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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups Uk

July 31, 2012

Mark asks…

Car insurance, UK QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!?

UK QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am researching car insurance at the moment, what do you think i can expect to pay? Whats a good insurance company to go with?

heres my details…
18 year old female,
New driver,
Pass plus certificate,
Insurance group 5 car,

the cheapest ive found is 1246.00 is this a normal amount to have to pay???

Thanks :)
lol u have 2 be 19 to get insured with sheilas wheels :p

Administrator answers:

It’s probably not far from wrong.

But try Admiral – they are best for young drivers and higher insurance scenarios.

Companies like Churchill and Prudent are best for people at the opposite end of the scale!

Daniel asks…

What are insurance groups?? uk?

I’ve been looking at cars to buy and insurance quotes and on some it states the car is ‘insurance group 4′ (i.e the peugout 206) . what does this mean? How many insurance groups are there and does it mean that the higher the group; the higher the insurance?

Administrator answers:

Iam on group 20 the top and ringing around everyone so far.

Donna asks…

car insurance??????? UK?

where can i get a rough idea of what i might pay for insurance, if i pass next week?!!!!!!!

Everywhere i try wants a reg. no. But all i want for now is a rough idea so i can see what insurance groups i can choose a car in.

Fanx :0)

Administrator answers:

There are numerous places where you can check for the cheapest car insurance.

All you need to do is fill out one form, and they will find he best quote for you. The cheapest insurance i found was You dont have to put a reg number in to get a quote here. If you want a cheap relliable car, with cheap insurance. I reccomend a ford fiesta 1.25, or 1.3. These are group insurance 3 – 4. Hope this helps. Cez.

Ruth asks…

18 year old female uk car insurance?

I am looking for car insurance under £2000, I have no ncd. I am willing to drive pretty much any car but need to know which insurances companies will offer me under £2000, also want to spend under £1000 on the car? Also what cars fit into the lowest insurance group bands? I want to know models not ‘small engine’ etc.
I am a student – perhaps I could get a student discount?!
P.S no one in my family drives so becoming a named driver is not an option!

Administrator answers:

Try this.1.Type all your details in to ins company, get a quote.

Richard asks…

(UK) What does group 5 mean for car insurance?

My boyfriend is looking for a new car, he found a nice rover something or other and he wants to know how much insurance will cost he searched on the internet and found the exact car he had viewed the day before and it said “insurance group 5″ can anyone shed some light on what this means Thank you

Oh and does anyone know how big of a job it would be if the head gasket is blown?
(the head gasket hasn’t blown but rumours are rovers are prone to blown head gaskets and i was wondering how big of a job it would be to fix)


Administrator answers:

Changing a head gaskett is by the looks of it quite a big job. Not one to do yourself unless you have a mechanical mind. The only problem if you take it to a garage is the cost. They will charge you at least £600. To do the job, including parts and labour.
My Rover 200 is soon to blow its head gasket.
Its unfortunate because apart from that, they are really good cars. Insurance is cheap, and they are cheap to run. Plus good cars to drive. The engines, for their age and size, are powerful and economical.

Steven asks…

Car insurance group table for the uk?

Administrator answers:

Parkers lets you input the insurance group number then gives you a list of the different vehicles, but its not a table

Lisa asks…

im 17, and looking for cheap car insurance in the uk, and cant find anything under £3000, can anybody help?

i’ve used all the comparison websites, and the £3000 is on a 1 litre car with insurance group 1. i have tried (limited miles) and (no driving between 11 pm and 5am) and neither have been able to help. is there a car you know of with lower insurance than this, or any particular insurance groups that will cover young drivers for fairly low prices. i’ve looked through most of the options Google found and none of them are any use. HELP.

Administrator answers:

It is likely to be expensive until you can get some driving experience and no claims discount built up. You will find that once you reach 25, insurers will be more favourable towards you, but you are in a high risk age category at the moment as drivers under 25 make so many claims. Lots of insurers no longer insure such drivers because of the cost of claims.

My advice would be to approach an insurance broker or a price comparison web site as they will check lots of different insurers for you, and will know which ones are best for younger drivers. Once you have got the quote, tell them you will think about it, and then approach the insurance company yourself for a quote. The comparison site/broker may be charging a commission for their work, and by going directly to the insurer, you will avoid this, and pay the price without commission added on. It will also be worth checking if the insurer gives a discount for taking it out over the internet as many do.

Good luck.

Lizzie asks…

Car insurance group table in the UK? please helppp :) ?

Administrator answers:

Here you are:

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