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Your Questions About Cheap Car Insurance For 17 Year Olds

March 12, 2013

Mandy asks…

What would be the cheapest and best car for a 17 year old to insure..?

I am 17 years old and i have nearly passed my driving test, i am just not sure on what car i should get, and i am not sure of the prices either,

What does everyone recommend i should get for a first car, i want one which is fast, cheap, easy to run and best on MPG.

I was looking at a 306 1.9 D-Turbo, they are quite good on fuel

Thanks a lot

Administrator answers:

Hi, I think you should go for a car with a 1.5litre or less. Sorry.

A 1.9 D-Turbo will cost you a fortune to insure and will go through quite a lot of fuel as well. Nice car though.

Go for a Honda!!!

I have a Honda Civic 1.4i. She’s 3 door silver with blue angel eyes and 18″ OZ Superleggeras. Very expensive looking car and very quick although only a 1.4i.

If you get a car under 1.5 it halves the cost of tax and insurance.
My dads a mechanic and I’ve helped him work on cars since I was a kid, and I’ve found out that the most reliable car is a Honda.

My last two cars have been Hondas and I refuse to drive anything else.

Donna asks…

What is the cheapest insurance a 17 year old can pay per month?

I am 17 and need insurance for car. I am thinking of up to $50 per month, since I only earn $400 per month and already have to pay for phone bill and gymnastics classes. So yeah, 50 per month for insurance MAX. Please provide me a good company that allows minors to have insurance and is cheap and is in oregon.

Administrator answers:

Try babbling a bit less on that phone or maybe even sell it all together? Otherwise it seems to me you can’t afford to have a car.. It’s ok you wouldn’t be the first one in that situation.. After all you are 17 I mean what do you expect.

Daniel asks…

How much for cheap car insurance?

I am a young 17 year old male. I am looking for insurance so i can get my 1993 Lincoln Towncar on the road but I dont know a thing about insurance how much do you think it will cost and which company should I go for.

Administrator answers:

If you live with your parents go through their company. You’ll get a multicar discount and possibly a homeowners discount. Other than that you’ll just need to shop around.

The cost will depend upon many factors. If its just a plain car all you need is liability. If you’ve fixed it up fancy you’ll need comprehenive and collision coverage, which could add $200 – $300 per month to the premium and you’ll also need to get it appraised. Many companies also give you a discount if you’re a good student. If you’ve had even one ticket or an accident you can expect the premium to go up drastically.

Charles asks…

How much do you think my insurance is going to cost?

I’d be on my parents insurance, i’m a 17 year old female but took a drivers Ed course so I have my full license, and the discount from the course. I know since I’m a girl it’s slightly cheaper. I took a defensive driving class that will make it a little cheaper, and I am an A student.
Whatta ya think? I live on Long Island, New York btw.

Administrator answers:

You live in one of the priciest places to buy insurance.

But it’s ALSO going to depend on what car you buy, and what coverages you need for that car. Budget $2000 to $6,000 with a clean driving record.

David asks…

Will my car insurance go down if i go on my parents car insurance?

Im 16 at the moment and i am 17 in a few months and i will be learning to drive. I know car insurance is so high for a 17 year old, but i was wondering if i go on the parents car insurance for a while, will my car insurance go down when i get my own as i have had experience on the road

Administrator answers:

You are suggesting that you are entered as a Named Driver on your parent’s car insurance. This means that you will not be the “main driver” of the car so you must not drive it more than your parent or you will both be guilty of fraud.

Adding you as a Named Driver will cost an additional premium for them to pay but it would be cheaper than if you had your own car and insured it in your own right.

Unfortunately it will not help you to build up your own No Claim Discount. You have to be insured in your own right to do that. The basic reason for this is that the insurance companies can have no evidence of exactly how much driving experience you have accumulated.
For example: Some people could put themselves as a Named Driver and then never get behind the wheel until they’re 25, then try and claim a 70% No Claim Discount!

However, as you get older your basic premium should reduce anyway (apart from inflation). Insurance companies have calculated that drivers under 25 are more likely to have accidents than people over 25, and those under 20 have more than twice as many accidents. This seems to be as much to do with mental attitudes as it has do to with experience. (Young people are more inclined to take risks “be reckless” on the road).

James asks…

What is the best /cheapest way to purchase insurance for a teenagers?

Do I insure the vehicle in my name only and not list my 17 year old as the primary driver? Will this affect his future insurance prices? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

In car insurance, the word “teenager” and “cheap” are impossible. The best thing to do is get your teenager a car that is paid for and insure it liability only. That way the premium will be at least half what it would be on a vehicle with comp and coll insurance. The biggest mistake most parents make is they allow their 16 yr old to get a brand new car not knowing beforehand how much the insurance will be until after they already bought it! GET QUOTES FIRST! If they are good students most companies offer a good student discount. Also some companies IE Farmers offer an additional discount if the teenager watches a driving safety video and answers some questions. Teach your new driver how to be responsible and in a few years the rate will be less due to experience.

Betty asks…

What is the cheapest car to insure for a 17 year old girl?

My daughter has started driving lessons and will soon be looking to take her driving test, we are looking to buy a car for her, but want to start with what are the cheapest cars to insure

Administrator answers:

Tell your daughter to ask her instructor if he uses ‘click the pepper’ which is an organisation to help youngsters with their insurance. It might also be worth having your daughter on your insurance policy for the first year and then seeing how much cheaper it is to insure her first car with a yrs experience.
Older cars aren’t necessarily cheaper to insure than new cars, insurers think you are less likely to be careful in an old car, that’s what I’ve been told anyhow. And also see if it’s worth her taking the pass plus, some companies offer a discount for it, but you have to work out if the cost of the pass plus offsets the saving on insurance.

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