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April 8, 2013

Nancy asks…

What is the fastest hatchback under insurance group 10?

I was wondering if there was a hatchback that was faster than a 1998 Rover 200 216 IE which had a top speed of 118mph and went 0-60 in 9.3 seconds which insurance group of 7
is there a hatchback which is better than this and insurance group 10 and under?

Administrator answers:

Group 10 insurance cars can be found here:

The fastest I’ve found on the list so far is the Audi A3 Cabriolet 1.6 TDI S line, which was tested by “What Car?” at 153mph. 0-60 times are just 6.6 seconds.

Audi has learnt quite a lot from its Le Mans cars, and they can use the low end torque from their diesels freakishly effectively.

Susan asks…

how much would car insurance be for an 18 year old in Ontario?

I am an 18 year old living in the Windsor area in Ontario, Canada. I was wondering approximately how much car insurance for me would be. I’ve been driving for 2 years, never had an accident, speeding ticket, etc. I’ve also taken drivers ed.

Administrator answers:

Here is an answer I gave for a similar question asked by someone else….

While you have considered some of the rating factors there are several others that come into play.
The main things that determine how much it will cost are:
Driving experience – how long licensed, and claims / convictions / suspensions

Territory – where do you live, rating territories are driven by statistics about the area where the vehicle is operated

The vehicle – insurance companies in Canada will report their losses to the Insurance Bureau of Canada. They identify the vehicle involved in the loss and how severe the loss was. This information is complied into Rate groups. These rate groups are what the insurance company will use to determine collision and comprehensive premiums. (link below to the website where you can compare vehicles)

The coverage – the more insurance you want the more expensive it will be. There are minimum coverages you will need to buy (Liability, Accident benefits (unless you are in NFLD) and DCPD if you are in ON or NB)… The deductibles you choose will alter the price as well.

Taking Drivers Training is a great idea. It will definitely help with your premiums.

If you want to get a good idea of how much it will cost for insurance I suggest you try online quoters. Plug your info in and it will give you an idea of the price. Make sure if you are shopping around that you are comparing the same coverages (deductibles, endorsements etc.)

Steven asks…

How can I check what is affecting my car insurance prices?

Would there be a website to do this? I am struggling to see why my car insurance is so expensive. I’ve checked my insurance prices on, it’s around £4,500, so I think it would help if I could find out why it was so.

Administrator answers:

All insurers rate their policies differently, but to give you an idea, I have listed the rating factors that most insurer’s use.

RISK ADDRESS – The insurer will look at the claims received from the area where your car is usually kept. It does not necessarily mean the area has high or low crime as accidents can affect it too.

GARAGED – The insurer will look at where you leave your car overnight. If you put your car away in the garage or park it on the drive, the risk is slightly lower than if it is left on the road.

VEHICLE – The insurer will look at the group rating of the vehicle with the lowest group being the cheapest. They will also look at the age and value of the car, as older low value cars are cheaper to replace if they are stolen or written off.

ANNUAL MILEAGE – The average annual mileage is usually 12,000. If you do less than that, the insurance should be a bit cheaper. If you do more than that, it will be dearer.

AGE – The insurer will look at the age of ALL drivers to be insured. It will be dear if any of the drivers are under 25. The cheapest age group is usually 50-70. Once you get over 70, it starts to increase again. It can sometimes work out cheaper if you add on an experienced driver as a named driver.

CLASS OF USE – The insurer will want to know your occupation, and how you will use the car. If you just use it to travel to and from one permanent place of work, it would be classed as commuting, but travelling from job to job requires business use which is much more expensive. Sometimes, how your occupation is described can make a difference so it is worth trying a few different descriptions so long as they are similar and truthful.

COVER – The insurer will look at the cover you have requested. Sometimes, Comprehensive can be cheaper than third party fire and theft even though you get more cover.

EXCESS – You can agree to pay an additional voluntary excess in the event of a claim which will keep the cost down. The more you pay, the cheaper it will be.

DRIVERS – The insurer will want to know the history of all drivers, such as previous claims, convictions etc. If a driver has a claim or conviction, it can increase the price of your policy.

NO CLAIMS DISCOUNT – The more discount you are entitled to, the cheaper it will be.

Paul asks…

If 2 cars fall into the same insurance group will they cost more or less the same?

regardless of how much fuel they use?

I ask because I have been looking at both the Vauxall Corsa and Astra, and both models fall into insurance group 4 but the Astra is a 1.4L and the Corsa a 1.3L (They are diesel versions).
yeah what about other factors like price?

Or do cars from the same insurance group mean they will be roughly the same regardless of price,fuel consumption,age ect?

Administrator answers:

Roughly yes but it is still possible for their to be a large variation as the insurers use their own experience of claims for each one.
The current Corsa can be had with a 1.3 diesel but not petrol and this is group 5 minimum where the 1.2 petrol is group 4
The current Astra with a 1.3 diesel is group 9.

Last year the insurance group system changed from one with 20 groups to one with 50 groups – I reckon you have been looking at some old information as there is no such car now as a 1.3L or 1.4 L

Mary asks…

Where can i find the car insurance rates by state?

Looking to see how much car insurance rates are for different states.

Administrator answers:

The American Automobile Association is the only group that I know of compiling such information.

David asks…

what is mutual car insurance and how does it work?

im 17 and had nfu mutual car insurance recommended to me for my new car. does the other person (my parent) have to be insured on that car too for it to work?
im english

Administrator answers:

A mutual insurance company is a non publicly owned car insurance company. It means that instead of shareholders or a private ownership group owning them; they are owned by the policy holders. Often times if a mutual insurance company experiences a profit you will receive a check back on your insurance based on you driving criteria.

If you are under 18 then someone else has to be on the policy for insurance as it is illegal in the US to enter a contract with a minor. Most likely they were recommended to you because they are affordable for young drivers. Until you 18 your stuck on a policy with an adult unfortunately.

Helen asks…

Is it legal to use foreign car insurance in the UK?

I’m a 17 year old male and I’ve just passed my driving test, I’m trying to think of every and any way possible to get car insurance as cheap as possible. I was wondering whether it’s possible to purchase and use car insurance from a foreign company in the UK and if it is possible whether you could have a policy on an English car or whether i’d have to purchase an import. Thanks in advance.

Administrator answers:

Don’t even try, there is absolutely no chance that any insurance company would do what you want.
They all tend to be multi-nationals, and would just refer you to the UK subsidiary.

Anyway, there is a 6 month limit for the temporary use of a foreign car (and it’s insurance) in the UK before the must be registered in the UK.

The cheapest insurance will be for the least glamorous, basic, slow cars possible, those in group 1

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