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August 1, 2013

David asks…

How can you legally disown yourself from your parents?

How can you legally disown yourself from your parents?

I am only 15 1/2 years old right now but problems with my parents is getting out of control. I was wondering how old must you be to disown yourself from your parents so you dont have to live with them? And what are the processes you must take to disown yourself from them?

Administrator answers:

I don’t know a 15 1/2 year o-d person in the US who doesn’t have idiots for parents.
They don’t get you, they don’t trust you, they are hypocrites, they are too stupid and lame! It’s like living with oragutans. Right?
And they want to tell you EVERY move to make and think YOU are the knuckle-head-JEEEZ!
Please don’t become an adult yet. It is HARD! You need 4 roommates to afford a house. It is hard having 4 roommates. They will cheat you, steal from you and sleep with your boyfriend. Your mother probably won’t do That, Huh?
Cars are a pain in the neck! You have to pay for them even when they are in the shop and the insurance company doesn’t care that you are eating Ramen noodles 6 days a week. Your mother probably would care.
Birth control costs a lot, since doctor visits are like $125.And it is CHEAP compared to raising a child alone. Your mother will come in handy here too.
Part of being grown-up is learning to deal with difficult people, doing things you’d rather not, and working hard for every little thing you want.
You can learn these lessons in the relative luxury of your purple bedroom, surrounded by your fuzzy friends,and TV, ipods, and cellphone or you can learn it on the street by being beaten by your pimp/or after 6 months in rehab.
TALK to your MOTHER and DAD. Tell them you are at your rope’s end, and you don’t know what to do. Tell them you are thinking about “divorcing” them, but you’d rather work things out.
Use this time to get to FIX your problems with the people who love YOU MOST in the world.
They be doing it all wrong, but they DO love you. Help them to be better parents, and you be a better child, by telling the TRUTH and working together to make everyone happier.
Then you will really be an adult. NOt just a TALL child.
Good luck. And good luck to your parents.
Don’t burn that bridge, you may need them one day.

Thomas asks…

How much is it to travel from Orlando to Tampa?

I will be staying in Best Western Plaza Orlando International Drive few days then heading to Tampa for cruise. Does anybody know, how much it will cost for 4 passengers with return, as our flight will be departing from Orlando International Airport.


Administrator answers:

Flying from OIA/MCO (Orlando International Airport, FAA designation = “MCO”) to Tampa International or Tampa Executive will take almost 3x’s longer and will cost about 2x’s more than going via ground. Think about it…
1. Cab from I-Drive to OIA = 20-mins + $30.
2. Minimum “safe” check-in time for flight = 90-mins.
3. Avg round-trip tkt per person = $120.
4. Elapsed flight-time (including tarmac time) = 45-mins (and this is only if it’s direct, plus you’ll probably be in a turbo-prop, not a jet).
5. Elapsed time after landing, disembarking, baggage-claim = 30-mins.
6. Cab from Tampa International to the Port = $18 + 20-mins, -OR- cab from Tampa Executive = $35 + 30-mins.

Final elapsed time one-way = approx. 3.5-hrs.

Final cost, 4-people, round-trip (airfare + cabs) = almost $600.

Here’s why…
1) Door-to-door service.
2) 1.5-hrs.
3) $160 one-way for all of you.

Some tips…
1) If you plan on renting a car & driving, after all the fees, surcharges, insurance (optional), gas, and one-way/out-of-town drop-off chg, you’ll be paying close to $100. Factor in the stress related to navigating unfamiliar territory, and also the time required to p/u the car & drop it off, and you’ll see that $160 for a cab becomes the more prudent choice.
2) Make sure your cruise line doesn’t already have a shuttle available from Orl to Tampa. Chances are that they do NOT, but confirm this.
3) Taking a paid shuttle is another option, but will not be as timely/reliable/convenient as a cab. Furthermore, since shuttles chg per person, the cost for the 4 of you will only be marginally cheaper than a cab.
4) You can even choose to go via luxury sedan, the cost will be almost the same as a regular cab.
5) Choose the oldest/largest/premier service—Mears Transportation. Mears is the exclusive provider for Disney, so what does this tell you? Furthermore, Mears has every ground transportation option I cited.


