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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups

June 7, 2013

Michael asks…

Can the insurance group alter depending on the Insurer?

I am looking to buy a SEAT Leon 1.9TDI Reference. My dealer has told me the insurance group is No.7, but SEAT Insurance told me it is Group 17, but Go Compare said it is Group 6. I am confused and does the group differ depending on the Insurer?

Administrator answers:

The method used to group cars recently changed and I think what’s happening here is that the companies that are quoting 6 and 7 are still using the old system, while SEAT are on the new one.
Group 17 on the old system would be for big Mercs, Jags, BMWs etc so a SEAT Leon world be nowhere near that.

The group doesn’t really matter anyway, it’s only a rough guide.

Donna asks…

who is the cheapest car insurer you know for young dirvers ?

i have been recently looking at some car qoutes and all off them are asking stupid prices like. £5,000 a month or £10,000 (or over) annually, and thats just for a 1.1 – 1.3 L a crap car like a citroen saxo. ok so i know by the time i pass my test i will be 18, but still even with my dad on it its not far off them prices. does anybody else think that car insurance for young male drivers is not right ?

Administrator answers:

Insurance premiums are calculated by various risk factors. Some you’re stuck with, like your age, sex & location and some you can alter.
Older cars are generally more expensive to insure. So are cheap cars, regardless of age. Ceratin makes & models are expensive, regardless of insurance group or engine size. The Saxo is particularly bad because cars with poor safety ratings are more expensive.
Average insurance premiums for young drivers are lower than they were this time last year, but that is meaningless. You just have to do the work & get quotes.

Lizzie asks…

What is it REALLY like to be an independant insurance agent?

I am 52 years old and was a social worker for 13 years and worked for oil companies for 8 years. I am 52 years old and have been offered a job to work for AFLAC and possibly Farmers Insurance Group ( I have an interview with them this coming Monday, 9th. I have never sold anything. I have a degree and I’m pretty sharp, but I don’t know if sales is the way to go. What questions should I ask when I go to my interview? I really don’t know much about the business, but the last guy I interviewed with said they perfer people with no insurance background. The money sounds good, but what would I really be getting myself into? I want a career change, but I don’t know if sales is it. Everytime I think about sales, I think about used car salesmen, phone solicitors, clerks at shopping malls, etc. I want to start my own courier business, but it would mean alot of physical work, which I like to do, but at my age, maybe in the long run, insurance sales would be a safer bet. Any ideas?

Administrator answers:

Going to work for AFLAC or any other insurance company requires a lot of self-discipline and individual goal setting. Every sale you make is hard earned and your income will reflect how many contacts you make. No one is going to help you. You may get some training and and some initial assistance getting started, but it is all up to you in how well you do. If you need someone looking over your shoulder to make sure you get to work on time, to check the quality of your work and to tell you when it’s time to eat/ go home, sales is not for you. Make no mistake, there is plenty of physical work involved! You will be cold calling businesses and individuals. Some people will be extremely rude to you even though you are stopping by or calling to help them, but most won’t.

On the bright side, you are your own boss! You get to live by your own set of rules. And best of all – residual income! After all your hard work getting new customers, you get a check every month for each policyholder who doesn’t cancel their policy. What other business rewards you like that?

Another issue is passing your states insurance exam so you can be liscensed to sell insurance. Some people have a hard time, failing multiple times and others(like me)pass the first time they take the test.

I have personally witnessed people 52+ do extremely well with no experience. I have also seen them fail. If you get out there with the right attitude, work ethic and a true desire to succeed you will be on your way to an excellent retirement!

Steven asks…

Why is the emphasis on lowering health insurance costs instead of lowering the price of health care?

When I was growing up (70′s and 80′s) insurance was for “just in case” like car insurance only covers you for accidents. You don’t need insurance to pay for an oil change, so why do is health care allowed to be so expensive that you need insurance just to get a check up?

Administrator answers:

Do not confuse this issue.

The emphasis is not on reducing health insurance cost. It is on maximizing insurance company Profits.
It has nothing to do with providing service, taking care of the clients or any other of the noble causes of health care.

It is simple. More money for the company and less for the health care community and you the customer.

The insurance companies pay about 35% of the charges the uninsured do. It has nothing to do with providing care it is what they are willing to pay and the hospitals take it.

Then in order to make up for those shortfalls from insurance and medicare the uninsured pay exorbitant charges and end up subsidizing the insurance companies.

If they were concerned in lowering the real cost of health care they would pay for preventive care. 10 years of diabetic treatment costs about $250,000 but a nutritional program which can prevent it costs about $5000 over that same period.
That cuts out, pharmaceuticals, insurance, blood glucose machines and the specialists.

As always the corporations have us convinced that this should be free market. There is nothing free about this market and the theory does not fit the system.

The future of health care for the greatest number will be social medicine like England and Canada. You will not get that from the conservative media. They have too many profits at stake to allow that to happen.

We have very good health coverage. My son went to a family clinic for what could have been considered an urgent issue.
This was not covered. Yet, had he gone to an urgent care center or ER it would have been covered ( if after the denial I could prove it was “urgent”). They refuse a claim of $86.00 but would pay a claim which would have been $1200.00.
Remember that $1200 would only be paid at $400 by the insurance company.
They are not interested in saving money this way. They are more interested in taking the premium, denying the claim, making you fight it and paying only when they are proven responsible within the terms of your policy that they must.
About 20% give up and pay it themselves.
This is how private insurance maximise profit.

If you buy the story that they are interested in helping the policyholders you are naive.

The hospitals cannot maintain thier non profit staus if they turn away the indigent. The insurance companies pay at a reduced rate. It is up to the general public to make up the difference.

By now one would think that the public would get wise to the fact that the banking and insurance industries are NOT in this for our benefit. The McCain free marrket plan WILL NOT work. These groups are in it to take and keep our money.
This is not a free market in any sense of the word.

We posses the greatest capability for care in the world which is focused on the smallest number. It is because of corporate greed.

Susan asks…

What is the ideal first car for a new driver – female, aged just 17?

My daughter is taking her driving test very soon and she will probably pass. I would like some advice as to what is an ideal first car for a female driver who is still 17 years old. I don’t want to spend much money so an older car would be ideal. Must be a low engine size and must be in a low insurance group. Thanks for your help.

Administrator answers:

A VW golf, or Ford Fiesta.

Betty asks…

How much more would it cost if my parents added me to their car insurance?

My parents pay about $100 a month on insurance for their car ( 2008 Nissan Sentra) to OMNI insurance group. I’m just wondering how much extra would they have to pay to add me (16 years old) onto the insurance when I get my license?

Administrator answers:

Whatever amount their insurance agent quotes them. Nobody here can tell you.

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