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August 25, 2013

Paul asks…

Shipping car to Costa Rica for use under 6 months?

I am planning an extended vacation in Costa Rica and plan on shipping my car from Miami. Near as I can tell it would be a whole lot cheaper than paying up to $1,000 per WEEK to rent a mini SUV there. I read that a tourist can ship their car into CR to use up to 6 months Duty Free. Anyone know if this is true?

Administrator answers:

It is supposed to be true for 3 months. When you get you visa extended you have to gt the car’s permit extended as well. IT is supposed to be recorded in your passport that the car came into the country and is going out by a certain date.
You are setting yourself up for many miserable days dealing with migration and the local tax authority- don’t do it.

You are probably better off buying a good used car for six months with all the legal fees and insurance and then selling it for a reasonable loss when you are ready to leave. Right now sales are down, prices are decent. In 6 months, who knows? But I will guess doing this will beat the cost of renting (which is a disaster in itself- rentals have special license plates which are picked on by the local transit police seeking shakedowns) or the cost and hassle of shipping your car twice.

YOur can also rent a car and driver for a lot less than U$1000 a week
in most of C.R. If you do not need a car everyday you can save a lot of money by renting as you go. A lot of people that do this are extralegal. THere is no provision for doing it in the law but it is not prohibited either. (Actually some of the people that do it are properly inscribed as providing the service and collect and pay a tax to do it.)

Laura asks…

How can I insure my trampoline?

My landlord’s insurance won’t cover us having a trampoline. Is there any way to insure it separately so we can use it? We don’t do anything crazy on it and we need it to get the kids to unwind.

Administrator answers:

Hi some_guy,

If you have car insurance go their for starters that way you get a discount because you already have car insurance or let’s hope you do the more things you have covered the cheaper the rates but would still covered your trampoline. ( 2 cars, boat, renters insurance, life etc.). If on private property (landlord) check with an attorney 1st (consultation) or maybe car insurance would know for that matter. Have a good day. :0)
Additional Details: took me years to figure out this one they never taught us in high school

Richard asks…

Has anyone here ran away from home as a kid and had a good time?

Feel like running away.Had a bad yr mostly my fault .I got suspended for bullying,sorted it . Now been threatened with expulsion for my attitude !! I am no longer in the same class as my friends.Parents dont understand me. I have some money in bank and have looked on internet for cheap appartments .I am 15 and want 2 start over so any positive exp?

Administrator answers:

I know some people who ran away. Doesn’t really work out. One of the people I knew ran away and I think lives with one of her friends parents. I wonder how long that will last?

How much money do you have in the bank? Do you have a job? Since you’re only 15, if you have a job, it must be under the table, or illegal somehow.

How much money do you have? $5000?
Lets do some math. Lets say…you find an apartment for…$800. That is fairly cheap, at least, around where I live in the bay area. Apartments charge differently for the apartment, then utilities such as garbage, water, electricity. So lets say your total now is $1000 per month. How much do you spend a day on food? Skip breakfast, lunch is about $8 incl tax, and dinner can be like $12, so thats a total of $20 a day. Times the average days in a month, 30. $20 x 30 is $600 for food.
Transportation? Unless you walk or bike, taking the bus somewhere cost about $1. And back. Another $1. Assuming you go out 5 times a week, thats $40 for the month. I’m guessing you dont drive or will have a car. So dont worry about insurance, car payments and gas. Do you have a cell phone? $40 a month.

What are we at now? $1000+$600+$40+$40 = $1680 a month.

Assuming your total in the bank is $5000, 5000 divide by 1680 is about 2 months. You cant live in an apartment for part of the month. So you have some money left over, because $1680 x 2 months = $3360, meaning you have $1640. $1640 to spend in 2 months with friends, new clothes, activities, desserts and snacks, that all averages out to $30/day.

Will you have a good time if you run away from home? Sure. For 2 months. And then you’ll have to go home and you’ll be completely broke.

My suggestion? If you really cant handle your parents, you need to force yourself to stick with it. You dont have to talk to them and all, but your life will be much easier if you do. And it will be easier for your parents as well. And then when you find a job and turn 18 you can move out and do whatever you want, legally. Well, almost whatever you want. Also, change your attitude. If you know its your fault, and you keep the same attitude, not only will school be hard, it will be hard to keep a job.

Also, I dont think you can get an apartment at 15…they do credit checks and I think you have to be at least 17 or 18, or move in with someone that is old enough.

And stop bullying. Have you ever seen that bumper sticker that says “mean people suck”?

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