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March 6, 2013

Mary asks…

why is my boyfriend so damn cheap!!!?

ok im a female.18 years dominican & peruvian. live in in high school.& rite now im i dont got a job because im a lil behind my credits so im taking night classes everyday after school till jan. by then i should have a job. but in the other hand ma boyfriend is 21 yrs old.lives in brooklyn. has a good job. gets pay about $16 an hr. soo basically he makes in his check every 2 weeks about $1,000. he has a car & pays 4 his car insurance for his honda integra every once a month about 4 hundred sumthin then pays for his phone bill which iz about $90 once a month. then his credit card bill which iz no more then $150 maybe.& of course pays alot for gas.oh & btw his black. i been datin him 4 over a year.&& i hate how he is so steady & cheap with his money.i love him alot because he showsz me alot of love but im not trying be a gold digger but he should understand ma situation right now that i cant work cuz im trying finish high school cuz i fucked up alot b4. everytime we go out he would take me to wendys burger king get chinese food ,taco bell, or get pizza.maybe mcdonalds which is cool but why da fuk he always got to say ooh u want the whole meal because sumtimes i be like oh i want a big mac then he would be like do u want the whole meal ( like duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) but since i dnt want him to waste money i be like no i juss want the burger( smh). i hate that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sumtimes my mom gives me money & that money suppose 2 be for me to waste for food afta school thats why i feel bad cuz i want to take him out to eat but i juss cant right now.but i told him when i get a job soon trust me ima start payin cuz i dont think its always suppose 2 be right for the guy to always pay thats why i like to chip in too.but right now i juss cant.but i juss dnt like how he is. he wastes $500-700 maybe alil less for his car like wow wtf that all you care about ??? he would tell me like ooh i wnat to buy this & that for my car but wouldnt waste aleast $80 for a pair of purple boots for me that he knows i want SOO DAMN badd!!! he would say ooh u want me to get it for you but obviously im not going to say yess & tell him to get it for me because im not like that but instead i say no its ok but he should wake up & realize that i really want them soo bad but i cant get it cuz of my situation rite now. but all he would do is be like ok then & he would juss change the subject or be like tell your mom to get it for you.(ahhhh) i never tell him to buy me anything but i dont understand why cant he juss spend alil on a pair of boots i want soo bad when he would spend over $500 for his fuckin car. he always loves to be with me everyday & talk 2 me on the phone 24/7 but why would i want to be with him when he be like this!!!! ALEAST FEED THE DAMN GIRL GOSHHHHH!!!!! sumtimes when im with him i juss be with him all day & he doesnt even bother offering me for food likee woooowwww you seriousss & i be starving so much ahh…i took him a couple of time to the movies with the money that was suppose 2 be for me for school but i dont care cuz i juss like to make him happy but why cant he do that for me & stop being soo cheap?? can sum1 helpp meee pleaseeee!! tell me why you think hes like that.

sorrry for the longg paragraph =/ & the ones who read the whole thing thanks for taking your time reading it.=]

Administrator answers:


Helen asks…

First car advice please?

I’m 18 and currently drive my parents’ kia sedona


and for my 19th birthday (6 days) i have £4500 to get a car, i want a decent sized boot and cheap insurance and not too small as i’m used to driving the huge Kia, any help is greatly appreciated thanks :)
UK cars please

Administrator answers:

As insurance is going to be the major factor, unless you are seriously rich, then you will have to downsize quite a bit. Here is a list of the cheapest cars to insure.

Richard asks…

Should I move out of my parents’ house as soon as I can?

I just found out that there are some really cheap studio apartments in my city. (Like… less than $300 per month cheap) That’s crazy. I know they’d be super crappy, but I really just want to get out of my parents’ house. I did a little mini calculation and, with a part time, minimum wage job, I can afford to live there! (plus payments for a cheap car, and food and whatnot) Also, they allow pets there, only cats though, so I could bring my kitty with. (I wouldn’t even be thinking about it otherwise) This is literally the best news ever. I’m only fourteen, so obviously this would be in a couple of years, but do you think I should move out as soon as I can?

