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April 26, 2013

Thomas asks…

How would you convince your parents to let you buy a car? Please read?

saved for this car for a while, they know I want it, and I finally have a chance, I’m 16 but going on 17 btw, good grades, and gonna need the car.
1 hour ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
Ok car is cheap 12k, I have 9k, parents won’t let me 3k, or let me have a car, apparently price doesn’t matter just the insurance which i can pay for by working at my job on the weekends. Car is reliable, and economical, parents don’t care about that they care about the money more. They keep saying that they don’t want to pay for a 4th car, since my brother won’t be taking his car to college, but he’ll need it but he just doesn’t know when, my parents cars are both in use, and they are big cars.
1 hour ago

Administrator answers:

Tell them that so many of the errands would be lifted from their shoulders. Promise to, and really do, keep your grades up. See if your insurance has a discount for good grades, some actually do. Make a list of clear, rational reasons and discuss it with them. Parents stop listening when kids whine, yell or demand, just like kids stop listening to their parents. You may have to find a more affordable car, compromising with them goes a long way. Good luck.

Betty asks…

reasons why a car dealership would steal someones car?

I never heard of this till today. Last I checked if you buy a car and take it back before the deal is final (usually it takes 2-3 business days before finances go threw and stuff) they will either give your car back that you traded or sell you another car. I didn’t know that if you bring it back the next day they don’t give you anything and tell you “well if you want a car you have to buy 1 because were not giving your car back”.

I know someone this happened to today. They went in to test drive a prius and if they liked it they would buy it, well they fell in love during the test drive, then the dealership gave a hell of a deal that included a strong warranty so they bought it because it seemed right. After they took it home they realized they couldn’t afford it. Went back the next day to return and inquire about something different, Showed her a different car, showed her where they did all this work on it and stuff, soon as she showed were she wasn’t really interested thats when they hit her with the news thats shes not leaving with a car unless she buys one. its more than she was paying for the stratus but less than the prius, so in a way they forced her to buy it. she took it to the owner and he wouldn’t do anything about it.

so now my question is is this legal?

because I don’t see how it is. She took it back with in 48 hours. In ohio or atleast around here they let you take the car same day while they do the “final” steps of the deal, usually takes a few business days. If somethings not right they tell you to bring the car back. she bought the car sat night and took it back monday morning. I think shell be happier with the car she ended up with but financially the stratus is cheaper cause she only owed a couple thousand on it, she was just tired of 4000 a year for maintenance and high insurance, now she has a car that she owes 20 thousand on and has to start over and she owes more a month now.

I prefer a lawyers point of view on this but any advice is appreciated.

by the way the dealer ship is:

Montrose Toyota in Akron Ohio.

To anyone in the akron area. stay away from akron dealerships!!!! THEY ARE CLEARLY THUGS.
like i said shell be happier with this in the long run because maintenance is cheaper, gas will go farther, insurance will be cheaper but I never heard of this happening to anyone so I’m curious.

Also couldn’t she just take this car back too? they re leaved her of the loan on her car because she traded it in, and they won’t give it back. so shed be car less till she found what she wanted or would they most likely say no to taking it back?
There has to be a grace period because the dealership can say ok well everything looks ok here but the bank could say otherwise especially when the paperwork is drawn up on a day they are not open. In order for a bank to say otherwise they have to check financial records which they would have to do on a day they are open, and they are not open on sat night or sun, so there is a grace period in this situation. the paperwork was done on a sat night and she tried to return on mon around 9 am. (not even 48 business hours later) so no it was not approved at the time she tried to bring it back so legally she could of brought it back and got her car back since her car was part of the deal or at least that’s what I understand from experience. then again I could be wrong, maybe thats why the test drive is so short and they direct you down smooth roads so you cant get a feel for the car before you buy it. but I do know because of experience, AROUND HERE UNTIL EVERYTHING IS DONE AND THE SALE

Administrator answers:

The only state that had a right to return a vehicle within 3 days or so is California. AND THAT IS AN EXTRA SERVICE THAT PEOPLE HAVE TO PAY FOR, NOT A RIGHT.

There is nothing else like that anywhere except Massachusetts I believe where it is the seller’s responsibility to make sure the car passes emissions.

If there was a free right to return a car everybody would be doing it.

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