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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds Boys

March 17, 2013

Sharon asks…

How reliable is Erie auto insurance?

I’m a 17 year old boy living in maryland and i just got my car. its a black 1995 acura integra ls and im the ONLY licensed driver in my family so the insurance policy will have me as the primary driver.

I got a quote online from Erie and it said i can expect to pay $1200 – $2000 a year for insurance if i insure under minimum deductables. that sounds like a great deal but since its so cheap it sounds kinda fishy

if you have Erie auto insurance or worked for them or something, are they reliable? do they jack up the rates really high after an accident? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

I am also 17 and have Erie auto insurance. The quote they gave you is exactly right.

I pay my auto insurance in three month intervals. I pay around $320 every three months. That is with the good grade discount.

For your other question, I have been in an auto accident (it was nothing major just a fender bender) and my rate did not increase. One of my friends also has erie insurance and got in a bad accident. Is rate did not go up very high but it did increase. You can expect an increase after an accident with any insurance company but erie does not raise their price much.

If i were you I would go with erie insurance. After looking around they were one of the best deals on auto insurance.

Hope this helps. Good Luck.

John asks…

Birthday present for 15 year old boy & expectation management?

My step son is 15 next week and IM trying to decide on an appropriate present and level of spending. Tonight I found out his mum and sister have secretly bought him an ipod for £170 (UK pounds) which is what he was after. When we discussed what he wanted to do on his birthday, he now says he doesn’t want an ipod anymore, his mum then told him its already been bought. Since he now has his mind on new clothes and computer games, he has said OK, he will take the ipod but he wants extra money for some of the clothes he wants and 1 computer game. He is also having his mates round on his birthday together with free Mc Donald’s funded by his mum. He then says the additional clothes and computer game hot received on his birthday can be given at christmas. When his mum tried reasoning with him he was very upset and cried. Now maybe IM being old fashioned, but it seems to me this kid is being greedy, an ipod + computer game + clothes = around £250 which seems a tad expensive. It may be he is jealous since his 17 year old sister just passed her driving test and with extreme scrimping and saving we have managed to get her a cheap car and insurance. His mom and I recently had a baby now one year old, she takes allot of attention as well, potentially further increasing jealousy.
So my question is, what is an appropriate level of spending for a 15 year old birthday and how can we manage his expectations.

Administrator answers:

Wow. Tough call. My daughter turned 15 this week and I went for the “shopping spree” option. She seemed to like that just fine. Boys are tough, but easier to please. I’d go with the video game or music route. That will usually get a smile, or at least a faint grimace and a nod.

Laura asks…

How can i explain to my mom she is unfair?

So i am turning 17 in a month, i have had a job since i was 14 and my two older brothers did not get jobs till they were 18. neither ever had to pay for cell phones, car insurance , drivers ed and behind the wheels… So since ive had a job i have been paying for my cell phone(which still gets shut off cause she doesnt pay the bill with the money i give her), drivers ed, behind the wheels,my clothes and all the little things that all my friends dont have to pay for. my brothers combined have received 4 cars… which they didnt pay a fucking dime for. So expecting that i wouldnt receive any sort of help while purchasing a car i bought one from one of my friends for cheap and the car wasnt to bad…I bought this car in july expecting to have my license a month later…My mom requested i pay half the insurance every monh or else i had to sell it. a 16 year old boy working for minimum wage who has to buy rides from people to and from work paying for 90 dollars worth of car insurance and a 70 dollar cell phone bill? so i sold the car for a small profit. I STILL DONT HAVE MY LICENSE… i have asked nicely for her to schedule my apointments since i was 15 due to the fact she had all my records and information… I NEED my license so i can have a reliable sorce of transportation for work and school, and of course i want to have the freedom to do things on my time instead of around other peoples schedules… am i being greedy or is she the bitch i think she is?

Administrator answers:

Well, you have to talk to who ever is dealing with the finances.

My mom, who had 5 other siblings, didn’t get sh*t from her parents. They couldn’t afford to. The first two got a car, and my mom got a bicycle. My mom made all her clothes.

Maybe your parents are taking advantage of you for having a job. Maybe they need you to pay for somethings that they can’t.

Maybe you don’t need a cellphone. My boyfriend has 5 other siblings too and his single mother can’t afford to pay for a phone bill for any of them. He gets along fine with out it.

Things are hard right now. But you need to do all you can to get help, find scholarships, and save up. If you’re having to pay for things like this now, you’re not gonna have a chance with paying for college. And think, maybe you can be grateful to be able to even find a job and have some sort of money coming in.

But you need to have a real talk with your mother. You shouldn’t have to worry about money now, the only thing that you need to worry about is school and grades. That is what a real parent should say to their child. Ask her why do YOU have to pay for all of it, what is the reason why your mother can’t provide for you?

Richard asks…

Comes down to 2 cars! Which one?

So it’s almost time for Spring. And it’s been about 5 years since I got my Acura Integra. Since then the Integra has been great! Never been stolen or haven’t broke down once yet!

But I need to replace it soon because its old!

So I’m planning on buying a new/used car!

And it has come down to these 2 cars!!!

2005-2006 Acura RSX Type S

2008-2009 Infiniti G37 Sports

Money doesnt really matter on which car but I would also like to save a little bit if I could since we’re all going through the Economy crisis!!!

So I called my Insurance place and ask them how much these two cars would cost me for full coverage! haha And guess what! They both cost the same?!

If you compare both cars on Cost of the car, Gas, Power, and technology…

1st. Cost of the car

The Acura RSX would cost 3 times cheaper then the Infiniti G37

RSX = $14,000 – $17,000

Infiniti G37 = around $45,000

2nd. Gas mileage

RSX gives 23 on city and 30 on highway

G37 puts out 18 on city and 21 on highway (i think)

3rd.Horse Power

RSX Type S = 201 Horse Power

G37 Sports = 330 Horse Power

4th. Technology

I don’t even have to write it, just say the G37 kills the RSX at this!!!

5th. Other things
RSX can only be found with 30,000 or more mileage since its used

G37 is BRAND NEW!!! :D

RSX is FWD so its good for the winter time

G37 is RWD and will be a bit hard to drive in the snow, going to need a second car and I dont want a second car.

RSX = easy for people to steal

G37 = going to need a tow truck to steal this bad boy!

Both cars are amazing! The only thing I dont like about the RSX is that its used with mileage around 30,000 or more and it cost a lot on my insurance! I rather buy a more sports car you know!

And about the G37, is the Gas millage and also that its a RWD car!!! If I buy it, I’m going to need a second car because of the Winter time!

So which car would you take?

Administrator answers:

From a logical standpoint, i’d say the Acura.

It’s cheaper, and it’s still fun to drive. While it doesn’t have all the buttons the G35 has, it still has many options that your going to use every day, not to metion its FWD for your snowy roads- and the Integra is actually ALOT easier to steal than the RSX.

The G35 has less MPG, is 3x more expensive, and it’ll lose value quite quickly because it is new. If something were to happen to it, your going to be losing big bucks- especially since its a lux. Car.

Both are wonderful cars, no doubt. It’s just a personal choice on whether you want to make a more cost efficient buy, or a more fun buy.

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