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March 3, 2013

Carol asks…

What make and model of car is cheap to insure?

Hi. I am learning to drive and need a car to practice/run around in. I’m looking for one I can get that has been used, cheap to insure (group 1 – 3) and cheap road tax (Band A-C). Any cars that I have found cheap insurance and/or cheap road tax is only so if its bought new at £1000s of pounds. My maximum is £1000 for the car itself. Any makes and models please? thank you

Administrator answers:

There probably IS some good advice somewhere on this site, but since this question gets asked a dozen times every single day because nobody bothers to use the search function, none of the regulars can be @rsed typing it out all the time anymore.

You’ll be paying £2-3k for even the most basic car, no matter what. Look at small engined versions of Corsa, Clio, Ka, Panda etc.

Helen asks…

What would be a cheap first car to insure?

Im 17, looking for my first car and insurance for males in the uk is ridiculous ! Does anyone have any advice on what type of car i should be looking for to keep insurance as low as possible :) thanks

Administrator answers:

Google ‘group 1 insurance’ for a list of the cheapest cars to insure.

Thomas asks…

What would you estimate this persons credit score to be?

4 years ago had a credit rating of 720. 3 years ago had a chargeoff on a credit card with a balance of $12,000. 1 year ago, never late on making payments on a credit card with an almost maxed out balance and for the last 7 years, makes car insurance payments on time. Based on these factors, what do you think their credit score is today?

Administrator answers:

I think it should be about 600.You can improve your credit score by 10 ways. Banks and other lenders will tell you credit scoring is all about risk. They want to protect their capital by not lending it to those who fall into groups that have in the past shown difficulty in repaying. A cynical view is that credit scoring is more about profit lending capital to customers who will show the largest return to the lender.

Ken asks…

What decent speed cars could i get for my first car?

im 18, passed my driving test and i was wondering which car would be suitable for me to buy. I want something faster than my m8z car (Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 16v twinport)

I want a used car and dnt wna spend more than £3,000 tbh , annnddd i dont wna pay lotz of insurance so insurance group 5 or lower.

Thankzzz (:

Administrator answers:

So you want a fast car in a low insurance group and don’t want to pay much for it or the insurance.
You have to realise at that price you will be buying an older car which even if it is faster on paper than your mates it wil have lost some of its power due to wear and age.
Wish I could give you a magic answer but in fact there is not one. Cars in that class all do about the same top speed and acceleration figures.

John asks…

What car would be better for a new UK driver?

I live in UK and just got my first driving license. Now it is the bureaucratic hell that is car insurance. From what I could gather to bring the price down I need a small car. Unfortunately my finances are… well, nonexistent at the moment so I also need a reasonably old (and therefore heap) one. All advice is appriciated!

Administrator answers:

Anything in insurance group 1, 2 or perhaps 3. If you’re on a tight budget then I would buy based on condition rather than being too specific about the make/model. I.e buy the best condition car you can find that is small.

Service history is good as is low milage and a low number of previous owners.

A Micra is a good suggestion but I also rate the Ford Fiesta.

Joseph asks…

Is a Toyota corolla a old persons car?

Weird question I know but do you think its a car that suits an older person more?
Im 16, 17 soon and out of all the cars ive looked at a 2003 1.4 toyota corolla vvt-i 3 door is the best for price range aswell as a low insurance group at first I thought it looked ok but ive only ever seen old men or women driving them?

Administrator answers:

Well if you are having second thoughts on the corolla right now… You will be shooting yourself in the foot in a month or two. Get something you actually like because YOU will be the one driving the car.

Laura asks…

Can I stay on my parents health insurance after moving out at 18?

I turn 18 in January. I am a senior in high school and I graduate in late May. Due to beyond stressful family issues with my dad, I have decided to move out. I will be moving in with my boyfriend of over 2 years and his parents, who have already said okay to my moving in. My boyfriend is making an average of $1,500 every two weeks as an engineering assistant for starting pay and will soon be getting a substantial raise. He pays for all of the food in the house, his car insurance, and his own phone bills. I will be attending college next fall as a full time student and I work part time job(thinking of a second one), but as part time I am not able to get all the insurance benefits. Once I graduate we will be moving to Ottawa, IL, which is closer to his work and to the college I will be attending. The only things that his parents asked of me is to look into health insurance before I move in and to finish school, of which I have full intent on doing anyway. I know that there is something about student health insurance, but I have not been able to find anything specific about it. I believe my mom will let me stay on the insurance, but for right now I am looking into every possible option. So anything on health insurance and/or financial advice would be greatly appreciated.

Administrator answers:

1. Under the new law you can stay on your parents group health insurance until you reach age 26. You don’t have to be a dependent, you don’t have to live with them. You can even be married. The exception would be if you got a job that offered benefits. In that circumstance you would have to take the plan offered by the employer even if the plan is not as good as your parent’s plan.

2. As already noted the decision to keep you on their health plan is voluntary. Your parents are not required to do so.

3. Depending upon the type of plan your parents have (i.e. PPO or HMO) there may be complications regarding staying in network when you move. If you stay on your parents plan and move within the state that might not be a serious problem if you are still within the plans network of providers. However, if they have a PPO and you move out of state you may find that coverage is severely limited by higher deductibles and higher coinsurance penalties because you are not in network. If they are in an HMO you likely will have no coverage in another state.

4. Student insurance is an option once you enroll at the college. However, you will need more information as to the terms and conditions. Some school plans are similar to a major medical policy and some are considerably more restrictive.

Richard asks…

What’s the best car to buy for first time driver in thirties?

I have no ncb and have been driving for a year with 3 points I’m in my early 30s. what’s my best options car and insurance wise?

Administrator answers:

A 1.25 Ford Fiesta or a 206 Peugeot, something with a small engine firstly, then build up from there,or even a Hyhundia ( Ins. Group 2 )…had one for years, not this model, could not fault it for just doing it’s job.

Sharon asks…

What is the cheapest car to insure for an 18 year old male?

What is the cheapest car to insure for an 18 year old male?

Administrator answers:

You need to look for an insurance group 1 car, that way you will only be paying around £4000 a year (that IS a cheap quote for a new driver).

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