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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups

July 26, 2013

Susan asks…

Why did people make such a big deal over women paying more for health insurance?

When are we going to see them complain about men paying more for car insurance?

I just checked my quote with Progressive then went back and changed my gender but left everything else the same. 70 f*cking dollars more just because I have a penis (I’m transgender and still legally male). Do you know how bad I could use 70$?

Women cost health insurance more, therefore women pay more for health insurance. That’s how it works. If I have to pay more for car insurance because I’m more likely to wreck, they have to pay more for health insurance because they’re more likely to need healthcare.

70$ is food for a week. I could go hungry while a female with everything equal to me except her gender could have 70$ of groceries in her house.

Administrator answers:

Or instead of complaining how one group gets this and you dont, why dont we all shoot for equality in how much something costs us as well. Like if women get to pay less, so should the man, if men get to pay less for something, so should women.

Oh wait, that would involve cooperation, and apparently none of us have practiced that skill since kindergarten.

James asks…

How do i find out if a car insurance company is a real company?

I have Geico right now.Got into a reck they raised my insurance 3 times is much i was paying. I found a company Colorado Casualty,They said they will give me insurance at a good price less than i first started with Geico 4 years ago.S o i want to check this company out ,but don’t know how.

Administrator answers:

Colorado Casualty is part of the Liberty Mutual Insurance Group, which is one of the biggest insurance groups in the U.S. You will be fine going with them.

Here is their website.


Michael asks…

Where is the best place to get an online car insurance quote?

Well, I just got a new car and need to get insurance. I was wondering what the best site is for insurance quotes and where I can get the cheapest insurance? Thank you in advance!

Administrator answers:

There is no best place.
Insurance companies target market certain groups of people and give them their best rates. Groupings are based on prior insurance coverage, age, gender, credit rating, driving record, marriage status and even occupation. Your best source would be your local independent insurance agent. He/she knows who writes which group at what price.
Also, your agent can advise you on how to obtain the best quotes not just now, but also in six months. You may need some grooming. Try this site to before you buy car insurance

Here you can get quotes from different car insurance companies in your area, its the best way to find an affordable car insurance with a reliable company.

Betty asks…

what are the best qualities when buying a second hand car?

is 25,000 miles good? or 108.000
what does insurance group 2 or 5 mean? which is better? is petrol or diesel better? what size engine is better?
its gonna be my first car so i need some pointers… also anything else i need to think of?

Administrator answers:

A full 12 month MOT and an up to date service record

10,000-12,000 miles per year is considered average mileage.


Steven asks…

How am I supposed to get car insurance?

When it’s £3.4k for insurance per year at 18? How are teenagers supposed to pay that when it’s so expensive? Especially the current climate and how it’s next to impossible to get good paying jobs and on top of studying.
That is where I looked on gocompare.
Robbery not reality!

Administrator answers:

You have not said what car you are trying to insure but the reason it is that high usually the insurance group. You need a group1 group car and even then it will be £1500 minimum as new drivers are a liability. It is only when you have proved that you can drive claim free for a year it will start to come down.

Sandra asks…

what rental companies rents cars to 18 year olds?

I’m 18 and have a licence and am covered under my mothers car insurance. I want to rent a car for the weekend in Maine, but I don’t know any car companies that rent to teenagers, anyone know of any?

Administrator answers:

It is difficult to rent a car if you’re under 25. However, some rental agencies will allow one to rent a car if you’re under 25, providing that you pay an additional daily surcharge. For most agencies/states, the minimum age is 21, while a few may go as low as 18. If you can rent through an employer/group plan, you may also be able to rent. If you are on official military orders, you can probably rent if over 18, but if you’re just on leisure travel/leave the usual rules typically apply.

Http:// a good site to help you find such agencies and compare the surcharge rates in major cities, as is

Robert asks…

what happens when a car is written off?

i bought the car for £800 , they are offering me £1000 . the car is road worthy . can i buy it back off the insurance company. i payed upfront for my insurance for the year £1300, im only 5 months into my insurance and the accident wasnt my fault. will my insurance continue till the end of the year?

also if i used the money to buy another car of equal or lower insurance group would i be insured on that until the end of the year?

Administrator answers:

Depending on the damage category.If your vehicle is classed as a total write off – beyond economic repair to the current value & you accept that fact, you will still be insured, but you cannot claim the premium back . You may be only be 5 months into your policy, but you will have received fair payment for your vehicle. Your car may only be worth x£ but the cost of your insurance has little to do with that value , but your age & driving record will be taken into account. I was involved in a no fault write off – hit by a drunk driver, I got the market value ( less a high mileage reduction ). Regarding your last question, you will have to pay an administration fee for your new documentation, but you will not get any refund for the lower insurance group for the reasons I said above

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