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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

April 13, 2013

Steven asks…

How much roughly would car insurance cost for a 17 year old new driver in the uk?

about what price would a 1.4l engine cost for a female 17 year old cost?
is a 1.4l engine too large?
the car that my grandad is interested in buying me is a 3dr 2007 1.4l polo. is this suitable for a new driver??

any answers would be really helpful thankyou

Administrator answers:

To be honest with you, you are wasting your time asking here. No one here will be able to give you even an estimate. The price of insurance depends on so many different things that no one can say how much it will cost to insure a 17 year old female on a 2007 3 door 1.4 VW Polo. You need to start getting some insurance quotes for different cars so you can find out which is the cheapest to insure for you. Try using some car insurance comparison sites…


Good Luck!

Betty asks…

what is a cheep car to insure for a new 17 year old male driver?

Im a new 17 year old male driver and am trying to find a cheep car to insure. All cars iv looked at have a serious amount of money to insure, some up to 3 or 4 grand, does anyone no a cheep car to insure?

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as cheap insurance for a 17 year old male.

Spell check, grammar

William asks…

Is it cheaper for a first time driver to insure a van?


If I were to buy my first car, the insurance is about £3k at lowest of the low. But do you think a van would be cheaper? Can a 17 year old get van insurance?

Administrator answers:

Vans are more expensive to insure than cars for everyone. You could well be able to get it but you won’t want to.
My car, 2.0 petrol £293 a year with full no claims and lots of add ons and a modified car.
My Peugeot 206 van, again fully comp with full no claims but basic with no additional covers, 100% standard van – £803 a year

Carol asks…

How does car insurance work?

I’m a 17 year old girl and I recently got my license. Yesterday my dad bought car insurance for me, but I don’t have a car. So i’m assuming that this insurance is for his car, but can that same insurance be transferred if I get my own car? Or did my dad just put my name on his insurance? I don’t really understand.

Administrator answers:

If your dad added you to his insurance policy then you would be covered on his vehicle. Normally an insurance policy covers all cars and drivers in a household, there are exceptions to this. When you get your own car your father can add your car to the policy. If you’ll be required to pay for your insurance it will probably still be cheapest to fall under your dad’s policy.

Mandy asks…

How much is a car and everything for a 17yo?

How much is a car, insurance, lessons, test, tax etc…. Everything! For a 17 year old Guy. Just for a cheap second hand car ie. Peugeot 106 (second hand) But how much will it all come to? Thanks
English Currency Please

Administrator answers:


Donna asks…

I am 17 years old how can I get a cheap car insurance?

I am 17 years old and have just got my driving licence. I have tried shopping around and been a second driver but the insurance quotes are really high.

Administrator answers:

Drive a group 2 car. Choose Third Party Only cover. Ask for the highest “excess”. If you aren’t going to travel far, they might give you a discount for limited mileage, or they might not.

Once you have insurance, think ahead. Do not have an accident, or if you do, try not to claim on your insurance. It is important to build up a no-claims discount. Also, don’t get any driving offences on your record.

Robert asks…

Cheapest insurance for teenager with traffic violations?

I was just wondering what company has the cheapest insurance for a 17 year old male with three traffic tickets. I’m not looking for a lecture on how I should know better or to have people call me stupid. I’ve already learned my lesson and I don’t speed anymore. But these tickets are still following me around for the next three years. I leave for college in a couple months, and I need a car. But everywhere we have called (Progressive, Allstate, Nationwide, etc.) has given us a quote that is over ten times what we are paying now. Anybody have any advice? Who is usually the cheapest company to go through?

Administrator answers:


Sharon asks…

whats the cheapest car to insure when your 17?

im 17 years old and learning to drive a manual. im looking round to see what car is the cheapest to insure. i don’t mind the make and model of the car. i was wondering if you could give me ideas on the cheapest car to insure, for both manual and automatic. thankyou.

Administrator answers:

There is no such car. Choose an older, 4 cylinder run of the mill sedan. But before you do, ask an insurance company. They set rates, we here on Y/A do not.

Maria asks…

How much will it cost to insure my car?

I’m turning 17 soon and was wondering how much it would cost me roughly to insure my car. I want a small car like the vauxhall Corsa or Citroen C1 or something like that so does anyone know rougly how much this would cost for a 17 year old? It would probably be a second hand car!
Also, any suggestions on cheapest cars to insure?

Administrator answers:

The C! Will be one of the cheapest but for you it will not be cheap.
From December this year it will be illegal for insurers to give lower prices to females as they do now. This means that your first years insurance will be around the £3000 point but depending on your full circumstances (job, no job, postcode etc etc) it could be as much as £6000 a year.

Fewer and fewer teens are no bothering to take the test and those that do pass cannot always afford a car at all.

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