okay with the idea, but I would still like a truck to haul my horse (his Taurus SE can’t do that long distance) for when I move, so it would be more convenient for me to have my own vehicle.

I am a 17 year old female. My grades are a B average. I don’t have a credit score, i pay with cash or my debit card. I want a truck (preferably an old cheap one that runs). I’ve heard insurance can be higher if you have a red vehicle, so I am going to avoid that. What else do you need to know to estimate my insurance?


Administrator answers:

Vehicle color has no affect on insurance rates.

As far as rates are concerned, call around for quotes.

Charles asks…

How much does it cost to run a car?

I’m a 17 year old girl and was wandering how much is it going to be to run a car per month? Including insurance and petrol. I’ll probably get a cheap car, 1.1 Corsa or something like that. But i just have no idea how much it’s going to cost.
i live in the UK

Administrator answers:

Most people do an average of 10000 miles a year and typically at 17 that will cost around 50p a mile taking all into consideration even the loss of value of the car so £5000 a year divided by 12 is £416 a month.
Sounds too much???? Well think on this, the HMRC (formerly inland revenue) will let employers pay employees 40p a mile for own car use and not charge income tax on it.

Michael asks…

Any one suggest cheapest place to get Car insurance at 17?

Hi i have just bought a 1.3 Ford Fiest Flight. Im 17 years old. I cant get my insurance down any more than £1800 which is with Churchill. Can anyone suggest a different and cheaper insurance quote?

Administrator answers:

Under 18 you can’t have your own policy. Your only, and cheapest option, will be to be added to your parents insurance policy.

Carol asks…

What is the cheapest car to insure for a 17 year old?

me and my Dad would like to know how much car insurance would be for a 17 year old and what would be the cheapest car. Now… I know theres no such thing as cheap car insurance but here’s the details…

I have already been on the road for a year (moped)
I am doing my test in July (I’m not 17 yet but we just want some rough estimates)
I will be insured on my dads insurance as a second driver (It’s not fraud, its perfectly legal because its an option on most car insurance websites)

Thanks so much for the help,


Administrator answers:

You should ask Dad’s insurance ageny.

Chris asks…

What is the cheapest car insurer for a 17 year old WITHOUT a black box?

What is the cheapest insurance company without a black box or device to monitor you’re driving for a 17 year old…?
It’s obviously the cheapest one you find.. Thick! And 5K is no where near its more like 2-3 thousand actually but I wanted to know the cheaper nearest the 2k mark.. Sensible answers them yeah..

Administrator answers:

This gets asked ALL THE TIME on here do a site search….

The cheapest car insurance is the cheapest quote you can find, simple as that. If it’s £5k then it’s £5k.

EDIT: If you don’t like the answers you know what you can do f***wit…
This question has been asked on here over 4000 times, a fact you’d know if you’d bothered to use the search box instead of doing the usual lazy spoilt brat thing of ‘I can’t be arsed doing any research let’s just ask the internet’…

No-one on here can answer your question, go ask an insurance company.

Mark asks…

Insurance policy for a newly licensed driver?

I recently got my license at the DMV. My parents won’t let me drive a car because of the cost of insurance. They told me that I have to wait for the price to go down. My question is, how much does insurance cost for a 17 year old male in California and if it’s true that I have to wait for the price to go down. Please explain car insurance in general.

Administrator answers:

If you are going to wait for the price to go down, you will be 80 before they let you drive. Because you are licensed, you need to be rated on their policy now. Here is the down side if you are not: 1) they let you drive and have a accident. First, you now get rated for your age and inexperience AND you now have an accident -Double blow to the rates. 2) second scenario~ you never get rated on their policy, then you turn 20 (for example) and want to purchase your own car and insurance. You will have not be RATED for the 3-4 years you have been licensed, and will get the “no prior insurance” rate. Which can be as high as a person with a DWI. My advice is to get a job and pay the difference to your parents for the cost of your part of the insurance. It will be cheaper than going on your own policy right away, prove your responsibility. And because you would be paying it on your own, you would probably be a safer driver due to not wanting that rate it increase because of a ticket, or worse, an accident. If you have other questions about car insurance 101, contact me.

Mandy asks…

What is the cheapest car for a 17 year old to have?

So I’m 17 and just got my drivers lisence! Woo!
I’m trying to find what the cheapest car to have is? Like to buy, insurance and maintaining all together of you get me?

Administrator answers:

If you want my advise, wait till your 18 and buy new. Free insurance, road tax, servicing and some cars free fuel!! Around 150 a month with like Peugeot or Citroen second hand car at 17 is like throwing your money away.

Richard asks…

How much is car insurance for a 17 year old on parents insurance?

I don’t want any witty “Too expensive, thats how much it is” answers. I will be 17 this July, and my dad is going to insure me on his insurance, he has had his license for 55+ years and the car will probably be a Ford Fiesta. We just need rough estimates.



Administrator answers:

“I don’t want any witty “Too expensive, thats how much it is” answers”

Tough luck kiddo, because that IS the answer. Ask an insurance company, it’ll be £££thousands.

And if you try to insure your car on someone else’s policy to get cheaper insurance it’s fraud and you’ll be caught and get your shiny new licence taken away from you…

EDIT: Rory, what IS fraud is where a kid buys a car and gets mum or dad to insure it and put them on as a second driver, even though the car is theirs, which seems to be what’s being suggested here.
That’s not the same as being on someone else’s policy on their car. The insurance companies are well up to speed on this one and both junior and senior fraudsters get done.

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