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July 20, 2013

Carol asks…

Do you have to have registration for an electric car you built and designed yourself?

Do you have to have insurance on it? What else does it have to have? Does it have to have turn signals and break lights?

Administrator answers:

Oh man. Yes to all. The vehicle must be inspected by an engineer before you can insure or register it. It must be road legal and comply with all DOT and state regulations. I had a freind that built a three wheeled powered bicycle out of two by fours and sheet aluminum. He got it registered as a motorcycle but the insurance was too outrageous to warrant driving it around. Deep cycle marine batteries and a golf car motor controller.

William asks…

why does my 24 year old daughter allow her boyfriend to use her?

He doesn’t have a car, she gives him her hard earned money, he lives for free, he doesn’t take her anywhere, he makes her pay for everything, he uses her car, he’s 30 years old and works part-time at applebees, He’s not even attractive. Every paycheck he wipes out her account and leaves her with nothing, not being able to pay her car payment or car insurance in time. What can I do to make her see the light??? She’s beautiful and has so much to offer. Other “men” are interested in her. Her boyfriend lives in the basement and plays video games all day. He’s absolutely worthless…We allowed them to stay in the basement rent free to save money for an apartment. This allowed us to see her more. We thought he got his act together, according to him. We were wrong. Now my husband and I want him out. We know she will be upset and say she’s going too. Is this okay to do? I know I won’t see her much then and she’ll be very angry when we kick him out. We just can’t stand back and watch him take advantage of her anymore, including wiping out her account.

Administrator answers:

You know, in alot of situations the boy is the worker and the girl sits at home. If your daughter is happy with him you dont really have a right to judge there realationship because while you think you know all about it chances are you dont. Even if its a bad situation you trying to interfear with your adult childs life is only going to ruin your realtionship with her because in all honestly you aloud them to move in, and now your going to turn around and kick him out? You dont think shes going to move out to if thats the way you are going to be towards her? Youd be lucky to see her at all, you need to mind your own buisness bolth of you.

Lisa asks…

Should health insurance companies have the right to turn you down?

How can anyone be comfortable with insurance companies having the right to turn you down at a time when they are needed the most. How would you feel if you, your spouse or child were turned down because of a preexisting condition? How do you feel about insurance companies priorities, number one looking for ways to turn you down as appose to looking for ways to helping you.
How do you feel that the almighty dollar is their main priority and not you health.

Administrator answers:

Should AUTO insurance companies have the right to turn you down?

If you have no licence because you have six dui’s and you’ve totalled 12 cars, should an auto insurance company be REQUIRED to take you?

Should an auto insurance company be required to take you and pay a claim for the accident you had YESTERDAY?

What you “need”, in these situations, is for someone ELSE to pay for your medical care, because YOU didn’t buy coverage before the bad thing happened.

It’s like the lottery. If you could buy a ticket, Sunday, for Saturday night’s million dollar drawing, who in the WORLD would buy a ticket BEFORE the drawing? AND, if EVERYONE who bought a ticket, picked the million dollar numbers, exactly how much do you think that ticket would COST?

See, your questions show me a few things:

1. You don’t know how much insurance companies pay out in claims – it’s about $.99 for every $1 in premium.
2. You don’t realize, that in order to STAY in business, a business cannot sell it’s product, for less than it costs them to make it. There’s no ROOM to lower costs.
3. You don’t realize, that the insurance industry is ALREADY the most highly regulated industry in the USA.

Name me ONE BUSINESS, where the “almighty dollar” isn’t a concern.

And, PLEASE explain to me, why your HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY has to be more concerned with your health, than YOU.

MAN UP!! Take responsibility for your own life, and your own health!! At the very least, it will keep your premiums lower!! It is MIND BOGGLING to me, how no one here wants to be a grown up in the USA any more, we just all want to be whining teenagers, waiting for Big Brother to GIVE us more stuff! Where the heck do you think big brother GETS it from??

Sharon asks…

What are the biggest misunderstandings women have about men?

I mean what don’t women understand about men.
It would be ideal for men to answer this question, but everyone is of course welcome.

