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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups

May 18, 2013

Daniel asks…

How are Zenith Insurance and Highway Insurance linked?

I have a car insurance policy with Zenith Insurance (with Kwik Fit being the agents and the policy being underwritten by Zenith).

What I would like to know is why I would receive requests for information from Highway Insurance (part of the Liverpool Victoria group of companies) during the claims process.

Are Zenith and Highway/LV linked in any way?

Administrator answers:

I can see no link between these companies.
As you say there is a claims process – could they be the insurers of any other affected party.

I would be cautious of disclosing any info to anyone you are not sure about
Maybe the best response is to reply asking why they wish to know
or send any mail on to your own insurers.

There are so many scams going on please take care

Betty asks…

When will the pro illegal hispanic committee admit that Anglos just built a more successful country?

The illegal hispanic crowd ruined their own country and come to America waving their Mexican flag and asking the American taxpayer to pay for their babies, education, food stamps and most drive without car insurance. The illegal alien support group then has the gall to accuse American of being racist. I am just tired of paying for people who have entered my country illegally.

Administrator answers:

Mexico is rich in resources as well. Their GNP is 12th in the world. Mexico is NOT poor. The people are dirt poor because of the corruption. The elite few keep the majority of the wealth.

And America IS what it is today because of the PEOPLE.

Lizzie asks…

question about driving cars in different insurance groups?

okay so basically, i have a VW polo 1997 model. (not sure what insurance group i am), and i’m fully comp.

i wanted to know if i was allowed to drive my boyfriends car which is insurance group 4 (he has a saxo.), i cant find anywhere that tells me if i’m allowed to or not.

thanks very much for ur help.

Administrator answers:

Sarah Starr is right. But if you are permitted by your insurers the cover will only be third party, not fully comp. Ask your bf to add you to his policy as a ‘named driver’ there is usually no extra premium for this, unless you have convictions, and you will then be covered fully comp.

Paul asks…

How is mandated health insurance a stepping stone for universal health care?

Doesn’t it just make the HMO’s/insurance companies more powerful (which will make them more influential)? Won’t it just be like mandated car insurance–but much more expensive?

Administrator answers:

To put it simply, it evens things out. They way the system now works, we have two basic pool for insurance. The low risk pool the excludes people with preexisting conditions, people who may have genetic tendency toward certain ailments and have not had serious health problems. These people are covered under the private insurers at quite high rates. We have another pool of people who may have preexisting conditions, people who are elderly, people who have had health problems, etc. These people now either have policies covered by private insurers at even higher rates, are dependent on government programs such as Medicare or Medicaid, or do not have coverage at all. If the bill did nothing but mandate health insurance as has been represented by the Republicans, it would be of very little use, but the parts that have been glossed over are the fact that any insurance company that wants to be in the pool of providers will have to agree to certain guidelines such as covering preexisting conditions and eliminating life time and eventually yearly caps on coverage. The other important factor that has glossed over is that there will be non-profit groups that you will be able to chose from. Programs that may exist in another state that would not be available and will be available to choose from. Because of this, it does not necessarily make them more influential. A simple rule of politics is “follow the money” and the fact that the health care industry spent literally millions of dollars a day to fight this bill ($1.4 million a day on lobbying efforts…that would be your insurance premiums that are not spent on health care) shows that they do not feel it is of a great benefit to them. It is also instructive to take note that the congress people who were fighting this the hardest and are among the most vocal of the “repeal now” efforts are the ones with the highest percentage of donations from the health care industry. Will it be much more expensive? According to the well quoted CBO report, premiums are likely to raise by about 15% on some policies, but will include much better coverage, but will be lowered overall on most policies…think of people who are priced out of the market now that will now be able to afford coverage. Sorry for the long answer, but I hope it helps.

William asks…

What insurance group is a 1971 VW notchback? What 1500 variant is it?

As the title says just wondering what insurance group the 71 notchback is?
What variant is it? When i go onto the insurance does it come under as a 1500 n variant?

Administrator answers:

A car that old doesn’t have an insurance group, as we know them today. If you have one you can get classic car insurance on it, which doesn’t work by groups.

Michael asks…

Who decided that health insurance would be offered by employers?

My car insurance, life insurance, and house insurance is not offered through my employer. Why is my health insurance?

Administrator answers:

The reason is rooted in our business and labor history. The history is complicated, but here’s a quick outline of the specific point you are asking about. Back in the early part of the 20th century–especially the era of ‘welfare capitalism” it was common for companies to offer a range of benefits to workers–and this included early forms of health insurance. Companies did this because it helped them retain skilled workers–and reduced incentives for labor activism/unrest.

When the Depression of the 1930s hit, however, companies cut these benefits–including health insurance. That had become one of the most popular benefits–for the same reasons it s so well liked by employees today.

Wnen–starting in the late thirties, labor organizing rose to unprecedented levels and the great labor movement tha tcontinued well into the 1950s got underway, one of the main things unions pushed for was health insurance as a job benefit. In addition, following WW2 and the return of economic prosperity, it became common again for many companies even non-union ones–to offer health insurance, at least to the extent of making group insurance available at a discount.

Life insurance was another of the early 20th century benefits that was common. It never got the emphasis that health insurance did–but many plans, even today, do carry a life insurance benefit as part of the health insurance package. Car insurance simply was never a big deal until after WW2–so it never played into this historical trend. Nor did home insurance. In that regard, company benefits during the welfare capitalism era usually included company-provided housing at reduced rents, if any such benefits were provided.

The main point is that the whole idea of linking health insurance to employment emerged out of this history–and the other kinds simply didn’t have the same kind of background.

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