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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds

April 23, 2013

James asks…

What Is The Best Car For A Beggining Driver Of 17 Years Of Age?

Ok im 16 years old at the moment and im taking a crash course as soon as i turn 17, which means i pass in a week of driving , i was wondering what you think is the best car for a 17 year old who has just passed his test is, please take into fact the Price and the insurance price as i dont want to spend excessive ammounts.


Administrator answers:

According to our insurance agent, Saturns have the lowest insurance rates because they are built better, more sturdy than most cars. Mid-size cars (V6 engines) are cheaper to insure than larger or smaller cars. A car that is paid for is cheaper to insure than one with a loan at the bank.

Richard asks…

Car Insurance costs for a 17 year old in Las Vegas, Nevada?

I will be getting my license early next year and I will be 17 years old.
I am a male, and I get decent grades. Usually alway’s A’s and B’s, maybe one C.
I plan on getting an SUV, particularly a 1999 Ford Explorer with over 100,000 miles from my uncle.

What would your estimate on insurance costs be?
How do I apply my good grades to my insurance policy?
Would it be cheaper to go on my parents account?

Thank you,
Damon Reis
Also, what do you think monthly would as well as annually.

Administrator answers:

No one here can give you an intelligent guess. The only way to find out what insurance may cost is to call an insurance company. Yes, it is almost always cheaper to be on your parents insurance

David asks…

How much does it cost to replace a bumper?

The car is a silver Toyota Camry, a mid-2000′s model. The accident wasn’t my fault, the car was parked and someone hit it while I was at a class so I don’t know who did it. Also, I’m 17 year-old girl, and my parents have a deductable insurance policy of $1000. So around how much would it cost with insurance and a replacement? And around how much would it cost if we found a mechanic to attach it instead of the insurance?

Thank you!

Administrator answers:

About 400-600.

I would look on ebay or other online auto parts store and see if you can get it cheaper. Then take it to a body shop and have them paint it to match your car, and have someone you know put it on for you.

Lizzie asks…

Is a 2003 Nissan 350z a good car for a 16 to 17 year old?

Im fifteen years old going on 16 next year, when I get a job and have saved up some money i’d like to get my first car.I know I need a reliable, cheap(ish) car but im really liking the 350z is it a good decision? Please help?

Administrator answers:

The 350z is a great car top car wise it has won many awards in this field so it is liked my car mags etc,Owners i know along my street have had there’s since they came out.Nissan wise i am on my 5th and they have been my best cars after many over the years,also my bro drives a Nissan and many of my friends.

Only worry is fuel wise these must take high octane fuel i can imagine they must which out of experience can be costly as cars like these do not get great mpg,but it is the price we pay for having great cars.and this is the same with insurance def shop around i spend hours every year getting the best deals on my Skyline.

16 year old prob not the best but you can crash in any car so respect the car and drive it like a rwd in its conditions and it will be fine,often you find the folks whom have fast decent cars are the ones whom take there time most of the time and do not dare crashing them do to insurance and buying the car reasons.

Paul asks…

How much should my car insurance cost?

I am a 17 year old male and my dad bought me a 2007 Nissan Altima. He wants me to pay the insurance and I figured that it might be high…so I need estimates.

Administrator answers:

Insurance rates are based on zip codes (based on the number of traffic accidents, etc in that area), whether you are male or female, etc. Try Drive Insurance (link below). You can type in your information, such as the car make & model and your zip code and it will give you a roundabout estimate of what you should be paying monthly. I chose Drive because I have been a Drive policy holder for eight years (formerly Progressive) and they are by far the cheapest for me. Your best bet is to shop around, however.

Also, if you join your parents policy and are a student, you can receive discounts on your rates for good grades and multiple vehicles.

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