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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Help

February 19, 2013

Paul asks…

Company Car Insurance help??

I am 17 years old and have recently passed my driving test and my boss asked me what car i am going to get and how much insurance would cost. I said i have been quoted £2,000-£3,000.
Because im on minimum wage and can’t afford that, he said he would try and get me on his company car insurance. What does this mean? Would this be alot cheaper for me.

Administrator answers:

He can add you to his commercial auto policy by selecting “all autos” as the associated additional symbol. However, is he willing to include Collision and Comprehensive coverage? You should also make sure that this coverage applies not only while you are in the course and scope of your employment, but also for personal use.

Steven asks…

What’s the cheapest car to insure for a 17 year old?

I’ve just turned 16 and I am starting to save up for a car/insurance, I’m just wondering whats the cheapest car to buy and insure for a 17 year old. I know it varies where you live ect ect, but I’m just wondering generally.

Also would a robin reliant be cheap to insure?

Administrator answers:

Try kit various insurance quotes using Toyotas,Hondas and Scions.

I was 18 when I registered and got my own insurance. A Honda costs $40 more a month than a Scion . So try all but in my case Scion was cheaper.

Donna asks…

What would be the best car insurance for a 17 year old lad ?

What is the best car insurance for a 17 year old lad driving a corsa b ?

Administrator answers:

The one you find that is cheapest after doing the following -
Check on 4 different comparison sites and also get quotes from Avivva and Direct Line. Then taking the best 2 or 3 you get on the phone and ring them to haggle the price down.

Expect to pay at least £3000 a year.

Linda asks…

Cheapest way to get car insurance for 17 year old male?

Just turn’t 17 years old, I have passed my theory test and currently doing driving lessons…

I have been looking around at car insurance and the cheapest quote so far for a vauxhall corsa (worth £1000) was £3500.00.. How can any young driver such as myself possibly afford this?

Are there any tips on making this high price go down? It seems to me that when I add additional drivers the price decreases? any other tips?

Really appreciate any help guys, cheers.

Administrator answers:

The average at 18 is £4800 and that is why not many teens even bother to waste money on the tests now
What amazes me is the amout of teens, like yourself, that think they should or could afford to run a car. What is the point of it. Just because you are old enough it does not mean you have to do it. I realise that you would like to, you don’t need too though. I would like to pass a plane test but cannot afford to run the aeroplane so I am not going to bother spending the thousands to get the licence

Jenny asks…

Where can a 17 year old teenager find the cheapest, most affordable car insurance in North Carolina?

I’m 17 years old. I have a 1995 Toyota Camry and I’m currently looking for affordable car insurance since my parents told me that I’m responsible for finding/paying my car insurance. I am a senior in high school and work part time, making around $160-$280 every paycheck (EVERY TWO WEEKS). I really need help!!!!! Thanks for listening!

Administrator answers:

There is no such thing as you ask. If your parents have not shed their guidance and experience as to these matters onto you, well, what can I say about the subject? How did you come about this car manufactured on the year you were born? Did you shop around? Looked on websites? Was it a hand me down car? How do you buy games or whatever you entertain yourself with? The process is called shopping around and no one, no one, can help on this. YOU have to call insurance companies. I mean, your parents are not even allowing you to be part of their insurance coverages with you paying the difference? I can go on as to family dynamics and what is their version of introducing your to responsible adult behavior. Good on them for we all need that as youngsters, but, you need to speak to them for help as to auto insurance first. And that includes speaking to their agent. OK? Cars are expensive. They are very expensive to have. It is a luxury. Ask your parents. Good luck and please, drive extra super carefully.

George asks…

What are the cheapest cars to insure for a 16 year old girl or boy?

i need to know the nicest cheapest car for a 17 year old (e.g.
me) i need a good looking car that is cheap to insure any 1 know any?
can i only have UK cars

Administrator answers:

A smart car probably would have a low insurance group

Mark asks…

What is the lowest cost insurance for a 17 year old boy and what is the best car?

Hello, what is the lowest cost insurance for a 17 year old boy? The insurance would have to be third party but what insurances are best to go with? Also what car do you think is good for insurance for a boy that isn’t a bad looking car? I have been looking at getting the ford fiesta maybe.. Hope somebody can help, thankyou

Administrator answers:

1.2 maximum, 5 to 9 years old, not sporty, not a high spec model and it will still cost around £3000 plus a year to insure even if its worth £1000
There is no one magic insurer that will be best for everyone in your circumstances and in fact what is the cheapest today could be the most expensive tomorrow. Car insurance works like that.

There is only one way of finding the best deal and it is a tried and tested method from a well known TV and radio guest who has an independent money saving expert website. The site sells nothing just gives advice -
Get quotes from at least 4 different comparison sites – none deal with all of the possible 200 ish insurers so do this to cover them
Get quotes from Aviva and Direct Line as they are on none of the comparison sites
Do not believe what they say when they reckon the best deals are on the net – its just wrong.
Now use the best 2 or 3 quotes to get on the phone and haggle. SEE THE LINK BELOW FOR LOADS MORE DETAILS AS THAT IS THE BASICS

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