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June 19, 2013

Mary asks…

Which of these typical feminists comments do you get the most tired of?

Which one of these typical feminist comments do you get the most tired of hearing over and over?

“The age or retirement of women should be raised to match that of men

“If men have to pay to get into nightclubs, women should too”

“Women should pay the same car insurance as men, no matter what ridiculous, manipulative statistics say, they do not overrule equality” “If women were having to pay more for health insurance than men, this would be seen as an injustice, so the other way around should be as well”.

“Female tennis players should play the best of 5 sets like men, if they want the same prize money, they should do the same work, unlike the lazy cows at Wimbledon who only play the best of 3 instead of 5″

“proper use of contraception would result in fewer abortions, so there should be more focus by society on contraception, rather than abortion”

“It should be VAPA (Violence Against People Act) instead of VAWA (Violence Against Women Act). Sole focus on ending violence against women is treating men as second class citizens”

“It’s women not men, who objectify themselves. No one forces Beyonce to dress like a 2 dollar ****.”

“Affirmative action and female only shortlists and other special programs and legislation that give women a leg up are discriminatory against men, biased in favor of women and are too focused on satisfying numbers that some spoiled uneducated fat women are obsessed with”

“The glass ceiling doesn’t exist and is just an excuse for women’s own self inflicted failures”

“Alimony is an insult to women. It assumes a grown woman is nothing more than an incapable child”

“Demanding more women in politics does not benefit anyone. More women than men vote and politicians are supposed to serve everyone, not just women”

“Women should be punished just as harshly as men for any crime. To do otherwise is tantamount to treating women like children, and if the law treats women like children, why should the rest of society treat them any different”

“In order sort out the gender wage gap, we need to strive for parity with the sexes in jobs such as construction, sewage, garbage disposal, rescue services, deep sea fishing, oil rigs, long distance driving, security, armed forces etc.”

“Women do not need special centers in universities for them only. But if they have to get them, men should get their own spaces too”

“universities need to stop creating special legislation and programs to help women reach parity with men in science and math related fields since women have every opportunity to go in those fields if they wish and forcing equality is not beneficial to anyone”.

“Obama’s campaign was an insult to women. He continually tried to get women’s votes by feeding them all sorts of compliments and ego boosting statements, attacking and demonizing men, promising women entitled like free birth control, ending non existent problems like the wage gap and glass ceiling and promising to “protect” them from evil violent males. Women should feel insultedhe tried to get their vote that way instead of actually focusing on real issues like the economy, education, jobs etc.”

So, people of GS, which of these typical feminists comments that you see feminists spouting over and over again is the most annoying?

Administrator answers:

You’ve lost me

These aren’t Feminist things

David asks…

What is the best used or new car to buy and how much?

I need another car, I have searched the net but all car websites will have you believe that their cars are the best. I think I will get a used car, since you can get more for your money. And the past I have had two brand new cars, but I think I’ll go used this time around, 2004 and above. I’m thinking about a van or truck this go around. What do you think is better a car or van/truck. What brand is the best family vehicle? Have you had any problems with a certain brand vehicle?

Administrator answers:

Man i can’t belive some of these answers. You are wise in not buying new. Let someone else take the huge depreciation hit. I personally buy what your looking at 2-3 low mileage cars. You have to deside what you will be using the car for. Then how long you will keep it. The if you want a car or a “hey look at what I drive status symbol” Cars are made to get people from point a to point b. I have bought and sold thousands of cars and trucks over the years. I think last time I looked it was pushing a million vehicles. We are in the business to advise companies on current vehicles and the lowest cost per mile. Why do you want a van or a truck? Have something to haul?
The best basic transportation is a used Ford taurus. They are cheep to buy used, cheep to fix, very safe, and just a little bit less reliable as toyota or honda and cost a ton less. In a mini van the Chrysler line will give you the best bang for your buck. They also cheep to fix, hold their value and can be had for 4-5 G less then honda and toyota. They have nicer features the the Honda and toyota, ride and handle better and crash better then honda or toyota so insurance is less. If you want a full size truck The Ford E150 van or the F150 pick up. The others out their , no matter whos just pretend to be trucks. You have to know trucks like we do to tell we see what should not break do so on the others. All the others. From frames bending to beds bending or tailgates falling off. Deside what you need to use it for before you buy a truck. Gas mileage is horrible on all of them. I happen to like the New ford escape hybrid as all around vehicle. People who have them love them, few minor problems, gas mileage is in the 30′s and its all wheel drive.

Mandy asks…

What are my rights as a single mom recieving less than enough child support?

