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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds

May 5, 2013

Paul asks…

What are a few cars that are cheap to insure and cheap to run for a 17 year old?

Wanting to know 4 or 5 cars that you think are ideal for a 17 year to insure and be able to run?

Administrator answers:

Any older, run of the mill 4 cyl sedan is your best bet. Only an insurance company can tell you what insurance would cost

Mandy asks…

What is the best and cheapest car insurance for a 17yr old in London?

I’m not 17 yet, but I am next year. I was wondering, what are the best sites or companies for cheap insurance for cars?

Administrator answers:

For your age and in the LOndon Area, be ready to be asked for at least £3,000 even with a cheap quote.

Charles asks…

Is it illegal to buy insurance out of state?

Is there any affordable way to get insurance, i am a first time driver, no collisions 17 years old btw on my dads user name, what is the most affordable way i can get insurance. All the quotes i have gotten so far have been 1300 for 6 months or more. I will drive a family car.

Administrator answers:

You can buy insurance from anybody you choose, provided the company is licenced to market insurance in your state, and your broker has a licence to do business in your state.
Most brokers do not have licencing in more than one state, however, a great many companies do. Buying insurance from a company who has an office in another state doesn’t give you a cheaper price, however, as your rates always have a component based on your location.

I have to add, if you are driving a family car, not your own vehicle, you need to be added to the existing policy. You don’t want to try to put your own policy on a vehicle your dad already has insured.

James asks…

How much is insurance approximately for a fiat grande punto?

fiat grande punto 1.2L for a 17 year old first time driver in edinburgh, scotland?

any tips/advice about the car aswell will be greatly appreciated. Iv heard the punto is really bad but the grande punto is great…


Administrator answers:

It’s going to be about £2000 I’m afraid!

Don’t worry at all about what type of car you have. Your first car is all about learning. My advice is buy the cheapest you can and drive carefully for a while.

Susan asks…

On average, how much would car insurance be for a 17 year old driver with a clean record?

I have AAA right now, and I was wondering if there was anything out there that is just as good but cheaper.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately for you car insurance is going to be more expensive no matter where you look because of your age. It also depends on the type of car you drive. The age of the car, the make and model of the car, and the safety features can all affect the cost of your insurance. If you are a good driver, I would suggest Allstate insurance, because they have a good driver reward and a safe driver deductible bonus. For every 6 months and every year that you don’t have an accident your insurance premium and your deductible rate gets better. Also the older you get, and the older your car gets, your insurance Will get cheaper and cheaper. My suggestion is to try and get under your parents insurance plan, if that is and option for you. It will be much cheaper, and you will still have a driving record maintained by the insurance companies and the DMV until such time as you decide to get under your own policy. Just keep driving as carefully and safely as possible, avoid tickets and accidents and you will see the rewards in lower premiums in the years to come.

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