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August 25, 2013

Laura asks…

how will my car insurance change now that i am married?

Hi, I just got married. I am 30 and she is 23. I pay about $76 a month on my car , she pays about $125 and both are full coverage. Mine is with Geico and hers is with some other company. I will get a quote in a few days, but I was just interested, as to what our insurance rate will be when we combine, probably with Geico. Is hers going to make it very high or what can I expect. Thanks.

Administrator answers:

When you add her & her car to your policy, your car will go down due to the multicar credit, but will not go down for you for being married because you are already 30 (unless you were still 29 on your last renewal date). For men, it doesn’t matter if you get married if you are 30 or over since you are already paying what is known at the “all other” rate (rate for men over 30 & women over 25 until they are 49 – it goes down again at age 50).
Your wife’s insurance will go down for multicar credit & for being married.
Get quotes with both insurers to add each other’s vehicles & see which is best. Also compare liability uninsured motorist limits & comprehensive & collision deductible & medical payment limits. This way you are sure you are comparing apples to apples.

Lisa asks…

Can a person sue due to injuries sustained from a car accident?

I was involved in a car accident (my fault) a week ago and all people involved said they were not hurt. Everyone was fine, no airbags deployed. I even saw this man walking around town and picking up his child, and he was fine.

Now apparently I hear he is trying to sue for injuries he got due to the accident?

What kind of nonsense is this? I have full car insurance but I’m worried.

Administrator answers:

Do you know what type if injuries the man claims ?
You don’t know what kind of pain that person is in.

Maria asks…

Are men charged more for car insurance?

Is it true that men ages 16-25 have to pay more for Car insurance, in the US, but the price equals out after men reach the age 26? Someone told me that they don’t do that anymore…but I wasn’t sure.

Administrator answers:

Yes I think they are because apparently men are more dangerous on the road because they are trying to look ‘cool’ or ‘impress’ a girl hope this helps xx

Thomas asks…

How much should I spend on a used car?

Ok so I just graduated college and started my first full time job, I make 40,000 a year and get a $750 raise each 3 months (starting next year) as long as my performance is good. So I want to know how much I should spend on a car since mine is a piece of crap on wheels. Right now my only bills are my phone ($100 a month) and my car insurance ($60 a month).

Administrator answers:

I bought my first suv for $4500 it was a Ford Explorer Man i loved it i traded that in for a 2011 Impala.
Remember you can get whatever you want if your credit is Good!
If u went to a dealer with $5k or more for a down payment with a credit score of 720! Man…. The banks would buy that car for u plus u can put your down payment too ur in and out like a car fast food drive threw just saying but dont get ur credit pulled alot thats what i did i could of been at like a 800 by now !

So do alot of test driving to see what yu will like . Also go to and they can help you !

Ruth asks…

What are the pros & cons of employer-sponsored health insurance?

In almost every other country health insurance is provided through the government or through private industry directly to the policyholder. America is unique in that health insurance is most often provided through your employer.

What are the pros & cons of this system.

Administrator answers:

I’ve been wondering that myself for years. I don’t understand why we can’t buy health insurance directly, like car insurance. The only “pro” I can think of is that it’s more money for the insurance companies. They really don’t want to make health care affordable for anyone. The horrors of a healthy society!

Good question, I hope you don’t expect any intelligent responses in this section!

@Uncle Pennybags- why do you people blame the gov’t for everything? Employers started offering health insurance during WW2 as a benefit to attract skilled/union workers at a time when most men were fighting in Europe or the Pacific.

Daniel asks…

How much is car insurance and tax for over 25s?

hello i am just wondring how much it is for car indurance and tax for a 25 year old man.. thanks x

Administrator answers:

Insurance: Read one of the tens of thousands of answers given on YA! Every month when this question is asked.
Tax: Depends on the vehicle, not the driver. Anything from free to £460 a year.

Sharon asks…

What car should i get im about to turn 16?

So I’m about to turn 16 & get my license, what car should I get? Its between a Mini Copper & a Smart Fortwo car.

Administrator answers:

A Smart car isn’t a very smart choice. Especially for a young kid just learning how to drive. The Smart car is not a practical car at all. It’s a rich man’s toy. The insurance on the MINI will kill you.

I think you need a Civic

Lizzie asks…

How is it possible to find an apartment with a car repossesion on your credit report, and an applicable explan

It seems to me that I cant get an apartment anywhere because of my credit. I have an apartment right now in my name and my lease is up. I want to move to a bigger place but theres on problem, for me to be so young my credit situation is so ugly. My ex-man wrecked my car a year ago and the insurance denied coverage because he was an excluded driver. Before the car dealership known as
(DRIVE-TIME) got the information from my insurance, they thought they should take it into their own hands and reposes my car. All of my payments were on time, they just did that so they can sell a savaged tottalled car.It lowered my score from 740 to 570. Now the apartments just deny me. I have 2 jobs one of them waitressing and one of them office work. What can I do to get approval. I have no parents and I’ve been on my own for 2 years. I’m 19 and have a lot going for myself but these people that approve others don’t care. How can I make them see I have credit worthiness.

Administrator answers:

You are allowed to include a short statement on your credit report to explain the circumstances behind bad credit. Try to keep it under 500 words, because the database only allows so much space to input a consumer statement. But I would recommend this route, because then at least those pulling your credit report can see your side of the story.

To add it, just write it out, and mail it to the three credit bureaus. (Equifax, Trans-Union & Experian) Google for their mailing addresses, I don’t have them on hand. :) Good luck!

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