P.S: As for the “free” bus from Seaworld Orlando to Busch Gardens Tampa, as another person mentioned, you must purchase park tkts in advance. Also, where would you stowe your luggage? This is NOT an option.

Susan asks…

How often should I change the oil and how often should I change the oil filter?

I only drive a few blocks each day to catch the bus. And I hardly drive my car after work. Should I still change the oil every 3 months? What about the oil filter?

Administrator answers:

If you only drive a few blocks every day (let’s say 2 miles round trip), that means you probably accumulate perhaps 50 miles per month – a very, very low amount of miles.

I suggest that once a week, you drive your car on a short trip, for at least 30 miles or minutes, to get the engine into its normal operating temperature range and to evaporate any water that accumulates in your oil pan during the week.

Water gets into your oil from condensation every day as the air – including water vapor – in the oil pan cools down. This water combines with combustion byproducts (NOx) and any sulfur in the oilor unburned gas will form weak acids, which are not good for engine bearings and other critical metal surfaces. Most good oils have buffers which, for the most part, neutralize the acids. But eventually they will be consumed and any acids in the crankcase oil can start to cause corrosion problems.

My suggestion is to drive 30 minutes every weekend, and change your oil & filter per your mfr’s recommendations — on the time-based schedule. (You don’t put enough miles on your car to use the mileage-based schedule.)

And change your oil filter on every oil change – it’s cheap insurance and you will be ensuring that as much as 1 quart of dirty, used oil is removed when the old filter is replaced.

Donna asks…

How much is food and transportation in Tokyo?

I need to know how much it cost on average to eat out in tokyo for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Trowing in a couple of nice places but the rest on a budget. Transportation costs like for the bus or train etc..I would be like for 20 days, but I would like to know how much I would need daily. Thanks so much.

Administrator answers:

Local supermarkets are relatively inexpensive if you stick to Japanese food such as seasonal vegetables, seafood, soya bean products and rice. If you visit supermarkets shortly before closing time in the evening, you can purchase remaining perishable products at big discounts.

There are plenty of restaurants where you can have a full meal for between 500 and 1000 ¥. Noodles (ramen, soba and udon), domburi (for example, beef domburi), curry rice, bibimba (Korean style domburi), hamburgers and many more types of dishes are available at such inexpensive restaurants. Look for them around and inside large train stations and in business areas.

A meal at a more average restaurant costs roughly between 1,000 and 3,000 ¥, while there is no upper price limit when it comes to high-class restaurants such as ryotei. During lunch hours, many restaurants offer inexpensive teishoku (set menus) at around 1000 ¥. Lunch boxes (bento), which are sold in convenience stores and department stores, train stations and at temporary stands in business areas are also a good deal.

Well, owning a car in Japan is expensive due to the mandatory bi-annual inspections (shaken), mandatory insurance, an automobile tax and the fee for a parking space (in large cities). The cars themselves, however, are relatively inexpensive, with smaller new cars starting at under one million ¥. A liter of gasoline costs around 100 ¥. The use of highways is subject to tolls.

The cost of a taxi ride usually starts at around 700 ¥ in most parts of the country and increases by about 100 ¥ for every 500 meters; costs will also increase by about 20% when taking a taxi late at night or very early in the morning. One unusual feature of Japanese taxis is the fact that the doors are operated remotely by the driver so you won’t need to either open or close them by yourself.

Limousine bus convenient for tourists as it stops right in front of most major hotels. It takes about 90min and cost 3000 ¥ to central Tokyo.

Train is the cheapest solution and possibly the quickest, depending on your destination. There are several lines going to Tokyo. You should check which is the nearest station to your destination and work out backward which way is the most convenient for you. For example, if you are going to Shinjuku Station, you can either take the Keisei line from Narita to Nippori, then change to JR Yamanote to Shinjuku; or take to same Keisei line, but change at Hachiman to the Toei Shinjuku line and save 10min and 50 ¥ . P>Check Yahoo Transit or ekitan below to find the quickest, cheapest or most convenient way for you. Beware that the well-publicized Keisei Skyliner cost about twice more than other trains, and is barely 15 min quicker than the Keisei Limited Express.

