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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups Uk

July 5, 2013

Mandy asks…

If i get myself insured comprehensively on a cheapy car will i be able to drive my parents BMW/MERC?

are there any other ways of me avoiding paying high insurance in order to drive relatively expensive/fast cars?
im just going to accept defeat and buy a 1 litre corsa.

i hate people who cannot accept someone is simply rich, just because my family can buy expensive cars does not mean they will spend 8 grand just to insure me. it doesnt mean either im making it up so just shut the fuck up.

Administrator answers:

Check your policy. Many UK insurers now exclude driving any other car for younger drivers to prevent just this.
In our area it was common to insure a group 1 car then drive the families larger car .

Chris asks…

What is the difference in price between group 3 insurance and group 4 insurance?

Administrator answers:

Depends on the insurer. My guess is that you’re looking at buying 2 different cars and they are each in one of those groups?

I think you need to focus on picking a good insurer rather than squeezing the pennies out of the car you buy.

If you check out review boards (I use you’ll see that people have made savings of £100+ by picking a cheap car and a cheap insurer … Only to be charged £50 for changing their address, £25 for adding a driver, £35 for getting a new copy of your policy and £150+ for canceling the policy early!!!

Hidden charges are the problem with cheap insurers.

Find a few good insurers that won’t screw you over and compare their prices on each car. If you don’t see much of a difference in price the pick the car you like!

Steven asks…

How did Americans did become so brainwashed when it comes to Universal heathcare?

Did they get their information from the same corporate a$$holes who told them than Iraq had WMD?

Why do they listen to to their corporate government?

Administrator answers:

It’s not brainwashing. It’s ignorance. I’ve had the joy of living abroad, having many friends from many “socialist” countries like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Costa Rica, the UK, and I live too close to Canada to stay ignorant about it (at least for my comfort). Sure, in my area some ignorance is a luxury, but comparatively speaking, most Americans don’t even think they have the option to go to some of the places I’ve seen beyond the confines of tourist traps, if even get to any of the countries I’ve mentioned. Moreover, even when many Americans DO get overseas they live up to the stereotype of the loudmouthed pompous fool that doesn’t LISTEN. In fact, when I met people abroad, they were often unsure of my nationality exactly because I asked questions and listened instead of being patronizing. More Americans should try that approach. You get better treatment and deals for it.

Anyhow, once we understand the level of ignorance we are dealing with, it’s not hard to understand how easy it would be to lie. Lying is the hallmark of politics.

For example, we don’t *NEED* to change our healthcare system this year. I’m pro-economic collapse, so I don’t see the status quo dragging us down as something that won’t have better results in the long run. In fact, I suspect more good would come of a little starvation and violent rage from those being abused by our self-proclaimed ruling class that could use a little roughing up so that everyone understands what is at stake. Otherwise, ignorance at all levels might be maintained and I think that sucks. The fearmongers of the last decade really need a taste of their own medicine.

In over 15 years, I have not seen or heard from any of my friends abroad a single shred of evidence that their healthcare systems don’t work well. In fact, I even had a Republican landlord admit to me that, after and accident in Austria in 2003, he decided that the superior quality of care he recieved deserved him going there for all future surgeries. That seems like even a wierd story to me, but more credible in that context is large numbers of our wealthy going to India for affordable quality care. After all, India values training doctors while we punish our medical students with crippling loans. I bet malpractice insurance wouldn’t hurt as bad with $200 k less in student loans!

That brings me to the ONLY informed people I hear grumbling about health reform: doctors. They are worried about losing pay. I don’t blame them. They get screwed hard with student loan debt and, as a result, are the largest group of student loan defaultees. I don’t think their fears are justified. Regular payment by customers will help many doctors meet their bill payments on time rather than dealing with many customers that don’t pay and then force costs to be deferred via other customers (patients – sorry if you don’t like the term “customer”).

Then you have one last special interest group with which I am not on speaking terms on account of seeing a foster kid I was working with that had traumatic brain injury from being hit by a car as a kid get “rediagnosed” at 18 as having “alzheimers” in spite of the diagnostic criteria being contradicted by my day-to-day experience working with him (and the fact that I knew this from having extensive experience with the DSM manual working with foster kids with mental disorders). I can understand their motivation to rip any sort of service away from the kid: money. On the other hand, they lied and cheated that kid. He might not have been the nicest kid in the world, but that doesn’t justify insurance companies deciding to be far greater scumbags. Scumbags like that might lose a LOT of profits. Gee, I feel SO sorry for them. I suggest they just pull themselves up by their bootstraps and do more with less.

Anyhow, I don’t need to write a book (I have far more evidence and examples to back me up than will ever get aired in total in our airhead-centered media) when you know from the phrasing of your question that the “left wing media” is at it again with right wing rhetoric. Of course, CNN is just the country’s current government (Clinton, Bush, Obama) mouthpiece, so they aren’t exactly reliable either. Left or right wing BS is still just BS.

I know our healthcare system needs to change or die and *I* pushed specificially for Obama’s election for EXACTLY that reason and that reason only. He’s doing what was on my agenda for him, so I’m happy. He didn’t have to do it in a rush or claim it has to be done right away, but I’m glad he’s showing that level of urgency to what I consider the #1 problem in the US today.

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