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August 23, 2013

George asks…

Should I rent a car while staying in Cape Town, South Africa?

I am planning a trip to cape town and will be there for 10 days. Is it worth renting a car while I am there or should I just use taxi’s and walking. I have never been there so I’m am not sure how big of a city it is and how spread out everything is. The cost of renting the car isn’t really the issue, it’s more a question of whether it will be a hassle or a convenience.

Administrator answers:

Hello. Nice to read your question on Egypt section .In general it is a good idea to rent a car in Cape Town and to avoid the Taxi for the following reasons :
1- The taxi will cost you a lot it is 9 Rand per 1 kilometer almost 1 US$ unless you will join a group tour, average in a tourist bus Rand 650 per person including entrance fee or half day for R 330
2- The city has a wide country side and far sightseeing such as Cape Point south of the city where 2 oceans meet ( Cape of Good Hope ) 100 Km from city centre and the Winelands farms and mountains 60 Km to the east also Hermanus to see the White shark is 100 KM unless they pick you up for R 1600 Per person with entrance fee
3- You can drive easily as The traffic is well organized and the roads are western European standard , rush hours only from 7 to 9 am and 4 to 6 pm
4- You can rent GPS navigation device from the rent a car comp to show you the roads – in general it is easy to find your way
5- petrol price went down it was R 11 per 1 liter now Rand 6.33
6- Walking is not an option in Cape Town as the distances are far but you can walk to Victoria and Alfred Waterfront Complex daily if you living around , or in green Point or city center

But take care of :
1- The driving on the left side as in London , are you used to that ?
2- If you coming from june to August , it could be rainy daily and sunny will enjoy driving less , the big tourist bus is a good idea then
3- No much driving after sun set at 6 pm so the car will be be not used much
4- If you have a budget ,The small car manual with full insurance is about Rand 270 daily and the automatic is R 420

5- If you are coming with others , rent a car is a good idea even for 7 days

Contact me when you come on e mail
I am sure you will like it here , be safe
Cape Town

Helen asks…

Is it a worthwhile plan to buy an old car, insure it cheapest cover to accumulate a good NCB ?

The savings made on a quote for newer cars would probably outweigh the route of insuring a newer car right from the start wouldn’t it?

Administrator answers:

The age of the car will make less of a difference to your insurance cost than you may expect.
The cost of repairing an older car can often be more than a newer car, as the parts can be harder to source. Manufacturers have to guarantee availability of parts up to 10 years after the end of production of any car, but after that there is no obligation.

The important thing is to find a car in the lowest insurance group possible. A two-year-old Fiat Panda 1.2 Active will probably be cheaper to insure than an 8-year-old Ford Fiesta 1.25 (although an older Panda may be just as cheap to insure).

Ruth asks…

Fast good looking car lower insurance than group 13?

I am 19 with a year no claim have a ford focus 1.6 titanium at the mo but want something a bit faster :-)

Administrator answers:

The easiest way to find out is to ask your insurance agent. They get asked that all of the time. Only agents can look up the group numbers.

Sandy asks…

What are the different engine sizes for the mk4 Vauxhall Astra Van?

I am thinking of buying a Vauxhall Astra Van and I’m just wondering what all the different engine sizes are for the mk4. Also would i be able to get insured on a mk4 Vauxhall Astra Van as a first car ??

Administrator answers:

The entire range of Astra Van from 98 to 06:

Engine & Trim

1.6i Envoy
1.6i Envoy Auto
1.6i LS
1.6i LS Auto
1.6i 16V Envoy
1.6i 16V LS
1.7CDTi 16V Envoy
1.7CDTi 16V Envoy (ABS)
1.7CDTi 16V LS
1.7CDTi 16V LS (ABS)
1.7CDTi 16V Sportive
1.7CDTi 16V Sportive (ABS)
1.7DTi 16V Envoy
1.7DTi 16V LS
1.7DTi 16V Sportive
1.7TD Envoy
1.7TD LS
2.0Di 16V Envoy
2.0Di 16V Envoy Auto
2.0Di 16V LS
2.0Di 16V LS Auto
2.0Di 16V Sportive
2.0Di 16V Sportive Auto
2.0DTi 16V Envoy (ABS)
2.0DTi 16V Envoy (ABS) Auto
2.0DTi 16V LS (ABS)
2.0DTi 16V LS (ABS) Auto
2.0DTi 16V Sportive
1.6i Envoy LPG
1.6i Envoy LPG
1.6i LS LPG
1.6i LS LPG Auto
1.6i 16V Envoy LPG
1.6i 16V LS LPG

LPG ones are rare, the most comman are the 1.7DTi.
The insurance groups vary throughout the range if you went for the smaller engined astra you should more than likely get insured

Linda asks…

Where are the best parking places near Arrowhead stadium to park for Chiefs games?

im going to a kansas city game in a couple weeks and have never been to arrowhead, and locals have some good tips on where to park? i dont really want to spend $28 on a stadium parking pass. preferably cheap, less than 1 mile walk (maybe 2 max) with an easy escape to the interstates. thanks in advance!

Administrator answers:

About a half of mile up-to-a mile away.If ever there is a riot hopefully your car won’t get damage.You only need to care about yourself and the rest of your group.If you are not alone.
Most insurance policies don’t cover acts of violence which would
include riots.

Susan asks…

Where can we get a scholarship for a kid in college already?

Do not qualify for parent plus loan and we paid the difference for the 1st semester with payday loans,
after aid, grants and a school offered scholarship we are still 2000 short? I lost my job and not having luck!
REally want to the kid at college and the kid got a job but it is only part time – they have no full time.
I tried fastweb and found nothing- any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

See if the college will let you pay the final $2000 on monthly installments, and have your son use his part-time job to pay that each month.

He and you will need to cut back on stuff to make this work. For example, if he has a cell phone, he may need to end it, or drop down to a cheaper plan. If he has a car that he doesn’t desperately need – if there are other ways to get around – sell it or take it off the road, and off your insurance. If you or he have cable tv, end it. I suggest these things because not only are things tight for you this term, you also have *next* term to pay for. You need to start preparing for that.

What year is he in school? Where is he living? If he’s living away from home, then he should ask how to become an RA – the student who lives on the dorm floor and organizes programs for students. Often, this job comes with free or reduced cost room, which could really help you.

For next term, he should start researching scholarship options now. Fastweb can be a source, but he should also look at things like your church, groups affiliated with your church (such as K of C for the Catholics), local civic organizations (Elks, Rotary, etc.) and see if he can find some stuff.

If worse comes to worst, he’ll need to consider going into the National Guard or Reserves. They’ll pay for his schooling, plus give him $300/month. Of course, there’s a very real risk that he’ll end up being deployed, but if things get worse, this may be an option he needs to consider.

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