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July 2, 2013

Nancy asks…

Is it safe for a girl and a guy to drive through Tijuana to Los Cabos, Mexico on a roadtrip?

We are planning a 2 to 3 day roadtrip down to Los Cabos for New Years. We were planning on entering Mexico through Tijuana and then driving down along Baja. Is this safe at this time?
We plan on just driving through Tijuana, not visiting there. Our main destination is Cabo so we wouldn’t be exploring Tijuana at all, just passing through.

Administrator answers:

Hola. I make this trip quite often by myself and I feel safe doing it. As you can imagine the media play up the incidents but really, the Baja isn’t that dangerous. Just don’t do stupid things on your trip. Here are my basic tips for a safe trip. Keep in mind, by the time you buy mexican insurance, gas, accoms, food, it might be cheaper to get a flight.

1. Please don’t drive at night. There are suicidal farm animals and drivers without headlights.

2. Make sure you bring lots of extra water. Extra gas is good too because some stations run out. I’d also recommend 2 spares, and make sure your car is in good working order.

3. The road is quite narrow and has no shoulders. You will find that a convoy of semi trucks like to drive down the middle and you may come up on them suddenly. Drive defensively.

4. Don’t stop for anyone. Someone flagging you down could be a trick. Call 066 (which is 911 in mexico) on your cell phone, or tell someone at the next town about them. In certain parts of Mexico there is an emergency tourist service (we call them the green angels) that patrols the road and will come upon them and then assist them usually in a timely manner. The green angels will also assist you….so stay with your car…hazards on and hood up…and they will come by and help you free of charge.

5. Don’t go off the main road. Many people are robbed if you are off on your own somewhere deserted. Also you may get stuck in the sand. Plan/book where you will be pulling over or staying over accomodation-wise before your trip.

6. Keep in mind, all signage is in SPANISH! If you don’t understand the basics, you might find yourself riding over speed bumps or sailing through a stop sign! Also, we are in kilometers, not miles!

7. Lastly, you will come across Federalies at check points. They are very intimidating for those tourists that haven’t seen them before. They are looking for drugs, weapons, and sometimes fruit/vegetables. They are usually young impoverished men (18) who are doing their first military stint, they carry AK’s and they often ‘lift’ items if you aren’t watching…wallets, cameras, ipods, etc. I have had things stolen many times! You can’t argue with them. So to get around this, I’m usually extremely friendly and know spanish but pretend to know only the basics, and offer them all a ice cold soda from my cooler. They usually leave me alone.

Have a safe trip!

Maria asks…

What would be a reasonable amount of money to ask for babysitting?

Ok so im going to be babysitting monday Through friday but the problem is i don’t no how much to charge some people told me $20 a day do you think this is to much or how much should i ask for. The job is most likely from 7 to 5.

Administrator answers:

$20 a day is way too low. If you are a teen who is not old enough to drive and therefore will be limited in the services you can provide, you should be charging $5-6 an hour for the first child, and $1-2 for each additional child. You should not babysit more than three children if you are a teenager.

So, for ten hour days, a minimum of $50 a day. Minimum. Any less than that is absurdly cheap.

If you are an adult, and will responsible for transporting children in your car to their activities, you should be paid at least $8-$15 an hour depending on the number of children. For a 40-hour week job as a nanny, which means the parent pays you as an employee including applicable taxes, you should make $300-$400 a week plus 50-cents a mile for transportation in your vehicle. Be sure you have adequate insurance.

James asks…

What is a good yet really cheap car for drifting?

I’m soon going to be buying a car to do up with a good mate and his grandad who owns a garage, my friend already owns a car and we’ve decided that one day we’re going to take them out and learn to drift (dw this wont be on the roads). We’re going to be doing it often and so it has to be atleast half decent and its going to be my everyday car. So i’m looking for a good drift car to do up for under £500 (obviously going to be breaking and second hand) to do up and drift better than my mates car
Thanks alot
Bilbo baggins

Administrator answers:

You won’t get insured for less than £2,000, even if you buy a basic, 1-litre car. The average cost of car insurance for someone your age is over £4,000.