Also, I’d be in college, but my parents say that living in a dorm is really expensive, and I just can’t stand the idea of sharing a room with someone else and possibly spending more than having my own crappy apartment. My parents will pay for most of my college, but the rest I can take out in loans. (Although I don’t plan on getting myself into a lot of debt)

My parents would be a 10-15 minute drive away, so it’s not like I’m moving across the country, if I ever need any help, or I can’t afford to do laundry, I could always just go over to their house. I’m really trying to get my life started and I need opinions from adults who have been in this situation. I completely understand that I’m just an excited teenager and I have no idea what I’m doing. I have no idea how hard it will be to move out, I’m sure there are plenty of taxes that I haven’t covered in my little budget.

for my own amusement, here’s my budget:

$725 per month ($7.25 minimum wage X 25 hours per week X 4 weeks per month)
-$280 for rent
-$150 for car insurance (my car will be fully paid off by then)
about $100 for food (I’m cheap, and I usually only eat 1-2 meals a day when I don’t have to pay for it)
$50 for cat food and litter
$130 for taxes
about $5 per month for those stickers on your licence plates (they’re like 60 bucks every year, right?)

Crap, I forgot about gas… but anyway, I can get more than 25 hours a week, that’s like the least you can get for a part time job. Plus I’d be taking student loans and I can borrow money from my parents when I’m in a pinch. My mom still does that with her parents. Needless to say, I’d be relying on my dad (my parents are divorced).

Also, is it legal to move out before you turn eighteen? I heard about some law that would let you move out when you’re sixteen, but I don’t know the details of that law. (wow, my mind is blanking out right now)

Anyway, what do you guys think?
I live in North Dakota
Also, the apartment complex pays for heat and water. … and how much would electricity cost? XD

Forgot about internet, I can’t live without that O-O

… dangit! I’m in the hole again.

Administrator answers:

Life with your parents may seem like the worst thing in the world, but trust me, life on your own is WAY worse. If I could run home to my parents I would’ve done that a long time ago. You may think that you have it all figured out, but remember, those crappy apartments usually have bugs (roaches and others), a repair guy that sucks, so you’ll forever have a broken heater/faucet/hot water/air conditioner/etc. Not to mention they’re usually in crime ridden druggie places with neighbors who play their music/tv too loud all night long, or you can hear them getting it on 24/7, or they have a dangerous pet that they don’t put on a leash. Plus what happens if your car breaks down, or you or your cat gets sick (eating only 1-2 meals a day can wreck havoc on your immune system). Also, you forgot about paying for your utilities, unless you don’t mind having no electricity, running water, or have your trash taken for you. Also, no cell phone, TV, internet, or money to go out to the movies or anything like that could really suck after a while.

If you’re going to rely on your dad for money, you might as well do it from home where you don’t have the stress of the real world 24/7 like I have to deal with. Plus, rooming with friends in college is a really neat experience that you’re not going to get any other time in your life. Be a carefree oblivious-to-the-real-world college student and you’ll end up being much happier. Trust me!

James asks…

I’m stuck in a rut because of a car repossession … any suggestions?

I was young, (22yrs old) had 2 jobs and made good money. I decided to trade in my old junk of a car and buy a brand new car. I had no credit history so my then bf helped co-sign for my new car. My interest was sky high but I didn’t care at the beginning because I had no idea what I was doing. I paid a very large amount per month and then after about a year, I lost my main job. A few months after that, I lost my other job. I now was collecting unemployment and went through HELL to make sure that car was paid off every month. I started making late payments and my life was just a mess because not only did I have to pay for that car, I had the insurance, rent, etc. I was no longer able to pay my car and that day came when Mr. repo came knocking on the door. They took my car after 2 years of me working my butt off and they auctioned it off for SO cheap (almost had a heart attack at how much they sold it for!)