Laura asks…

What do you think of the Low emission zone to be introduced in London?

Are you generally a for or against the ideas of London’s mayor Ken Livingstone who wants to turn London green again?
How far has he achieved that?
Are you affected by the extra fees and if yes, does it threaten your financial situation?
Will you go on driving your car inside of London or will/have you already bought a bicycle or long-term tickets for the tube and the buses?
Annotation: Im in favour of it, too…
Even though I’m from Germany ;)
It’s a good example for every bigger city!

Administrator answers:

The low emmission zone seems to me more like a pr thing rather than a geniune attempt at reduceing pollution in london,
im a bus driver in london and everyday i sit in traffic on one of the busiest routes into and out of london with hundreds of cars big and small all with either a single occupant or with mums on the school run, the way i see it the bus i drive may pump out a lot of pollution but londons buses use special low emision fuels already (i know because a fellow driver tried to put it in his car and eerr it cost him a lot to get it cleaned out) i know my bus pollutes more than a car but no where near as much as 85 cars, thats how many cars would be of the road if the occupants got the bus instead (a standard double decker bus carries 85-90 people and the standard car i see on the road has 1 person init) if ken really wants to cut emision levels then its the number of cars on the road that needs to be addressed, cutting the emisions of trucks and buses will help but the trucks and buses will still have to go into london because the shops need there stock and those people without cars need to get to work. I belive its the number of unessecary cars in london that needs to be addressed, in london we have one of if not the best public transport system in the world there is not a place in london that you cant get to on a bus the train or the tube and if you find such a place the extremely knowledgable black cab drivers will get you their for a fraction of the cost a personal car would.

I know the public transport system is in a bit of a state but this is being redressed by ken and ive seen the improvements myself working for the buses and more and more people are using the system which means more investment and a better service. The buses took a big hit in 1994 when they were privitised but we are know getting back to the standards of the old london transport days, the underground is over 150 years old and most of it looks that way but it to is getting better and it is still the model for underground systems worldwide, more and more cycle lanes are being laid making it easier to use cycles (which would also help keep people fit and lose weight)

as for the finacial situation anyway you look at it a car is going to cost you more if you live and work in london if you live outside of the m25 then its a bit more of a balance thing, i on a car myself but thats only because i drive the buses that i would use to get to work, my car is 15 year old pile of crap but it is very cheap to run (£25 petrol a month do the basic servicing myself) but the taxes and insurance cost to run the car still eats a large part of my wages and if i could id get rid of it but i cant use the bus to get to work if im driving it, as for the aveage office worker who drives into london less than ten mile (the aveage length of a bus route used by commuters) im sure you could save hundreds a year by getting rid of the car

Charles asks…

How is Someone on Minimum Wage supposed to Afford College?

There’s too many people who were born into povery and have no way out. If you are poor all your life, how do you afford to go to college on Minimum Wage?

We have some of the best colleges in the world, but it’s usually foreigners and rich people who use them. This isn’t about taking chances to get rich, these guys have a 0.1% of getting educated and finding a better life.

Administrator answers:

My parents did it but that was back when college was much more cheaper and minimum wage got them by easier. They worked in the summer and that set them good for the semester. It dosent work out these days

I make more then minimum wage. I have a 10 dollar an hour job and aside from paying rent which is 500$ my car payment and insurance which is 400$ and food. I barely have enough for textbooks. Thats why I took out loans. And im living in a crappy apartment with 3 roomates. I dont even go to a private school. I go to a state university out of town and that is the closest university to my parents house

The only way someone these days can pay for their entire college on their own is if they go to a community college and live with their parents

Sharon asks…

How much does a baby cost each month?

