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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups Uk

April 3, 2013

Paul asks…

Changing my car but want to stay with same insurance UK?

I am changing my car over this week, but have to wait for a new reg plate as it is a personnel one at the moment and the owner is taking her plate to her new car. My insurance doesn’t expire until May and they have quoted me a change of car fee. I thought that you could just change over and renew policy. Is it right you have to pay a change of car fee?

Thanks in advance
Thanks for that, mine want to charge me just over £60?

Administrator answers:

£60 sounds like a lot just to do a minor change on the systems.
If the car is in a different insurance group or is newer (thereby making the insurance more expensive) then fine but if it is a similar car then it seems a bit ott.

Daniel asks…

How much can I sell my car for?

Hey there, I have a 2005 mercedes c230

I wanted to find how much I can sell my car for? It has about 80k km on it. The car works perfectly fine, no major scratches or dents or anything like that.

Administrator answers:

Yeah, Mercedes have excellent resale value. A 2005 mercedes c230. According to

Make: Mercedes
Model: C Class
Variation: C230 Classic
Doors: 5
Type: Estate
Plate: 55
Year: 2005
Engine: 2.5
Insurance Group: 16

Our estimated price for this car is £5,864.50

David asks…

With 0 no claim bonus what is the chepest car to buy?

What are the main components of a car that is cheap to insure?
Does it depends on age just as well as engine size?I’m not a beginner but hasn’t had a driving license in the uk before – so would start with 0 no claim bonus year. For the cars I would like to buy the ins./year is 1500(?!)-which is a complete joke…
Thanks for all your help.

Administrator answers:


Remember we start with Group 1 and work up to Group 20, Soon to change to 1-50.
Go to below and you will find cars listed as Group 1

Ford Ka Studio 1.2 3dr 1242cc Biggest engine in Group
If you go to bottom of list you can go to Group 2 and upwards.

Andy C

Ken asks…

What is an affordable reliable used Mercedes or other luxury car for High School.?

I will be driving in few years and want to save up so i can get a quality car for school. I would like a mercedes because i know that, depending on the model year, they are good cars. OR can you recommend something similar????

Administrator answers:

Here in the UK I can get a circa 1990 Mercedes 190 with the 2.2 litre diesel engine for around £250. Reasonable consumption too and their about as bullet proof as a car gets.

Only problems are that as a first car you pay Group 12 insurance and the fact that a 10000 mile service will cost me more than the car did.

Nice cars but the back seat is a bit small for gymnastics if you get my drift. Loads of street cred for a student.

Ian M

Donald asks…

would making the legal drinking age to 21 in the uk more safe?

I have wondered this for a while now, working as a bar manager, and doorman, i feel it could help with a lot of problems with anti-social behaviour, binge drinking and other things. would the
drink driving statistics come down? would car deaths come down? would our streets in britain become safer? would it help bring insurance down for younger people?

but i would be against because, the pub industry would loose money, taxes may go up, students would have nothing to do(possibly university prices being raised)and because i was 18, and had a great couple of weekends.

Administrator answers:

No, because it wouldn’t stop them drinking anyway!
As a bar manager, doorman, bouncer etc. I can understand how it might make things cleaner for you IF age i.d. Was mandatory.
The kids would still drink anyway. They always have and always will, and making it more taboo will only worsen the problem.
The only safe way to go is awareness. You can’t tell these kids to not drink. At least, not for many, many years.
Parents, teachers and publications should be teaching them HOW to drink; what signs to watch for when your body is saying “Take a Break!” (dizziness, double vision, nausea etc.) How to stop those symptoms developing – lots of tricks – where to splash cold water to regain control; how to nibble and sip; how you can have a glass of water added to your order – and take alternative sips of both drinks – that way you don’t lose face with your group, but are controlling your alcoholic intake. How to handle peer pressure without adverse effects . What drinks to ask for; how to understand what they will do to you according to your individual genetic make-up and body mass weight, and how to still impress. How not to end up in the gutter with your mini-skirt above your knickers, or start a riot, or throw up all over the place. And so on!
These are the issues that adults need to address; not more rules.
You can’t stop the kids from indulging. The only thing is to teach them how to indulge with dignity and safety.
I’ve been chewing this problem over for a few months, so was very drawn to your question. I want to write an “Underage Drinker’s Guide to A Rough Night Out” but I’ve been told no-one would be interested!

Steven asks…

How much does it cost to insure a 90′s range rover?

vogue SE range rover, 3.9l, automatic, 17 years old, first car. aiming for a 90′s range rover because they’re cheaper than a decent vauxhall astra or comparable yobbo style car. i belive a range rover is insurance group 14.

Administrator answers:

You would probably have to pay around £4000 plus for car insurance, i would recommend you checking out comparison websites such as , , , etc

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