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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups Uk

May 8, 2013

Betty asks…

What’s a reasonable budget for a first car, and what to look out for when buying one?

I am going to start driving lessons in 2 months and I want to start saving up for a car but I have no idea how much I would be looking to spend and how much insurance would cost.

Thanks in advance =) x
BTW I’m in the UK x

Administrator answers:

In the uk, road tax and insurance is at a high , for a fist time driver extremely high. I would go with a vahxhall corsa,citroen saxo,or Peugeot 106 as these have relatively small engines e.g 1.0litre,and popular among first time drivers. I know it’s not power full but you don’t want 2 get caught speeding in your first few years.For example a peugeot 106 is in group 4 for insurance which is relatively cheap as the groups go from 1-21.Hope i helped.

Ruth asks…

What car can i hav 4 dead cheap insurance and whats the best insurance comp…. (im 18)?

I passed my test 6 months ago and still aint gotta car! i hav been looking at a honda civic 1.6 but im not sure what i can get insured on.. i know i can get insured on a 1.0L corsa but i want sumat a bit better (sumfin like a ferrari lol)?

Administrator answers:

You need the lowest insurance group you can stand. Have a play on here :

Linda asks…

Anyone know of any good insurance companies for a 17 year old male?

I’ve looked everywhere to try and find a cheap quote but can only get 2300 with eCar. Anyone know of any good places or tips which could get me a cheaper quote?

Administrator answers:

£2000 is now the minimum going rate for a 17 year old male new driver and that would be for someone in a low risk job in a low risk area with a group 1 insurance car. At £2300 you are probably a slightly higher risk and that is going to be the right price.

You will find this BBC news report interesting about this situation –

Thomas asks…

Have my driving test coming up and still haven’t decided which car to get?

My search has come down to a renault clio or the peugeot 206.
i have around £1000 to spend , i would like a good cheap to insure car that is reliable has good handling and is comfortable , preferably a 1.1
any ideas would be great Thanks !

Administrator answers:

Your insurance will be over £1000 alone so you will be looking at group 1 cars listed below.


Even then you will be tied to an old second hand car so don’t aim too high for your first year. Just use it to build your NCD up and cost down for next year.

Mary asks…

what is the difference between the mini one and mini cooper?

im after buying a new car and the mini are in my short list but can any one tell me what the difference is? thanks
p.s they look the same yet the cooper is more expensive then the mini one

Administrator answers:

Here’s the main differences of UK models (Mini Cooper first figures, One second)

Max. Output/bhp/revs 115 bhp at 6000 rpm – 90 bhp at 5500 rpm

Max. Torque/revs 150 Nm at 4500 rpm – 140 Nm at 3000 rpm

Acceleration 0-62 mph – Manual (secs) 9.1 s – 10.9 s

Insurance Group 8E – 5E

Price – Manual On The Road Price – £12,395.00 – On The Road Price – £10,995.00

The Cooper also has the following equipment as standard that the One doesn’t:
Driver and front passenger footwell lights
Exhaust pipe finisher, chrome-plated
Exterior mirror caps in high-gloss black or white
Radiator grille bars and boot handle in chrome
Roof in contrast colour (black or white)
Sport suspension
Wheels: 7-Hole light alloy rims, 15 inch, 175/65 R15

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