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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups Uk

February 1, 2013

Helen asks…

Used Citroen C4 Picasso Insurance Group?

I am looking to buy a used Citroen C4 Picasso (petrol model). Can anyone tell me what insurance group it falls under. I looked at this review but I am still not clear which group it would be.

Any help on this is much appreciated.

Administrator answers:

You can find the insurance groups here:

Thomas asks…

best car for a learner living in the UK?

couldn’t be much simpler what is the best car for a newly learning driver aged 18 in the United Kingdom ?
This car will be used for my provisional and after i pass with a full UK licence.
i was thinking either a VW polo mk3 or a VW lupo because they’re low insurance grouping and come in 1Litre options
and cost is a huge factor in this.
any help with insurance companies would also be helpful

Administrator answers:


Ken asks…

Is there a website to help me find a suitable car?

I’m looking for a website (UK based) that wll give me car type suggestions once given some info. such as insurance group, doors, fuel economy etc.

Administrator answers:

Website below, in the car-by-car breakdown section, cars are initially listed by manufacturer then when you drill into these, the models are listed & the info you want is contained within these. I think the HonestJohn writes for the Telegraph or Times

Richard asks…

Rough idea of insurance (UK)?

I KNOW it’s different for every person, but give me an idea…

24 year old man, been registered as 2nd driver for 2 years, no claims, this will be the first car on my own policy.

Work in education, live in medium sized town in Suffolk, will be covering roughly 10,000 miles a year, car will be kept in locked garage.

How much for group 2, 4, and 6 cars, approximately?

Administrator answers:

No matter how many times this question gets asked on here, the answer is still “ask an insurance company”.
Unless you’re prepared to accept between £1k and £10k as an answer, we can’t help you I’m afraid.

Ruth asks…

Car Accident (UK), Please Help?

My car was parked on a side road next to my university, when I returned to the car the next morning. I found the car on top of the pavement. The rear driver side was smashed and also the rear wheel was bent. I had to get the car towed to my house.

The accident was captured on cctv by the university security. The security officer told me it was a lady that crushed into back of my car but she left the scene of the accident & later her boy friend came and gave his details to the security to pass on to me.

I have phoned the third party and he has told me she was insured on his policy as a named driver and that he has informed his insurance company about the accident and also said that his insurance company will inform my one.

I had a look at the footage, the person that was driving the car went straight back into my car. She must have used alot of force as my car moved 2 car length. God knows what was going through her mind.she must have probably been drunk.

The police was informed by the third party and also the security of the university but they didnt turn up.

I spoke to my insurance company (Quinn-Direct), they have told me that they are going to pass my claim onto an accident management group and they will contact me within 24 to 48hrs. Is this how long it normally takes when you make a claim?

The customer service agent said that I will lose my no claim bonus? How does that work because the accident was not my fault.

How long would it take to settle the claim and also to pay out, if the car cannot be repaired.

Any advise or suggestion on what to do next will be appreciated.
I live in UK


Administrator answers:

Don’t worry your no claims will be given back to you when the claim is settled by the third party. At the start of a claim you are classed as at fault until the third party admit fault. The good thing is they left details. They could have just not bothered. Insurance company’s never rush, but if you need a car to get around ask your insurance. They may say your not covered to have a car on rental that dose not matter as you were not at fault, so that will be claimed back from the third party, just make sure you tell your insurance that you were not at fault, they should put you in touch with a rental Company that work with.

Donald asks…

What 7 seat cars have the lowest insurance group rating?

Looking for a new car for our expanding family and want to find something that’s low on insurance. The lowest two I’ve found so far are the Fiat Doblo (Group 3) and the Nissan Cube (Group 4). Does anyone know of any other low insurance 7 seaters?

Thank you! :)

Administrator answers:

Here’s a list of all current car models that fall into car insurance group 3.


Here’s a list of all current car models that fall into car insurance group 4.


Charles asks…

What should I consider when buying 1st car?

I am trying to buy a car and I was told that when trying to figure what a monthly payment would be I need to multiply the price of the car by $20 and I could get a rough estimate of what I would be paying. I am trying to get a car that is $25,887 with $5000 to $7000 for down payment. What else should I consider when buying my 1st car?

Administrator answers:

Warranty, drive-ability, insurance group (uk only), basically you want a car that will go easy on you while you’re still a bit shite but won’t bore you when you get a bit better. To be honest i think you should save your money and buy like a seat leon, vw golf/jetta, ford focus something for 6 months (should be able to get one for 5k and sell it for 4.5k) just because it seems like a waste to spend all that money on a car until you’re aware of your driving style. When you’re drving day in day out you will learn whther you would like a big car or a small one, how fast you’d like it to be etc. Plus cars like that are easier to park when you’re still sort of learning

Laura asks…

how do i look for cheapest car insurance?

i am 18 years old girl.
I am thinking to buy a car for myself but i want the cheapest car insurance as possible.
how do i look for cars that cost cheap insurance.

any ideas.

Administrator answers:

If you are in the UK, listen to the radio and TV adds. They are always advertising insurance comparison site. The most importan thing is to choose a low insurance group car, regardless of looks.

See list; •Renault Clio
•Suzuki Swift
•Toyota Aygo
•Seat Ibiza
•VW Polo
•Peugeot 106
•Fiat Panda
•Ford Ka•Vauxhall Corsa
•Fiat Punto
•Renault Clio
•Ford Fiesta
•Peugeot 107, 206, 207
•VW Polo
•SEAT Ibiza

Lisa asks…

What is the best second hand car that a UK teenage male could buy/insure?

I’m thinking about the best car for reliability/fuel economy/price/cheap insurance (Probably one of the most important thing).

Any advice is more than welcome :) Vans etc would also be good but I think the price of insurance would rocket.

Administrator answers:

Google – group 1 insurance cars.

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