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May 25, 2013

Jenny asks…

What would be a good car to get for a beginner driver?

I’m looking for a car that costs around £1000.

However, I also need to make sure that my insurance doesn’t hit the roof. The insurance I’ve been looking at is around £3000 to £3500 which I can’t afford.

Some basic details are:

Im 18, just passed my test, and have no current convictions. I’m a full time student living with my parents.

Administrator answers:

A cars insurance depends on what insurance group its in, cars with small engines (typically 1.2L or smaller) are the best to go for. Eg Vauxhall Corsa, Ford Fiesta, Fiat Punto, etc.

But as a young student its always going to be expensive.

You can use to find out a cars insurance group.

Lizzie asks…

What car is cheap to get insured for a student?

What car is cheap to get insured for a student?
I’m a student, so I’m looking for quite a cheap ca, my budget is around £500.
Any ideas?
I’ve been driving for a year already, but my insurance remains to be the same as the year before….

Administrator answers:

Visit a local insurance broker and ask to see a list of cars that are in group 1. It won’t make exciting reading though. My choice would probably be the Fiat Cinquecento.

Thomas asks…

What are the requirements to enter car races?

I’m 18 years old and I have an Australian probationary driver’s licence, but I can’t get my full licence until I turn 22. One of the restrictions of having my P’s is that I’m not allowed to drive V8 cars. If I pay to go on a race track, will I be allowed to drive a V8 car? Is there an age requirement to enter car races?

Administrator answers:

An event organizer at a track day may require a driver’s license in relation to their event insurance and such, but since a race track is not a public road, the license itself really has no meaning. However, that would be for a track day… For racing?

You would need a competition licnese that is appropriate for whatever class you are competing (generally you will attend a racing school to get a provisional license, which then becoms a regular license after a event or two without problems). Minumim age is usually 15 (check with your whatever group sanctions races in Australia for specifics, but this is fairly uniform among most national and international groups) with special exemptions granted for younger drivers based on credentials (ie, a 14 year old that has won multiple national karting championships will likely be granted a license).

A basic competition license will have some restrictions as to what classes it allows you to operate, but it is open to almost everything you will realistically be able to drive. Licenses that would be needed for some high end professional series are gained by winning or special consideration (ie,if you win a GP2 championship you will automatically be granted a license for racing in Formula 1… Or in the case of Michael Schumacher, who’s license expired after his first retirement, was granted a special exemption on the basis of beng a former drive and 7 time world champion).

Ken asks…

How can I find out if I am the beneficary of an insurance policy?

MY mother passed away in February 2006 and I cannot find the insurance policies to determine if my brother and I are beneficiaries.

Administrator answers:

I’m so sorry for your loss. What a terrible time to have to even think about an insurance matter. Here’s my advice:

1) If you mom was working, call her employer and ask whether she purchased group insurance there; if she was retired, ask her employer if she had life insurance when employed and get the name of the insurer. Then contact the insurer to see if she converted the coverage to an individual policy;
2) Check her bank statements and cancelled checks for at least the past year to see if she was making any electronic or check payments to an insurer;
3) Contact EACH of her creditors (mortgate company, car financing company, credit card(s), etc.) and ask whether she had mortgage or credit life insurance. Before you call, be sure to check hers mortgage bill, which may list whether she purchased mortgage life insurance. Credit insurance covering an auto loan will probably not show up on the loan bill, since many times the premium is paid in full at the time the loan is taken out.
4) Check her safety deposit box and personal papers.
5) Read her will, which may sometimes refer to insurance policies.
6) Ask her close friends and your relatives, who may be able to give you information about insurance she mentioned to them.
7) If all else fails, you may be able to obtain limited information from the Medical Information Bureau. This is a company that acts as a database for medical information reported on applications for life insurance, and for information discovered by insurance companies during the underwriting process. You can go to: and click on “Policy Locator Service” at the bottom of the page.

I hope this helps.

Maria asks…

How do insurance companies calculate insurance?

I went on to a price comparison site to check car insurance.
For the car I wanted the price was great £320 for 1 year inc breakdown cover.
(Insurance group 14).

It got me thinking if I got a car in a lower insurance group what the price difference would be.

So I entered the exact same details apart from a car in insurance group 2.

The cheapest quote was £318 (only £2 cheaper than group 14)

Surely the price should have been a lot cheaper than a measly £2??

Administrator answers:

The car itself is only one factor. There wouldn’t be much difference between a Group 14 and a 13.
Age, where you live, who’ll be driving, how long you’ve been driving, your occupation, the exact model of car, age of car, what you use the car for, annual mileage, where the car is kept, claims history, driving record.
All of these are taken into account.
So a change of car that drop it by one group is probably not going to make much difference.

Sandy asks…

Where is a good place to work when I am 16?

I am looking for a good first job. One that will pay okay and that I do not have to go through a big application process. I just need enough money to pay for car insurance, gas, and gifts for myself. I do not eat at McDonald’s and will never work there. Anywhere else other than fast food restaurants. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

1) auto body shop they sometimes use unskilled young guys to wet sand or prep autos before they paint them.
2) golf caddy at a country club golf course – you get to play free or at a discount when your off work i believe.
3) life guard at a water park or beach some training: CPR, with other training they will give you.
4) park service summer trail cleaner: cutting trees limbs & cleaning camp grounds.
5) horse stable riding guide: you take customers out in groups around marked tours for timed rides of: 1 hour, 2 hours, or longer. Pays good and you learn more about horses.
6) steak house cooks helper: you do grunt work: wash vegetables, cut vegetables, get things out of the freezer but you learn to be a cook where the money gets a lot better. Cooking at a real restaurant with steaks, lobster, …. Is a nice skill to have since most girls can’t.

George asks…

What low tax band car can I buy which is cheap to buy but still cool?

I want to buy a used car in a few months time which is (a) pretty cheap (b) falls into the low tax (£35/year) bracket and (c) does good mileage but finally (d) looks pretty cool! Any suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Peugeot 107, i got one yesterday and i love it!! 65 mp gallon, 35 quid tax, group 1 insurance and its soo cool!! Seriously, do it!

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