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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds

May 22, 2013

Donald asks…

I was wondering how much insurance would be for camaro?

I am a 17 year old male (I know :( )
it would be a z28
I would only want insurance for like 3 months( is that possible)
Only liability insurance too or the cheapest one and still be legal.

Administrator answers:

Since you only want liability it wont matter if you drive a camaro or a station wagon. Liability insures the other cars and drivers you may hit NOT your car. Rates for liability are set by your state so they are the same for all cars. Its going to be high simply because of your age. I would guess about $200-300 down and then about the same each month at the very least. Most auto policies are written on a 6 month or year term I believe Farmers Insurance still writes a 3 month policy. Even if you write a 6 month policy, you can cancel it anytime you want although you will be penalized for doing so.

Sandy asks…

What kind of punishment would i be looking at driving with no insurance?

Long story short, just got my license, need to go places, (school, work etc) My mom hasn’t been able to add me to her insurance yet, what kind of trouble am i looking at if i get pulled over?(F.I.Y: i live in Colorado and I am 17 years old.)

Administrator answers:

Fines are normally large enough that it would be cheaper to do what the fines cover – no registration is more than registration, etc. Here in Arizona the typical no-insurance fine is $1000, but when my son-in-law was nabbed the judge knocked it down to $500.

She needs to get this taken care of one way or another Real Soon Now. If you are in an accident in the car (60% of new drivers are in an accident in their first year) the insurance is not valid. If the accident involves injuries it will bankrupt the average family. How badly do you need to go places?

Charles asks…

How can i convince my mom to let me deliver pizza?

Her main reasons for nt wanting me to do it are the stranger aspect (which i can talk around) and that if she tells the insurance company (progressive) that a 17 year old who got 4 probationary tickets at once (out past 11, too many people, no stickers (NJ law), and air freshener hanging), they will raise my rates drastically. Lying won’t work so the question is how can i convince her and how much do you think my rates would rise?

Administrator answers:

Dude, you just admitted you don’t obey the law when driving . Just that will make your rates increase.

The thing you’re missing is that ordinary car insurance will NOT cover a car used for any commercial purposes (like flower, pizza,or package delivery) . The added exposure would be a greater risk to the insurer. She would have to buy a commercial insurance policy if you delivered pizza, and that is incredibly expensive.

By the way, tell your mom to shop around at a couple other insurance carriers. Progressive is NOT the cheapest, nor is Geico. She can do better, rate wise, at many another companies

Helen asks…

How can a 17yearold get insured on a classic car?

I’m a 17 year old driver in staffordshire, i’m looking to purchase either a triumph gt6 or a triumph spitfire, however the insurance quotes im getting (even with my dad as the main driver) are over the value of the car! (approx £3500).

does anyone know any specialist companies i could contact?

thank you in advance

Administrator answers:

Hi dude, i think footman james is just a classic car insurer. I was going to get a classic beetle as my first car and they were recommended to me.

Not sure if they are cheap though as i never got a quote

Grant ;o)

William asks…

would it pay to get two provisional drivers on same insurance?

me and my friend both have 17 year old daughters that want to learn how to drive, We were thinking about going halfers on an old banger and then splitting the insurance. If we go ahead with it the girls will then work out a timetable for who gets to use it when so hopefully there is no fall outs. Has anybody done this before and what car and insurance company would most likely be the cheapest?

Administrator answers:

Points to bear in mind -
Only ONE person can be the main driver, registered keeper and financial owner as far as the insurer is concerned – the other girl would have to be a named driver – many insurers will not allow learner named drivers. You cannot register a car in more than one name.
The cars keeper will have the address for the insurance and the named driver will have a different address which is likely to cost a bit extra.

VERY IMPORTANT – as soon as one of them passes as one is bound to before the other the insurance premium will go through the roof as the insurers recognise this means more and unsupervised driving -this may cause a problem and if one is better than the other it could last for sometime. To not inform the insurer that one has passed is fraud and invalidates the policy.

In practice a little own car work is useful but they will both still need perhaps the average 45 plus lessons to pass.

It is impossible to say who would be the cheapest as this can change on a day to day basis. You are going to have to deal with brokers or direct with insurers and not online to arrange this. Get a formal quote before getting the car.

Carol asks…

Do you know of any car rental companies that rent out vehicles to 17 year olds?

I am going away for 4 days and need a car. Are their any car hire companies which would rent to me?
I have my Full NZ Driver’s License, so I don’t see a lot of difference between me and an 18 year old – 6 months older than me… except for more expensive insurance – which probably wouldn’t be much on a cheap car anyway. Do you know of anyone that I could get a quote from???
Any help appreciated,

Administrator answers:

No one rents to a 17 year old

Paul asks…

What would be a good choice for a first car?

I’m considering possible options for cars when I pass my driving test, hopefully in October. I’m looking to buy a second hand car, preferably under 3-4 years old. I will be 17 when the car is purchased, and therefore I’m obviously considering the high insurance costs that come with bigger cars. In an ideal world I’d like a decent looking, cheap-to-run car. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

For $4,000

look for

98 Acura CL, 98 Ford Mustang V6, 98 Honda Accord or Civic, 98 Nissan Frontier or Pathfinder, 98 Subaru Impreza or Legacy, 98 -00 Toyota Corolla or Echo 00

these are all reliable and will last longer than other cars in this price range.

For around $6k an Acura Integra 98-99 is a great car.

Sharon asks…

How much would car insurance roughly be for me(teen driver) based on these factors?

3.2 GPA
17 year old female
Minnesotan resident
Driving either a 2011 Honda Odyssey or a 1991 Volvo 740(I’m really hoping for the odyssey)
@Bluto How are you a top contributor with answers like those? Pretty stupid.

Administrator answers:

I’d ~guess~ under $150 a month for full coverage on the Honda…

Just PL & PD on the Volvo would be the cheapest….again ~guessing~…$50-$75 a month if you are lucky…..

Insurance isn’t cheap for any of us.

Being on your parents’ insurance with multi-car discounting will help quite a bit. :-) )

Some insurance companies have additional discounts for new teen driver programs they offer. Sometimes it’s a video and question / answer booklet they want completed and on file. That can also get you another 5-10% discount.

All said, you might be able to get the Honda down to the $95 -$120 a month range, and the Volvo on PL & PD down a little more than the $50 – $75 a month range.

David asks…

How can I afford car insurance (17 – 18 year old)?

Does anyone have any ideas on how to afford running a car, especially insurance which would be around £2500-3000 per year. I’m still in sixth form and plan to go to university so I only really have weekends to work. Is it possible to afford to run a car? How to people do it? Thanks

Administrator answers:

Good for you for improving your life by learning getting a job and learning to drive. My 17year old grandson takes his driving test this month and we are giving him our 5year old car as a first car. The insurance quotes are very high but you can shop around and get some deals. If your parents drive they may be able to put you on their insurance. If not you can pay monthly, ask all your family for money gifts as birthday and christmas presents and put that towards the cost of the insurance. You can do it, sit down and work out a budget, by a car that has the lower tax and engine power this makes it a bit cheaper and good luck to you

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