This was in 2008 and 2 years later, I’m still struggling financially in more ways than a hundred lol…I have really bad credit, I can’t even open a bank account and I feel like my once so organized and amazing life is now totally off track. I don’t know what to do. These are my questions:

1. If I open a bank account, can my lender seize all my money? Not a savings, a checking account.

2. Being that I did not pay the upside down on the car ($16,000) should I file for bankruptcy and is it too late to do that after 2 years? And for those who want to suggest that I pay off the 16 grand, I’m not because I’m not going to pay for a car I don’t have anymore and you might say well you’re stuck with it you should have never bought a car you can’t afford I don’t want to hear it because you don’t know my story. I want serious answers, not answers that are going to sound mean and not help.

If there is anything that I’m missing? Please, any advise would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance :)

Administrator answers:

I agree entirely that none of us should be taking a holier-than-thou approach to difficult situations like this. I know what you mean, that there are a lot of people out there who will say things like:

1) you don’t understand. Paying the loan isn’t “paying for the car that you don’t have anymore”. The car was paid for, by the lender. The lender has nothing to do with the car, he just gave you money.

2) how can our society / economy function if people think they can walk away from their debt?

I agree that those points are irrelevant and mean-spirited. However, I think your only choice is to approach the lender for a payment plan. Bankruptcy will not be a good answer. You get rid of $16k of debt, big deal. You ruin your life in many other ways. Please, please please , i recognize how difficult it has been for you. But you have to stick with it. It will be worth it in the long run.

Good luck.

Sharon asks…

For you to consider before getting a new car!?

A while ago I bought a new Chevy Aveo LT because my 98 Mazda’s 626 (just below 200k mi) transmission went out and I had absolutely no cash for a new transmission.
So, I bought a new car for $0 down to continue working at the CPA. It was my first car at the age of 23.

With the first year past, I’m regretting the purchase. I love the car! However, it costs so much! I would be better off driving a used V8 truck!

Consider this for the Aveo:
$280/month payments === $3,360/year
$120/month insurance === $1,440/year
TOTAL: $4,800/year.

Lets look at gas:
Aveo: 35MPG** -> 30 miles per day* + warmup consumes 1 gallon a day of gasonline.
360 gallons a year X $3.00***/gallon gas = $1,080/year in gas costs.

$1,080 + $4,800 = $5,880/year in costs for AVEO.

Compare to:
V8: 10MPG.
30 miles a day* == 30×360=10,800 miles a year. 10800/10=1080 gallons a year. Add 10% for warm up…. 1.1*1080=1,188 ga./year.
1,188gallons X 3.00***/gallon = $3,564/year.
Insurance @ $60/month = $720/year.

It is $1,596/year cheaper to use a truck.
I could of got a $1.6k truck easy here in Missouri.

Figure in the $900 sales tax I had to pay, and the higher property tax I will now pay for the Aveo…It would still be cheaper for the truck even if the truck had mechanical problems!

I’ll never buy a new car again!

What do you think?

* I drive 14 miles total for my commute now.
** 37MPG is the tops I ever had. 33-35MPG is what I was getting while commuting to my old job (45 miles one way!) after “break-in.”
*** By assumming $3.00/gal. gasoline give favor to the Aveo. Also, I think it is prudent to calculate $3.00/gal. gas as eventually it will go back up despite current prices here $1.49 in Winfield, and $1.35 in St. Charles.
oklatom: Because I had absolutely no cash (college student still with PT job), I had no choice. If I had this insight, I don’t think I would of been in a position to act much different.
However, when the AVEO reaches 300k mi and the pistons no longer hold reasonable pressure, I know how I will act regardless of my hopefully large cash savings will be.

However, I am very happy with the car!

I just miss the “cheapness” of not having a car loan.
Also, reflection on this just concretes the point that savings are so very important. Scary to even question what the average American is savings as I suspect it to be too low!

Administrator answers:

You didn’t factor in the price of the truck. That seems like a big piece of the equation. Anyway, I would agree that the Aveo is not the wisest choice. You know that it’s a re-badged Daewoo, right? What the heck was Chevy thinking?

