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July 18, 2013

Helen asks…

In Connecticut, who is responsible to pay for damages if I get in an accident in a company vehicle?

I work for a large company in Michigan. In 2011, a group of us were sent to Connecticut to work for three weeks. We drive company vehicles during work hours; our vehicles are self-insured. A co-worker got in an accident while driving the company vehicle during his shift. He rear-ended another vehicle on the freeway traveling close to 65 mph. The co-worker was found at fault; both vehicles were totaled. Recently, my co-worker received a certified letter stating he owes 15k for damages to the other driver. My question is: Is my co-worker or his car insurance responsible for the 15k? Or is our company responsible for that money?

Our second-line manager is telling him that he owes that money out of his own pocket. Is that true?

Thanks in advance.
I understand. Yes, if I were in his shoes, I would want compensation as well. But I already knew the answer to that question. I was wondering whether anybody knows the law–because I don’t.

Thanks again.

Administrator answers:

I think it would be the companies pay

David asks…

When you voted for “change” last November, did that include a mandate to purchase health insurance?

Will you “believe in” change that includes a requirement that all individuals buy health insurance ?(like auto insurance – oh boy, double coverage by insurance companies – health insurance via car insurance plus health insurance via mandated health care = happy birthday to all insurance companies again, after they just pulled 3 trillion $$$$ out of our Treasury).

Mandated insurance premiums – that’s what Mitt Romney was touting. Looks like the unregulated caps are still in charge. Agree?

Administrator answers:

I smell the food police & anti smoking groups pushing for MANDATORY health check ups to see if the MANDATORY insured are keeping healthy as THEY see fit fro you! That’ll open the door for the anti large breast groups to push for A cups for all the ladies!

Mark asks…

Will defensive driving reduce your insurance rates? If so, by how much?

I pay 190.00 a month to farmer’s group for car insurance. How much less will it be if I take defensive driving?

Administrator answers:

Maybe 5%. The longer u drive with no accidents, the better the rate u will get

Donald asks…

if i get a cheap car will my insurance be cheaper or more expensive?

i have a car that i can have given to me it is about 5 years old but cant aford the first years car insurance out right if i sell it and gt a cheaper car will the insurance be cheaper or more expensive because it is an older car? i say this because if so i can sell the car i have and use the money left over to pay for the first ears car insurance. p.s i am a teenage driver which is why im trying to save as much money as i can!

Administrator answers:

Can you still be on your parents’ insurance? We always put our kids on the cheapest, oldest car we owned, to lower their premium. Getting insurance as a familly group was a lot cheaper. Can you get a Good Student discount? State Farm does that if you take a short course and have good grades in school.
There’s a possibility your rates would be lower on a cheaper car because it’s not as expensive to fix; also you can have a higher deductible or lower collision coverage if it’s an old, run-down car.

Mary asks…

How can I realistically start driving?

I am 18 and I passed my driving test in february and have since been looking at different insurance quotes for different cars to find a one affordable i only make about £11,000 a year and on small engined ‘low insurance‘ group cars the cheapest I have been offered is about £3000 which I think is extremely un-reasonable. Do any other young drivers know good companies with lower premiums? Or does anyone have any general advice about how I can get on to the road?


Administrator answers:

Many young drivers get experience by sharing their parents cars .. Adding you as a ‘extra driver’ will be a lot less than £3,000 – and SOME insurers will recognise the time you spend driving your parents car without any accidents towards your ‘no claims’ discount.

However, realistically, unless you are in a (very) well paying job, you won’t be able to afford your own car insurance until you reach 25 .. Even then you may have to opt for the smallest engined slowest car possible to get into the lowest Insurance group possible.

PS – if you think you can buy your own ‘Hot Hatch’ and get your parents to claim it’s theirs, forget it … Insurance comapnies don’t make profits by paying out on claims (when the ‘loss adjuster’ finds ‘Dads Hot Hatch’ wrapped around a lamppost at University, whilst there’s a BMW is sitting on the driveway at home, any chance of getting your claim paid will evaporate)

Laura asks…

why should car insurance be cheaper for young people?

car insurance should not be cheaper for young people because they are not responsible

Administrator answers:

I’ve never heard anyone say it should be, and it certainly is not the case – I know, I have a teenager. They are the most expensive age group to insure, by far.

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