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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups

July 1, 2013

Chris asks…

Why does my car insurance cost so much?

Okay so I’m a sixteen year old female and I’ve been driving since February 1st the same day I turned 16. I drive a 2005 Chevy Cavalier. I have good grades, I cheerlead and I play volleyball I’m not a bad driver either actually back at drivers ed I did the best on my final exam. So I picked up a job at a daycare and I make 337.20$ every two weeks. My car insurance is costing me 275$ and is taking more than half of my paycheck and a lot of it I’m spending on gas and I usually have like ten bucks to spend on myself. Why does it cost so much? Also why do people look down on us young teen drivers so much?

Administrator answers:

Insurance rates are based on the risk a particular group presents to the insurance, and that risk factor is based on statistical data which shows those under age 25 are high risk. Could be worse, males have higher risks than females. No one is looking down on you. As time goes by and you have a longer record of accident and ticket free driving it will drop, reaching its lowest when you are 25.

Sharon asks…

A good reasonable priced inclusive car insurance?

Hello there are that many companies selling car insurance .Which one,s stand out for good value for money.

Administrator answers:

If it were only as easy to find out as asking this question ia. The best way to answer your question ia to pick up the yellow pages and start calling local agents on the phone and getting a quote. You need to provide a lot more information as it seems the driving record takes a back seat compared to zip code and your credit history insurance. Companies use every excuse to raise the rates it seems. If you are new or have not had recent insurance you may have to pay higher than normal rates for the first policy period of six or 12 months. So try to get a 6 month period so you only pay higher rates for six months.
Once you keep your record clean and get the renewal notice your rates should come down. A renewal notice is like gold , you can call almost any insurance company and try for a better quote.
Young people have it more expensive as they have more accidents per mile than any other age group. Including people over 55 which amazingly young people consider ” too slow” on the road. Older adults clearly have a much better driving record than some impatient young male who rear end more people than any other segment of society because they lose focus and their inexperience causes than to crash a lot more often.

David asks…

How much do you think my first year of insurance would cost with a v8 engine as my first car in new york?

If i am 16 how much (average) would my first year of car insurance in New York cost if i get an 8 cylinder 5 speed car?

Administrator answers:

Hello new driver :)

If you are a young driver attempting to find cheap and affordable car insurance you are probably already aware of the challenge that lies ahead. The statistics about teenage drivers aren’t good. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), 16-year-olds get into accidents almost six times more often than drivers between the age of 30 and 59. No wonder car insurance premiums are so high for this age group. It has always been difficult if you are aged between of 16 – 25 to insure your car affordably, and although car insurance companies are beginning to recognize the need to supply this ever expanding market, it can still prove to be hard to find a reasonably priced car insurance premium.

For instance, young drivers will often own older or less maintained vehicle compared to other drivers, which means they are more likely to break down and potentially cause an accident. Teenage drivers are also more likely to have accidents which can either injure themselves or the other party.

However, parents should be aware if the fact that there are several ways that can help lower car insurance costs for your teen. In order for teen drivers and car insurance to work well together, parents need to know the factors that will help contribute to paying less for their son or daughter’s auto insurance in the future.

The first thing that insurance providers look into when giving a car insurance quote is the driving record of the person. Teenagers that have a good driving record may merit consideration. What that means is that you can help keep your teen focused on safe driving by having him or her pay a portion of the auto insurance premium. Also, be sure to let your teen know the consequences of getting traffic tickets.

Before you purchase your car it is also worth researching which insurance group it will fall in, so that you can ensure you will be able to get the cheapest possible insurance.

Finally, by using you can rest assured that we will strive to find you the cheapest car insurance premium that will provide you and your teenager with the best cover.

Did you know: If you’re adding your teen driver to your auto insurance policy, be sure to take advantage of the auto insurance discount for good students, available in many states.

For quick and free 50 state insurance quote comaprison visit:

Don’t forget to talk to your parents too.

Good luck :)

James asks…

What are the Impact of Disability on Income Protection Insurance?

Disability on Income Protection Insurance can make suffer from bills and important expenses. Online income protection insurance quotes for New Zealanders willing to cover building and group health insurance, life and health insurance and even business, income and car insurance. 2012 is the year of investement and obtaining investement advice and tips from expert advisers and more. If ready to cover income protection insurance with an interesting financial tool. Need help regarding the site

Administrator answers:

Its rubbish

Nancy asks…

How does a pizza delivery business work?

How much are the employed paid?
How do you coordinate deliveries?
How is gas paid and car insurance paid?
How do you trust employees not to steel pizza’s and/or vehicle?
How to figure out deliverable distances?

As many details as possible please. I live in Oregon.

Administrator answers:

Employees are usually paid close to minimum wage or whatever your area’s economy supports. The drivers also get tips. The employees use their own vehicles and are either paid a “per mile” rate or “per delivery” rate. They pay the gas and insurance on their vehicle. As far as deliverable distance, you want to keep the area small enough that the drivers can do round trips pretty quickly. Maybe up to a 10 minute circle around the store. To coordinate deliveries, you take each one as soon as it comes out of the oven! Next driver in takes the next order out. If you have groups of pizzas that are going the same direction and are out of the oven several minutes apart you can double them up.

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