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August 7, 2013

David asks…

Can a body shop throw away good parts when fixing a car?

When I went to a body shop and got my car fixed, I asked for my old bulbs because there wasn’t anything wrong with them. They said they had thrown them away.

Administrator answers:

They most likely did throw them away. Once a headlight is replaced (which is a fairly easy thing to do – depending on the model of course) either the bulbs will be reused or thrown away. Body shops do not like to keep parts around. It is a hazard. If your insurance company requests the parts to be kept for photos then there might be a few days that they will keep them around. After that … In the trash they go.

In rare cases, some body men will keep the bulbs to reuse on other repairs, or in case a new one brakes. Most do not like to do this because it takes up space and the bulb can brake.

Sharon asks…

Should my boyfriend still financially support his 2 sons that are over 21?

One is 21 and now lived with his Mom because Dad is working out of state. Dad still pays both their car insurance and health insurance and who knows what? I almost had them all live with me until I found out the youngest one cannot keep a job and the other one is always asking Dad for money. I really want to be with this man but his financial picture is not as good as mine and his kids still “mouch off” him. I decided to buyt he house on my own and my Mom lives with me instead.

Administrator answers:

I live in Australia and I can tell you that what your boyfriend is doing would not be accepted by anyone here in this country. They are both adults and should be supporting themselves. If they cannot take responsibility for themselves financially and in every other way, then they should have their respective butts kicked and told to grow up.

You were a wise woman to buy this house in only your own name because financially, your boyfriend is not going to ever be in good shape and a sinking ship will take everyone down with it. Wise move.

Love makes things look all hazy and rosy but thank god you took off those funny glasses and looked with clarity at the situation and realised that this is never going to end and you will end up being mrs bad-guy here if you object to the continued financial input via your boyfriend.

Keep your finances very separate even if you enter inot a live in situation somewhere down the track but I also would not be allowing these two boys to enter your home and use you as a doormat. This is what they have been shown so they are not going to change over night.

I wish you well.

George asks…

How much money should I expect from Insurance company?

A few days ago, I was legally parked on a street. An 82 year old man side swiped me while admittingly trying to eat and drive. My vehicle is a 95 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4×4 with a V 8 engine. It was in excellent condition, now it has been deemed a total loss by the elderly mans insurance company, State Farm. I was told by the insurance adjuster that the value of the Jeep is $2,500.00. At this point I am waiting for a claim rep to call me to tell me the deal. That said, I am wanting to know if the insurance company will take into consideration the trouble of being without a vehicle and having to buy another one when they offer a settlement or will they just try and offer the book value of the Jeep? Thank you for your input.

Administrator answers:

They owe you the value of the truck.

If you got a rental car they may cover the reasonable daily rate for that.

If you did not get a rental car, some carriers will give you a small amount for your loss of use. It’s usually about $10 a day from the date of loss until the day the made an offer on your vehicle.

All you can do is ask.

Nancy asks…

How much car tax and insurance on a limousine?

Does anyone know how much road tax you pay on a limousine? 1998 model. Also, an idea of insurance cost for a 30 year old man with a clean license to drive it. Thanks :)

Administrator answers:

I’m guessing you’re in the UK but our USA-friends seem to be answering based on US legislation.

Vehicles of that age are taxed based on the engine size (cc). Visit the DVLA website and input your car’s details – it’ll give you current road fund licence prices.

As for quotes, limousine insurance is a little more specialised than standard motor insurance. Your best bet is to either speak with a local broker who may be able to advise you further, or check through the yellow pages (or for some specialist insurance firms. One thing’s for sure, or Tesco’s won’t want to know!

Good luck.

Linda asks…

What can a poor girl do if her husband files for divorice just because she gain a few pounds.?

How does she keep from losing her home, car, and health insurance? When is it O.K. for her to seek another man? She has been a good wife, and she only gained 30 pounds. Her husband has also denied her sex for three years. Is this abuse? Can she sue her husband?

Administrator answers:

This “poor girl” needs to confide in a lawyer, not you. You don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

Weight gain is not grounds for divorce.

Marital assets are split equally. She will not lose her home or car. What she will lose is a dead weight husband who doesn’t deserve her anyway.

Mandy asks…

i am a single mom and I recently got into a car accident with a man who was apprently illegal and was arrested?

The accident was his fault and like an idiot i dont have uninsured car insurance. My car is not driveable and his brand new truck, that he owned, had barely a scratch on it. I am unable to get to kwork and had to go to the hospital and have the car towed. What do I do?

Administrator answers:

You’d have to sue him in Civil Court. Hey if you are lucky you could get it done while he is still in jail so they know where he is. Don’t worry though he isn’t really likely to be deported with the great system we use.

Chris asks…

What happens if I accidently hit a homeless man with my car?

How would insurance and liability work and who’s responsible for paying the hobo’s medical bills?

Administrator answers:

You would be responsible ….Of course !
Who else could possibly be responsible?
If you are thinking the taxpayers will be responsible for his medical treatment simply because you say he is “homeless”, think again.
Were the police called to the scene?
Have you notified your insurance company as you are required to do? If you want them to pay, they are going to have to know about it, aren’t they?
And finally, What possible difference does being “homeless” have to do with anything? The rules/laws are the same for a King or a homeless person.

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