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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups 1

May 16, 2012

Lisa asks…

Can anyone tell me which cars are in insurance groups 1 and 2 please?

Buying my first car and want to know which ones are cheapest to insure. Cheers =)

Administrator answers:

Wow 3 spammers on one question, a record maybe ?

Anyway all these cars are group 1. . . . .


These are group 2 . . . .


Susan asks…

Finding a car – insurance group 1 and tax band A, B or C?

Is there such a car? If so, what make and model is it?
Thanks for any answers :-)

Administrator answers:

You’ll have to do some of the searching yourself but this site will have all the info.


James asks…

what do they mean with car insurance groub 1 to 8?

when i look at the cars its got insurance group 1 ,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, what do they mean

Administrator answers:

There are lots of places where you can get an online quote. Http:// It only takes about 5 minutes to do.

Paul asks…

What is the fastest insurance group 1 car?

ie 0-60 time

Administrator answers:

Well performance depends on weight mostly.

The Smart for 2 is likely to be quite good due to weight to power ratio, the BRABUS model would be quick and low insurance I would have thought.

Mary asks…

which car has group 1 insurance?

overall which CARS have group 1 insurance. i mean which car is ideal for a young driver aged 18. having held a license for a year and has a pass plus.can you give a list of cars and show me your source. thanks

Administrator answers:

Citroen C1… We’ve got one
They’re the same as the Toyota Aygo and Peugeot 107 (the fronts look slightly different as they have different lights)

Chris asks…

Is there such a car – group 1 insurance BUT is an automatic?

I have no idea about cars….Im finding it hard to use the clutch from being stationary (just cant seem to move off quick enough!) and was wondering if there was a little cheap auto car out there for me
i haven’t passed yet- just would like o know whats out there so i can save etc.. Changing gears, manouvers and all that jazz – Im fine – just cant seen to find the bite qiuck enough to move from a red light or entering a round-a-bout etc

Administrator answers:

Yep try mini auto or small peougeot 206 auto.
But really , if you cant use your clutch well how did you pass your test ?
Are you sure you passed yet?

David asks…

Fastest accelerating car in the insurance group 1-3?

Hello, I am going to be turning 17 shortly and would like some advise on which car that would be very responsive and quick.

My budget for the car itself is £1450 but there could be a bit of flexibility. As I am sure you all know, insurance for new drivers is very high, so I want something in between groups one and three as I believe that is the area that I can afford.

Could I also please ask for serious answers. I am not not wanting to drive irresponsibly, if that is a worry to some contributors.

I understand that I am not exactly going to get the fastest car in the world. However there are some big cars in insurance group 3 which are going to be slow due to their weight. I am asking for the fastest within 1-3 (United Kingdom)

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately speed and acceleration are exactly the sort of things insurance companies don’t like in conjunction with 17 year old drivers, so there are no IG 1-3 cars with very much of either.
Probably the nearest you’re going to get is with something light like a Punto, 0 – 60 in about 14-15 secs and reasonable in gear acceleration.

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