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May 24, 2013

Sandy asks…

I need some advice on what kind of car to get?

So come summer time, i’m going to be looking for my second car. Right now I drive a really cheap beater 98 vw Golf. Picked it up for $1100, not in best shape. but it gets me around here and there. So summer time after my school year finishes, I’m going to be looking for something else.

What I’m looking for is something fun to drive. I’m not looking for a top of the line sports car, I’m still a student working at home depot alright! :P I just want something that pulls decently, and will take a corner and stick to the ground like glue. But I also don’t want to spend all my money on my car, i want to be able to afford to buy other stuff for myself or save for a rainy day.

I was thinking Acura integra gsr, parts for this car are everywhere, but insurance for it is a killer. I was also thinking VW Golf GTI 1.8T, its better on insurance even though its turbo’d, but parts for this car is a killer. Also its tough to find a low KM one in my price range of $5000-$6000.

I was also thinking of just getting a standard MK4 Golf, and adding small upgrades here and there; slowly building it up to be a zippier hatchback.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

yea, i don’t like the chrystler sebring. And yes I like small and nimble cars
lol ur talking about nissan skyline’s? did I mention i’m a student on a budget?

Yea I looked into the miata and 240sx. I’m open minded to those two, but I’d like more space than a miata. If i could afford two cars, i’d get a miata. 240sx, hard to find a good one for cheap, but if I see one at the time, i’d consider it.

Administrator answers:

The Sebring is a good idea, though can get expensive.

Forget the Integra. It’s front-wheel drive, which, is fine. But really, you can have a fudge-ton more fun with rear-wheel drive.

I’d suggest maybe trying out the Mazda Miata (older generations are more fun and are cheaper, and also a convertible!(all generations are convertibles)) or a
Nissan 240sx (S13, S14, and S15 all have fun feels, though most people prefer the S13 for driving experience and S15 for looks. S13 is cheapest as its the oldest, but these 240sx’s are renowned drift cars around the world and can hold their own in most demanding circumstances when you want fun and speed) or you could also try out the
Nissan Skyline (now this sounds outrageous! But it really isnt, you have to be looking at the R32 and R33 generations of the car to get them within the price range you want, most people swear by the R32, and really, they are amazingly fun cars! Make sure to get a GT-R version and you’ll be wrangling with an amzing AWD system, twin turbos, a chassis that was built for sport, and torque galore!)

@ Nick
Wtf are you talking about? I know lots of people with Miatas and they love them. How the hell do you somehow become more prone to car accidents if you drive a Miata? That makes no sense whatsoever.

@ OPs edit
Yeah I know you’re on a student budget. I could get a R32 Skyline for 3000 dollars on kijiji and its in working condition.

ALSO I should’ve included that you could get a FC RX7 (VERY easy to get one for under 3k, even some convertibles are under 3k in this range), they’re very tunable, trusty, good looking, powerful, and just an icon to all car enthusiasts of the power of JDM Rotaries.

Richard asks…

Do you think it’s worth me getting a car when public transports cheaper?

Basically I’m at Uni and I do three placements a year, 2 of them are 8 weeks long and the other one is 4 weeks. When I’m not on placement I take the train to Uni for two days a week from home. I’m currently on my 4 week placement and am borrowing my Dads car for it as it takes 15 minutes to drive and 1 hours 30 minutes on 3 different buses so he kind of insisted I borrowed his car.

Also, it would cost around £600 a year on public transport, and as I’m only 18 and have been driving for just over a year the cost for having a car are as follows for a year: insurance – £800 (it’s difficult to find a car this cheap but I have found a few..), tax – £200, MOT – £50 ish, actual car – £400, petrol – £600. Bare in mind the petrol might be wrong but it’s only an estimate.
So total for public transport – £600, car – £2450 – which I can afford although I would rather save up and put the money to better use.

The main reason I want a car is that it’s a right pain having to borrow my Dads as he has to borrow on of my brothers cars although my Dad doesn’t mind doing this as he let my brother borrow his car enough times when he’s needed it. But still, it’s annoying and I think it’s the best idea to buy a car although there are two problems – the cost, and also, there’s only a very small space left on the drive and it would be quite squashy!
Oh I must admit it is kind of broke! Because I’m borrowing my Dads car now meaning he borrows my brothers main car and my brother gets annoyed, and I’d rather not be in a stressful environment at home when I have placement.

Administrator answers:

My advice is if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Your current method of transportation seems to be working, so for now, keep doing it, and save money for a car later.

Susan asks…

What is the cheapest car insurance company?

I am test driving a few used cars tomorrow afternoon and i am a first time buyer. What is the cheapest car insurance company in Louisiana area? keep in mind that the cars i am looking for are:
pontiac g5 and g6 (used) chrysler crossfire (used) and the chrysler seebring. (used)

Administrator answers:

Call Progressive tomorrow as you are purchasing the car, they will cover you on the spot, pay for 1 month upfront and use the 30 days to shop around.

Helen asks…

Does anyone know of any cheap car insurance for a 17 year old?

I’ve just passed my test today and I’ve been looking a full day for insurance most won’t quote me but the ones that do are well over 10.000 a year!!! That’s with a 1.2 engine car. Any advise would be great. Thanks

Administrator answers:

‘cheap car insurance’ and ‘a 17 year old’ don’t fit in the same sentence.

It’s taken you a day to find out. Check out all the other questions asking the same thing.

