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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups Uk

May 28, 2013

Donna asks…

what is the book price of a 2005 4.4 BMW X5 and what are the average running costs?

I’m about to buy one and i wanted to know what’s the car like to own. I’ve done a years worth of homework and shopping around and i just wanted if they’re a joy to own or a pain and expensive??? I drive a 3 litre petrol already, so i’m not that bothered about mpg, i’m more interested in knowing if the model i’m after is a solid and reliable car.

Administrator answers:

The BMW X5′s lose value more slowly than other off roaders, this is probably because of its BMW status. The petrol engines are obviously more thirsty than the diesel ones, but then diesels are not without their faults, as my friends was a diesel and he had failing turbo sensors. Plus as with alot of 4×4′s the brakes and steering brushes will need changing often. Also a common problem with all BMW’s is suspension. I had a 3 series for a while and everytime I had it serviced it always needed new suspension balls.
I would guess it would do about 20 mpg and the insurance group would be 20, so its running costs are very high. Plus if you live in the UK its £400 road tax for a 4×4. You could expect to have it serviced every 10,000 miles.
Back when the X5 was new it was probably worth about £57,000, now depending on how many miles its done, you can probably get one for £19,000

Carol asks…

Why are insurance group 1 cars so expensive?

Looking at insuring a car – in the UK we have insurance groups for cars, I can look at an Astra in group 16 and second hand I can see decent ones for £500-1000, but when I look at the shittiest cars known to man, the ones in group 1 – they are all £5000-7000 minimum SECOND HAND.

Why the hell is this? If I wanted to be fucked in the ass financially, I’d rather it be with the insurance because at least I’d have a decent bloody car.

Administrator answers:

Posting the question on Yahoo answers US does not help.
They are expensive as young drivers trying to reduce their insurance costs will buy the cars.
As a young driver they will reduce your insurance cost and if you look after it do not be an idiot and stick lots of silly things on it you can sell it on for about what you paid for it.
Because yong drivers have been idiots for so long the insurance companies have got fed up with them. The cheap cars to insure are the ones that fetch the money.
Incidentally is there such a thing as a decent Astra? I was not sure that Vauxhall ever made such a thing.

George asks…

Estimate of car insurance for fiat 500c first time driver?

My first car is going to be a fiat 500c thats about 3 years old. I am 18 years old in the UK whats an estimate of price for the insurance for the year?

Administrator answers:

You need to get a proper insurance quote or quotes before you agree to buy any car. Insurance depends on
The cars age, mileage, value, insurance group,claims history of any drivers, occupation, licence details of drivers and many other parameters. But you can get some quotes from here.

Jenny asks…

What is the difference between british insurance group 5 and 5E?

What does the “E” stand for and is it cheaper or more expensive?

Thanks in advance guys!

Administrator answers:

The suffix refers to security: A ’5E’ should be more expensive than a group 5 car as it’s effectively a group 6 vehicle with better security;

Suffix (A, D, E, U, P, G)

Attached to most of the advisory group ratings is a suffix, which illustrates the level of security fitted as standard to that vehicle. The level is group dependent and the requirements increase along with the group. (The higher the group, the higher the level of security required.) A further explanation of the suffix follows:

A = Meets security requirement for this group.

D = Does not meet the security requirement for a car of this type and the group rating has therefore been increased (e.g. A group 9 car where the security requirement is not up to Thatcham’s minimum standard for that group will be listed as a 10D).

E = Exceeds security requirement for a car of this type and the group rating has therefore been reduced (e.g. A group 9 car where the security requirement exceeds Thatcham’s minimum standard for that group will be listed as an 8E).

(It will be seen from the above that the level of security on a vehicle could result in a two group differential between otherwise identical models.)

P = Provisional – This is used in cases where the data for group rating was incomplete at time of launch.

U = Cases where the level of security for the model concerned is regarded as Unacceptable. This does not mean that the car will be uninsurable but consumers should be aware that individual insurers may insist on the security being upgraded before providing cover.

G = Import – Insurance Group Ratings are currently only allocated to vehicles built for the UK market, although ABI data will list vehicles that are classed as imports. These fall into two categories:

Parallel Imports – these are vehicles that are built for and sold in Europe and will conform to European Whole Vehicle Type Approval requirements.

Grey Imports – these are mainly vehicles that are built specifically for other, non-EU, markets and are unlikely to conform to European Whole Vehicle Type Approval.

Robert asks…

antique motorcycles older than 25 years dont have to pay insurance?

Im sure i remember being told if a motorcycle is older than 25 years you dont have to pay out any insurance on it is that right??
By the way this is a w reg Honda CG 125 and living in the UK. Noticed alot of other countries use this site so thought id mention it.

Administrator answers:

Wrong. It MUST be insured.
You have got this mixed up with road tax.

Labour when they came into power scrapped the 25 year rule. Only cars and motorcycles built before the end of 1973 (L/M reg) are now entitled to “classic car” status and thus have free road tax. It still has to be applied for but doesn’t cost anything.

A W reg would not fall into this category so you will have to tax it.
W prefix was 1980.

Details are here

Steven asks…

Do I need to get a registration for a new car from dealer, when I already have a new personalised number plate?

I have ordered a new car at BMW
They are charging me 250 for a registration
I already have a personalised number plate
Do I need their registration or can I just give them mine and save the 250.

Administrator answers:

This is something that you must take up with the dealer.

The dealer must register the car with the DVLA before they can let you drive if off their forecourt. To do this they will need temporary insurance, first registration fee, the first year’s tax.

If you want to use your existing registration number then you must ask them to arrange it with the DVLA as soon as you possibly can. If you don’t do this then they will register the car and get an entirely new number. Then they’ll have to mess around with DVLA to change it. There will be a DVLA fee and dealer cost for this.

If you have already agreed to use your personal number then you must check with the dealer that your plates are legal or they can not fit them to the car. There are very strict regulations about the design of number plates.

Download this leaflet and look at the specifications on page 9

If your own plates are not legal then the dealer will have to have them made.

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