I dont plan on breast feeding and also, about how many times a day does a baby need changing ?
Thankyouu :D
To anyone thinking that ‘if I have to ask, I cant afford it’ just how does that theory work ? There’s being skint and worrying about money, or theres this thing called BUDGETING I find that it’s best to be prepared :)

Administrator answers:

Newborns need changing 6-8 times a day. In Australia disposable nappies cost around 30cents each. A tin of formular costs around $22 and will last you about 1 and half- 2 weeks. Setting up a nursery, including car seat, stroller and the whole lot will cost around $3000. There are ways to make it cheaper by buying second hand, or using cloth nappies which can be reused (although you will spend more on detergents nd chemicals to clean them). The medical costs will depend obviously on your health insurance. In Australia health insurance is about $180 a month and you have about $2500 extra expences for ultrasound and OBGYN fees. Other things to consider are- will you need a new car? Will you need maternity clothes?
To save costs you can look at items which you can do without- do you need to buy a baby-bath or do you have a laundry troff that will do? Do you need to buy a change table or can you change your baby on a bed or the floor? Do you need to buy a steriliser or are you happy to boil the bottles on the stove. LOTS of variables and things to consider. The bottom line is they are expensive! But ofcourse worth every cent! Good luck!

Betty asks…

How does it work when an auto repair company say they can save your deductible?

A few days ago I messed my car up when I slid into a curb, my car is not drivable and I’m pretty sure that the damages are very costly I think that the axel is broke and when I put the car in park it makes a loud noise. How does it work when an auto body shop work with the deductible. My deductible is $500 and I just got back from layoff the day before the accident, I don’t have the money right now and I need my wheels.

Administrator answers:

As a claim adjuster there are two main ways I see shops do this.

1. The shop will inflate the repair estimate by adding extra labor time or parts for the items that are damaged. Sometimes they just add parts that aren’t damaged and hope the insurance adjuster lets it slide.

2.They will argue with the company that they need all brand new parts and then they will go buy used ones at a cheaper price to put on the car.

BTW doing this is at best unethical and at worst illegal.

Mary asks…

What is the cheapest auto insurance for teens?

I can’t find a policy under $1700, Or even anything under $290 a month. Houston Sucks!Im 18 and I pay more than anybody in my entire family.

Administrator answers:

No company is the cheapest for everyone in any group – you gotta go out there and get quotes. Liberty Mutual was more coverage at 1/2 the price of any other company I tried. They also offer Affinity group discounts (there are thousands of credit unions, schools, employers, civic organizations etc.) If you are a member of any of these it can save you anywhere from 5-20% on your total premium. No matter who you go with there are discounts you should check into:

B or better average will get you the “good student discount” that most companies offer – it usually requires a copy of your report card, and you have to be a full time student (college counts too)

Safety discounts on your car – believe me, after doing customer service for more than one big name provider you would be surprised how often these are overlooked – ABS, anti-theft devices, airbags, vin etching on the windows

Some companies have a “single with child” discount for people under 25 who have children, but are not married – if this situation applies. I only mention it b/c most companies won’t ask you about it, or advertise this discount.

Low mileage discount – this one usually saves people A LOT of money if they qualify. Usually the limit to get the low milage discount is 7500 miles a year

Drivers Education and/or Defensive Driver Discounts (some companies you can get both) – complete the course for lower rates for an average of 3 years

Ask whatever company you decide to go with for a complete list of the discounts they offer. Other things to consider/that will effect your insurance costs -
ask your agent or customer service how you are “rated” or what is the “class” you are rated in – be sure this reflects the correct car, how many miles you drive each day (over 10 miles one way to work/school will be more expensive), is it work/school (If you drive to work/school fewer than 5 days a week you should see some savings) or pleasure (don’t drive it to or from work / school) rated?

If it’s possible for you, you will get cheaper insurance through your parents policy and just paying your share, than having a policy of your own.

Many discounts only apply to collision and comprehensive premiums (what most people consider “full coverage”) Be sure there are no unwanted coverages – do you need towing / rental? Are your limits higher than you need (although I ALWAYS urge people NOT to go with the state minimums – new cars (supposing you hit one) can easily cost more than most state minimums for property damage, and hospital bills pile up fast. After your insurance reaches it’s limits they come after you to make up ALL of the difference)

that should be a good start for you – good luck

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