Try putting an adult (a parent?) with a good driving record and lots of NCD on the policy as a named driver.

Jenny asks…

How does being self employed affect car insurance rates?

I was laid off a month ago (I’m actually happy I was because I was not enjoying work at all). I’ve started my own company, and I mostly work from home and I don’t drive very much. My car insurance is up for renewal. It says I drive 1-3 miles to work or school. Should I tell them that I’m no longer employed? Do you think my rates will go down???

Administrator answers:

Most insurers wont just accept self employed as a description of your occupation. They will want to delve in to it a bit more and will want to know exactly what you do. When insurers rate your premium, they look at lots of factors, but they will be interested in how many miles you travel on average in a typical year, with higher mileage usually meaning a higher premium, and they will also look at what you use the car for, and the sort of things you carry in it.

So for example, someone who spends most of the working day driving, like a salesman, or a courier, or a driving instructor is seen as a higher risk than someone who just drives to the office and leaves the car parked up all day, as if the car is parked, it is less likely to be in an accident than if it is on the road. Also, if you carry goods for your employer, that is an increased risk. Whilst the employer would insure the goods, having them in your car makes your car more appealing to thieves.

If your insurer has a web site with an online quote facility, it is worth trying it out, and playing about with different average mileages, and different descriptions of occupations to see which works out cheapest for you.

James asks…

What are some car hire places like ZipCar?

I want to start hiring cars. I work freelance so I don’t need one everyday. I often work out of London starting very early. And I can’t afford car insurance because of my age/where I live.

ZipCar is quite expensive. £60 per year plus £45 per day that you hire.

Does anyone know some cheaper alternatives?

I’m 21, girl. Have a full license though within the last year my license was a full new zealand one.

Ideas?? Thanks!

Administrator answers:

Most car hire companies have two basic rules:

1) You must be at least 21 years old (many companies will add a surcharge if you’re under 23).
2) You must have held a full U.K. Driving licence for at least 12 months.

You meet the first criteria, but not the second, so you may well have trouble hiring a car at all. If you do, it won’t be cheap.

Joseph asks…

Why is the health care bill being compared to car insurance?

No one is forced to drive, but we are forced to buy health insurance?

Administrator answers:

Even if you do have a car, you’d only have to purchase cheap casualty insurance should you injure another party, covering yourself and your own car is optional. Health insurance $500/month vs. $80/month car insurance. Yup, insurance companies had a big day as the bill they wrote and funded has passed, their stocks had closed highest in history last Friday anticipating this historic victory day for THEM (not the fools who are stuck paying them).

There will be 17,000 new IRS agents (if the bill says 16,500 you KNOW it’s going to be at least triple that, more like 60K new IRS agents). It will be their new job to make sure everyone purchases their own health insurance 365 days of the year, they need to show proof of payment and coverage when they file their taxes (and if they don’t file have to mail it in to the IRS). Things sound oh so good now, but if you have a slow month and have to choose between your rent, bills or health insurance, and are forced to choose health insurance to avoid the $2250 penalty, even if you can’t afford it for 1 month, are you going to start stressing, feeling like your right to purchase and spend your money as you please has been stripped away because insurance companies paid $60 billion and WROTE a bill to benefit them? And if you don’t pay the fine you get your wages garnished, bank accounts frozen (which the bill says the government will have access to without a court order on everyone’s accounts) or else serve 3 months in jail).

William asks…

How much should one expect to pay for a car rental in Costa Rica above the rate quoted by the rental company?

Going for one week, would like a two-way insurance (others/self) and GPS unit rental.

Administrator answers:

Besides the quoted rate, you may have to pay insurance: CDW and SLI. CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) covers any physical damage to your rental car itself (accidents, vandalism, theft, etc). Many credit cards will cover this, so check with your bank if they will cover it in Costa Rica. Book and pay for the rental using that card. If none of your cards covers it (very unlikely), it runs $6-12/day, depending on car type and company. SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) covers your liability in an accident. It covers the other driver’s car as well as the other driver/passengers (in case they sue you). It’s mandatory, unless you can prove that your home car insurance will cover you in Costa Rica specifically. You must have something in writing to that effect. The cost is anywhere from $8-25/day, it varies greatly by company and car type. SUV’s are higher. With SLI, there’s a 20% deductible, which means that if you damage the other driver’s car, you are responsible for paying 20% of the damage out of pocket. The SLI pays the other 80%. Most rental companies offer “Total protection” that covers the other 20%, but it costs an extra $3-6/day. So basically, if the quoted rate is $25/day, expect to add $12-15/day for SLI. CDW should be covered by one of your cards, so decline it.

GPS units run about $5-10/day. Most rental places also rent cell phones, but it’s $5-10/day, free local calls and $1.25/min to the US. That’s crazy pricing. You can bring an unlocked GSM phone and buy a prepaid SIM card at the SJO airport for less than $10 (¢5,000) and you’ll have enough minutes to talk for a week locally. And the rate to the US is about $0.30/min. If you plan to call the US, get the ¢10,000 ($19) SIM card. The telephone company (ICE) desk is located near carousel #1 in the baggage level. The phone must be unlocked, GSM (must work on 1800Mhz band). Any quad-band and many tri-band phones will work. You can get one on Ebay or Amazon cheap.

Driving in Costa Rica is not easy. Unless you are used to driving in a big US city, you may not like driving in CR. The drivers are extremely aggressive (they will honk at you when the light is still red, even before it turns green-LOL).

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