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Your Questions About Car Insurance Groups 1

April 27, 2013

George asks…

How much does it cost to insure a newly qualified 18 year old male driver.?

On cheap small engined cars 1.0-1.2L… The quotes I got for those types of cars are ridiculous… like £5000,,, got quotes like £1300 a few months back, i don’t understand.

Administrator answers:

Gareth A and Marie are telling you to commit fraud and Gareth A is driving around uninsured as he is fronting by being on his dads insurance for his vehicle. If stopped and found out he WILL get 6points minimum and the car will be seized.

As for the cost for a new driver, you are looking at £2000 minimum for a insurance group 1 car. Pay by instalments if you can’t afford it.

Daniel asks…

What’s the average insurance premium for first drivers these days?

I’m 18, and im going to buy a car. It’s a 2002/2003 car, so not too recent. Im looking for quotes online and the cheapest im getting is about £4500. This is me being the policy holder and not any other family members.

Does this sound right? Personally i think it’s outrageous…

It’s a 1.2L Black Ford Fiesta btw.

Administrator answers:

What Charles and Cornish-mum-lady are describing is called “fronting” (basically declaring an older person as the main user of the vehicle when it’s actually yourself) which is a kind of insurance fraud. Insurers are wise to this and can and will catch you out, with dire consequences (for example, prosecution, fraud convictions (for you AND your parents), and insane difficulty in getting insurance in future). Be completely honest about who is the main user and keeper, and you won’t be one of those knobheads that make insurance so expensive for us responsible young drivers ;)

£4500 reflects the risk that the insurer is willing to take on – the number of 18 year old lads that drive around with their friends and wrap their cars around trees is astonishing. They’d expect the average (if not LOWEST payout) from an accident involving yourself to come to £4500. Sounds like a lot of money, but if you think of personal injury claims (for your mates and the other driver), the other car’s repairs, hire car/uninsured losses… These amounts add up really quickly.

You may also live in a “high risk” area, which is one with a large amount of vehicle crime and/or fraud. The quotes you get online are generally the best – most insurers will offer cheaper online quotes because it is basically a LOT cheaper to run a website than a call centre.

To me, £4500 sounds right. Fiestas aren’t the cheapest to insure either – try a 1.0 Corsa or Fabia, or even an Ibiza or Swift! Try adding a parent on (preferably with no claims/convictions), as an occasional driver, as this is perfectly legal and can help you reduce your premium. I’m 24, I drive a 1.4i (old) group 6 car, i have 1yr NCD and my insurance is £200 a year cheaper WITH my dad named on it, than it is without (granted he actually does use it sometimes).

At this age, if you want to drive, you will pay a shedload for the insurance alone. What about petrol, tax, MOT? Think carefully about the costs incurred here, before you commit to anything then end up spending everry penny you earn on running your car.

James asks…

What is the cheapest car to insurance and tax?

Smart Car?

Administrator answers:

Insurance on smart cars actually not that low. If you are a new driver then insurance is your biggest worry. Tax will be from zero for a very low emission car up to £150 for a small hatchback depending on emissions. Insurance could be two or three thousand. You need to look at something like a Corsa or Fiesta with a 1 litre engine. Others might be a Fiat Panda, Citroen C1 ( some models of which are zero tax). Go onto the Parkers site and look up cars in insurance groups 1 and 2.

Ruth asks…

What are the best cars with cheap insurance?

l am 19 and l know insurance aren’t cheap at my age but l need a car that has a cheaper insurance. So far l’ve looked into a Nissan Micra 1997, Volkswagen Polo 1 litre and Peugeot. Is there any other cars that are good and strong but won’t cost so much to insure?

Administrator answers:

I feel for you as you are right insurance will be expensive. I would look at cars with insurance group one and two. I would try something like a Ford Ka, C1, Aygo, although you will still have to pay a lot you will be surprised how looking for a group one or two will affect the quote you get.

Good luck

Sharon asks…

what car would be the best choice for me economically?

I’ve currently got a Fiat Punto 1.2 active which does around 49mpg. The road tax is £115 per year and it’s a group 4 insurance. I’m looking at getting something else, still a smallish car, bearing in mind there’s only me in it most of the time. I mainly drive it around town and do less than 5k miles per year. I was wondering about Toyota Yaris’ but not sure how economical they are, does anyone have any other suggestions?

Administrator answers:

Ok imagine this – you upgrade and it costs you a modest £2000 to do so.
At 49mpg for 5000 miles you spend £630 a year on fuel. IF you got a car which did 7.5% more per gallon which might be JUST POSSIBLE you would save about £50 a year less on fuel so it will take £40 years of that to get the £2000 back.
Yes you might save a bit on the road tax but your car insurance will almost certainly increase enough to more than wipe that out.

The point – at 5000 miles a year the fuel saving will be peanuts compared to the rest of the costs. A nice comfy large saloon would cost you little more to run.

William asks…

Does anyone know the cheapest car to insure for a new driver?

I also heard that classic cars are cheaper to insure by alot is this true? what does it mean by classic cars?

Administrator answers:

Just google “insurance group 1 cars” and take your pick.

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