Administrator answers:

In my experience men, including myself, are frustrated by the fact that women are in large part incapable of condensing conversation and the transfer of information into the pertinent facts. Example:

Wife tells me she had a traffic accident.

“This woman came out of nowhere and just slammed into me. Then she was such a b*tch about it all. I had no idea where she came from, I wasn’t doing anything wrong and then she just appeared. I had all my paper work and she just fumbled around…oh god her car was a mess..then the cops came ..and this one was a real jerk…etc.”

What she should have said:

“I had an accident,I’m okay, they were at fault and they had insurance.”

Very simple. This same thing manifest continually with every woman I have ever had in my life. The failure to remove the emotional content from a “just the facts mam” converstion.

Gals should work on that. We don’t care how you feel when we need information.

Linda asks…

This man keeps saying he will give me driving lessons and when i go out with him?

in his car he says “no i am not doing it” he,s put me on his car insurance i paid for a well, so i am going to pay for lessons and sod him. He,s always doing that inviting me places and then letting me down. Going with other people or on his own and letting me down, i am thinking of no longer bovering with him. what do you think of him.

Administrator answers:

I have heard it so many times.For a start what you was doing was illegal,you cannot contribute to any lessons unless it is with a qualified driving instructor.Get to a reputable firm like the RAC or A.A. And take proper lessons.I think he was just after back seat tuition rather than driving lessons.

John asks…

where should I start a car restoration?

i want to do a car restoration with my dad before college i have the car but i want to know where i can go to start the restoration. i cant use my garage and i am out of ideas. please help.

Administrator answers:

It’s really hard to do a project car when it’s not there at your home or real close by.

You need alot of tools, and you need space.. You have to have an area that you are ok with leaving tools and parts sitting out.

It aint fun loading up and hauling a 6 foot tall tool chest, and air compressor, etc to and from the car any time you want to work on it.

When I didnt have a shop to work in, I built my cars in the side and back yard of my house

I just don’t trust the storage unit idea. I had a buddy loose a 71 chevelle SS that away. He rented a $45 a mo unit in a fenced lot with lock code, key pad, vid cam, etc around the place.

I guess someone was watching his build, once he was about 3/4 of the way done with the car (all it needed was a transmission and paint) someone cut the steel bar fence with a cutting torch, along with his padlock on door, and put car on a trailer and away it went. They was in and out in less than 10 min.

Yes it was all on tape, but the van used to steal the car with was stolen as well, trailer had no plates on it, 3 guys all dressed in black with mask and gloves. No prints anywhere. No traces of the chevelle, trailer, or men. The van was found 2 days later 25 miles away ditched on side of a dark country road.

My buddy had about $18,000 in that car and was a total loss. It wasnt road ready yet so he had no insurance on it, the storage company couldnt be held lieable (in fact my buddy even tried to sue them for loss, but being they had done everything they could to keep the units safe, it was thrown out)

Thomas asks…

If i drove my friends car during the drivers test with a permit and i got in an accident do i have to pay?

I have no insurance becuase im a permit driver and him and his dad keep harassing me. I dont have any money and they have planty and insurance.

Administrator answers:

Yes, man up and do the right thing and quit whinning!

David asks…

How much would car insurance and Tax cost?

Im 17 and I have a decent amount of money saved up and im interested in buying a 2nd hand car for around 1000 euro but i have no idea how much the tax and insurance is going to cost and how often you have to pay it, so if anyone can help me it would be great. thx u.
I live in Ireland

Administrator answers:

Ok, well what state are u in?
If you’re 17 and get full coverage even with a good driving record u can kiss about 250-300 bucks a month good buy. If you go for liability then u’r looking at about 100-150 a month. U can buy a 6 month policy which will run you between 550-900 a month depending on how long u’ve been licensed. I suggest getting a few quotes at various companies. I’d call your local State Farm agent, they have a program called Steer-Clear which is a contract u, ur parents and ur agent sign saying ur a responsible young man and do not and will not and have not been in any accidents or tickets. This discount takes off about 100-400 dollars a year. Also if u have a 2.8- 3.0 in school u can get a Good Student Discount that discounts 100-300 dollars a year. It also depends on the veh ur looking to purchase. Best of luck, and drive safely : )

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