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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups

February 27, 2013

Lizzie asks…

What would be the best insurance group to go in, if I am a first time car owner/driver?

Hi, I am going to turn 17 in the autumn and I am looking for a first (used) car. But I am unsure about which insurance group is the best to go in? Someone told me I could get insured fairly cheaply on Group 5? I would like a reliable car, at the moment I am looking at Ford Focus, Volkswagen Polo, and Fiat Punto. I want it to be fairly new, and look good. I can spend up to £2000.

Hope you can help,

Administrator answers:

The best would be insurance group 1 as they will be the lowest cost to you, obviously they aren’t going to be much fun but will get you from A-B. Remember, however that even the cheapest car in the lowest insurance group is not going to leave you much change from £1000 when it comes to insurance at your age. My H reg ford fiesta 1.1 popular plus that I had when I was 17 (more than 10 years ago) cost me £1000 to insure 3rd party only. In other words £2000 isn’t going to get you very much in the way of new especially if you have to include insurance into the price too.

Carol asks…

What does a person credit score have to do with rates on car insurance rates?

It should be against the law since everyone must carry car insurance. Also, what does my low credit score got to with my great driving record? Sounds like another reason to raise rates because most credit scores are low across the board. If someone pays their insurance company on time and has a good driving record should be their only concerns. Doesn’t that make sense to raise car insurance rates to persons that had a hard time paying a bill, bit made all their car insurance payments on time. If there are others out there mad about this issue please help me do something about this robbing…

Administrator answers:

They have been doing it for years and have shown in court that people with bad credit have more claims.

Is it right? Well that can go both ways. Insurance companies want to predict who is going to have claims and make them pay more and reward people who are not going to have claims. They work up very complex equations to help predict this and credit is one little part of it.

On the other hand, people that typically have bad credit are young (teenagers have no credit), minorities, and ‘poor’ people. So are insurance companies discriminating against these groups? Well the insurance industry says that they do not care what the demographics of the groups are. Their statistics show that their equations identify who is going to have an accident (or put in a claim).

So… What is the answer. It will take a few years but some states have passed laws that ban the companies from using credit in their equations. In a few years we will see if their new ‘equations’ work as well as the equations that have credit in them. If they do, then many states will be passing laws to ban credit use.

If you do not like it you should make a complaint to your state insurance department. They need to here from you if you think it is wrong to use credit.

Paul asks…

How much does a male aged 17 pay for car insurance?

Well I’m 17 years old and I’m currently taking driving lessons and hopping to do my driving test really soon. So the reason i asked this question is to just find out how much you pay for your car insurance.

P.S If things do go well and I pass my driving test, I am planning to get a 05 Reg Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 SXI. So it would help if someone owns a 1.2 car and they’re 17 years of age to answer this question.


Administrator answers:

Your going to pay high rates no matter what car you drive.

Your an inexperienced driver and will be put into an AR (assigned risk) group. Though, most insurance companies will lower your rate each renewal year. Not by much, but you will see a difference.


Been there, done that, with son.

Helen asks…

What is the cheapest car for insurance?

I am 17 years old and i want to know which car is the least expenssive for insurance. What insurance group is the car in.

Administrator answers:

A very small engined car, the Citroen CV was a good bet, now only small Fiats remain

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