You won’t get insured at all for a drift car at all.

A car for £500 will be be step away from the scrap yard.

You are living in a childish fantasy world.

Linda asks…

The cheapest way to change insurance to a new car whilst keeping current car insured whilst i sell it?

I am 20 years old and I have just bought a new car. I am trying to find the best and cheapest way to change my current insurance ( with one years no claims) to my new car and then i need to insure my old car whilst I sell it. My current car insurance policy on my car runs out on 15th February 2013 and I have cancelled my renewal. I have received the renewal which is proof of my no claims which will be transferred to my new car. Another question is… can I claim the one years no claims on my new car whilst it still runs out for a week on my old car? I have looked at temporary insurance for my current car but this was almost £400 for 28 days?!?!? If insurance companies want me to do it the legal way, they are not making it very easy! Any advice on the best way around this would be great. I know it’s confusing!
Adam White
Also, I live in the UK so this is UK insurance policies

Administrator answers:

Transfer your policy to the new car ask for a months selling extension for the old.

If you’ve bough a new policy for your new car before the old one ran out you did not have 1 years NCB when you got the new policy, a little thing but something Insurance people are trained to pick up. When they write and ask for proof of NCB after the policy cooling off period and you send them the renewal as proof they will see you only had 11 months 2 weeks. Good enough excuse to charge you full rate.

Donald asks…

What kind of additional documents will I need for travel to France?

I’m traveling to France soon and I plan to stay for 84 days total. Will I need to apply for a visa? I know the US and France both use the Visa Waiver Program, but I’m not sure about the requirements for that either.
I also heard that I may need documents stating the reason for my travel and accommodation plans. Is this true? and if it is, how would I get them if I’m staying with a family on a farm?
I’m also traveling to Spain shortly after, but only staying for a week, will I need a transit visa to get there?

Sorry for the question overload, specific information on visas is very hard to find. Any help at all is greatly appreciated.
I forgot to add, I am traveling from the USA.

Administrator answers:

US citizens can visit the Schengen Zone (includes both France and Spain) for 90 days in a 180 day period with a valid passport. You also need a round trip or onward airline ticket leaving the Schengen Zone within 90 days. If you present an airline ticket with a departure date more than 90 days in the future you will very likely be denied entry (and literally put back on the airplane).


If you are planning a long visit then DON’T schedule your departure day for the 90th day (any part of a day counts as a whole day, so if you arrive at 23:59h on the 1st and leave at 00:01h on the 10th it is 10 days in the USA). Schedule your departure not later than the 88th day. If you miss your flight due to something Immigration might consider avoidable (ex. Flat tire on the way to the airport) they may ban you from visiting the Schengen Zone for a decade.

There are no passport controls between France and Spain.

You will be in violation if you stay in France for 84 days and then go to Spain for a week (84 + 7 = 91). You will be banned from returning to any country in the Schedngen Zone for up to 10 years if you overstay.

You probably will not be asked anything. If you are asked how long you will stay then you may be additionally questioned as your visit is much longer than a normal vacation.

Be prepared with copies of hotel/car reservations. If you are staying with friends then have their full address and phone number with you.

Check with your health insurance to find out if it covers you outside the USA and pays for medical evacuation to home (should that be necessary). If yes then take proof of coverage with you. If no or not sure then get trip medical insurance, which is cheap and sold by airlines & travel agents. Please do not skimp on this as an otherwise-silly accident could turn into a crisis if you don’t have medical insurance.


Unless the extra $30 would be important then get a passport card in addition to the regular passport:

The cards are only valid for crossing land/sea borders within North America, but they make great daily ID when traveling abroad. That lets you keep your regular passport (and US driving license) safely tucked away.

The cards also don’t show your home address (like a driving license or state ID card does), making it much less likely someone could steal your identity while you are traveling.

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