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Your Questions About Car Insurance For Men Only

June 25, 2013

Robert asks…

If I settle a car insurance claim 50/50 will the named driver and policy holder both loose their no claims?

Had an accident in August, insurance companies want to go 50/50 as the man that hit us is a liar. A named driver was driving at the time of the accident, so would the named driver and the policy holder both loose their no claims bonus?

Administrator answers:

No – only you (and the liar) will lose their no claims bonus as the claim is being made on your policy.

The named driver will have to declare that they were involved in an accident to his insurers (as soon as possible) if they have their own insurance policy, or should they take out insurance – for the next three years,

David asks…

why are women complaining about getting treated equally in this article?

this article talks about women’s car insurance and about how now women have to pay the same car insurance. The funny thing the article is written in a negative slant. Portraying this as a bad thing for women or that women are being treated badly now even though you know if it was the other way around (women paying more for something and men then being made to as well) it would be seen as a victory for equality. Take a look at the women interviewed in this article, whining she has to pay more now. What’s wrong ladies, I thought you wanted equality? Well here it is ladies here is what it tastes like

Administrator answers:

That’s how equality works. It’s considered discrimination for women to pay more for health insurance even though women are more likely than men to go see doctors when they are sick. They cost insurance companies more than men do. But since women paying more for health insurance is considered discrimination, I don’t see why women paying less for car insurance isn’t. In fact, why hasn’t the US enacted a law like this one? Where are BO and his brigade of liberals to stop this discrimination against men?

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