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July 13, 2013

Steven asks…

How much might my brother be paying as a car note?

I asking this question for my brother, I just don’t want him paying a crazy ass car note!!!! The guy is offering him the car for 43,000 with a 1.9 precent intrest rate. How much might his car not be a month? If you can help me in anyway it would really help.

Administrator answers:

On a 60 month contract it would be about 750 and at 72 around 630, these are GREAT deals on almost any car not named KIA. At 48 he would pay 930 which may stretch the budget. The trick these guys pull is to offer great financing and add all sorts of dealer items at finance -credit life accident and health service, policies from the 1st Protection Group in the Caymen Islands. One thing I would ask for and turn down all others is GAP insurance. A service policy is a good thing too but only from the manufacturer.

Sandra asks…

What would the consequences be for car accident fraud?

Under the circumstances that someone paid someone to crash their car to make a false claim. What would the consequences be if this was someone’s first offense in California. Please serious answers only. Thanks.
If anyone answers with prison time. Then exactly how much and how much for the fine as well

Administrator answers:

This is a multi million dollar problem for the insurance industry, they have special teams that look over suspected cases that meet a specific criteria, one of them being minimal crash damage, and severe soft tissue injuries, for no apparent reason. Due to the number of organized groups for profit who have been operating out of the southern california area, insurance companies aggresively prosecute offenders to fhe fullest extent of the law, including prison sentences and expensive fines.
The beginning it starts with false information to a police officer, and filing a false report,And goes downhill from there, if any false information was mailed, this becomes a federal crime for each instance, and as the case progresses, the charges keep piling up.Its going to be a very expensive case for the prosecution and the criminal, The idea being NOT TO DO THE CRIME IF YOU DONT WANT TO DO THE TIME. ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 10 THIS ONE GETS A 10 ON THE STUPID METER .

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