Sandy asks…

motorcycle insurance for new rider?

hi, im 19 and have 4 years clean car driving experience. i got an m1 yesterday and want to find the cheapest insurance on a suzuki sv650. i called around to a few places like statefarm but either im too young for their coverage, dont have enough years driving experience, or the rates are somewhere around 5 grand a year…which is not an option as im a college student only working 1 day a week, that and i wont be using the bike that often..
help me out guys!
I reside in Acton Ontario

Administrator answers:

If you take an approved Motorcycle Safety Course, your rates will not only be lower, but it will be easier to find coverage………….look online for a course in your area

Mark asks…

i want to buy a first car , recommendations please!!?

ok , let me make it clear. i dont want to be recommended any sites as i know them.. i want personal opinions and details of experiences from car holders. it will be my first car but my ideal specifications are: upto 1.3L eng. size, 3 door, less than 10 yrs, manual, and below £1000.
and car make wud be: nissan, toyota, vauxhall, vw, ford, peugeot (any of them)
are fiat, hyundai, or citreon any good?
i would like suggestions if deisel is better or petrol?
how to get cheapest insurance on them?
( i dont want other models, or expensive ones)
please folks, if u r owner of any of these cars n know bits abt them then help this chap..would appreciate a lot.
thank you. have a great day!!

Administrator answers:

To be honest, your 2 main requirements seem to be purchase price and insurance costs. Any sense of ‘inherent reliability’ or one car being better than another goes out the window when you’re looking for a car at a grand. Check the insurance group is affordable and just buy the best condition motor you can. Doesn’t matter if it’s a Ford Fiesta or a Daihatsu Charade, it doesn’t matter if it’s the most digusting shade of beige you’ve ever seen, if it’s a car with few owners, with a verifiable mileage, a year’s MOT, maybe some service history, from a person you trust, buy it.

Daniel asks…

Can My father sign over the title to a car in his name (now at home) to me?

I paided for the car in 2003 got a loan he cosigned on. I paid it off in less than 3 years and I have been a driver under his insurance. Which I was told was cheaper because it was grouped altogether. I find out a few days ago when I am getting quotes for my own car insurance with the same company that my mom was intentionally over charging me for years 1,400 last year and 586 this year and she would of taken more if I didnt randomly decide to call and check.Any way I only got back some of it from my father who is slightly more honest than my mom.So I was going to stay on their insurance for a few more months so I can take advantage of the extra$ to pay off my credit card debt. Ok soooo I want to ask my dad to sign the title over to me at home where I live with THEM! just in case something should ever happen to him or if I had to leave in a huff? as far as the DMV rules do I need a bill of sale saying its a gift so I dont have to pay taxes again! I need all Info and advice please

Administrator answers:

If your father co-signed on the loan, he only has responsibility to the loan. The car is yours once it’s paid off unless he is on the registration-meaning this wasn’t a true cosignment. Don’t have him sign it over to you as a gift. You will pay your registration based on the bluebook value of the car- which could be a lot of cash. Have him right down on the paperwork that he sold you the car for… Say, $500. That way you will pay your registration based on $500 instead of the few thousand your car is probably worth. The less the value of the transaction, the lower your transfer fees. This way you will save a lot more money. Is it honest? Well, is the DMV really honest?

Lisa asks…

I have had minimal compassion from my neighbors and I don’t even know what I did,this is about my house?

To those who read about the proerty damage to my house and responded.I did get a hold of their insurance the day it happend,my neighbors acted so fake in sympathy but did help on taking the pctures.I was only allowed a certain amount for repairs.What was done is as follows….1.) I already have the 9 gauge
chain link fence up a good section of that was torn down by the car.I went ahead and found 2 contractors but the owner to this corner bar from my place recommended these 2 other guys.I beleaved in BOB.I went over just what I wanted done.I did not want a cheap commercial grade crap fence,I wanted the 9 gauge.They did the cheapie one.2)I can’t explain the type of wooden siding
that is on this place,but the lower board was destroyed and that was to be replaced.I got corner connectors on the house that are made out of sheet metal
but it binds the corners together on the house.They said they could not find any
and there for went with this sheet metal type thing and molded it.Be Back.

Administrator answers:

What the heck are you talking about? I don’t understand what you’re question is. I think you should stop drinking and yahooing.

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