This is a very long story, ill try to make it as brief and summarized as possible, but i am completely ignorant as to how to go about this situation ive been living with for 6 years.

I conceived a child at the age of 15 by a man who was over legal age. I had terrible living conditions at the time, and i moved away without pressing any charges as far as statutory rape, or anything like that. i simply wanted peace in my life, and to avoid the chaos and drama that surrounded my upbringing.

The biological father wasnt heard from for about four years, and no child support was sent.

I applied for state aid, food stamps and medical to support my child, and a state child support agency contacted me asking for DNA. Around the same time, her biological father contacted me and asked me to settle outside of court. He is very financially well off, and i was fearful of a custody battle, since i am not a high school graduate, with no stable job. I was very intimidated.

I agreed to settle outside of court, for 200 dollars less than what the state was asking of him, in exchange for sole custody. We both signed a contract, with witnesses but it wasnt notarized.

I have no daycare, cannot afford daycare, cannot work without daycare, and am supporting myself and my daughter on only 800 a month, and its not enough to cover our needs. (rent, utilities, car insurance, groceries, phone bill.. basic necessities, including school clothes, supplies and gasoline)

My questions are, where do i go to handle this if i were to use the system so that i could get the extra 200 a month? Do i need to pay a lawer?

What are my odds of obtaining sole custody?

Is it still possible for him to face criminal charges over the age difference?

Im too scared to make a move, i dont want to lose sole custody of my daughter because i believe that even though he is well off financially, that he will not be a good influence in my daughters life.

Any advice or guidance would be extremely helpful as i have no parents or guardians to look upto for help.
I appreciate you guys taking the time to answer my questions.. My greatest fear is him gaining partial custody due to the fact that he pays child support. He obviously has no moral code, to be able to exploit and take advantage of a 15 year old girl in horrible living conditions.. Due to the age difference, if he was court ordered to pay child support, based on the factual evidence of pedophillia alone, would i most likely be able to fight his right to custodial guardianship and visitation rights? If he were to go to jail for statutory rape, id completely lose his child support and have no income whatsoever.
I appreciate you guys taking the time to answer my questions.. My greatest fear is him gaining partial custody due to the fact that he pays child support. He obviously has no moral code, to be able to exploit and take advantage of a 15 year old girl in horrible living conditions.. Due to the age difference, if he was court ordered to pay child support, based on the factual evidence of pedophillia alone, would i most likely be able to fight his right to custodial guardianship and visitation rights? If he were to go to jail for statutory rape, id completely lose his child support and have no income whatsoever.

Administrator answers:

First, your contract. Completely illegal. A judge will throw it out. It was illegal for him to even ask you for such a thing. And really, when you drooped the case, the Friend of the Court should have stepped in and found out why you where dropping the case, and they should have forced the case.

So you have every right to file for a child support order.

However, he’s going to ask for visitation. He may ask for custody, but he can’t get custody. Courts don’t rip children away from their mother without an extremely good reason. But even the worse type of father can get some type of visitation. But with the statutory rape you might be able ti limit it to supervised visitation. And of course, if he ends up in jail then he gets no visitation.

I think you can still press charges for statuary rape. Usually the statue of limitations doesn’t start ticking until after you turn 18. But each state is different, so your going to need a local lawyer to tell you. And I want you to go to a lawyer anyways. Visitation and child support are simple and you can do that with out a lawyer. However, your case is unusual and I don’t want to see you get tripped up by some strange law.

One trip to a lawyer. One time shouldn’t cost a lot. And if the lawyer says your good then you can do the rest on your own. Write everything out so you don’t forget to tell tell the lawyer anything.

And if he does ask for custody, then you should get a lawyer. Don’t go into a custody battle without a lawyer.

I’m suggest without a lawyer because I know your money is tight. But really, you’d be better off having a lawyer do the whole thing. Because we already know that he’s going to try to intimidate you and use you. A lawyer will be able to stand up to his bs better then you can. So if you can find a way, hire a lawyer.

When your at the lawyers office, ask him about paying. Sometimes they can work it so that the father pays for your lawyer. I know that sounds kind of back wards, but some states do that. If you don’t have money for a lawyer, just make an appointment anyway and then talk to him about how payment can be arranged.

So to summarize, see a lawyer. Give him all the information, and ask him all your questions. Once you have all the facts you can make a better decision.

Michael asks…

How do you approach a parent to ask for money back?

My dad borrowed £200 off me for rent before Christmas. Now I have a car, driving lessons, insurance, dog insurance and University stuff to buy I REALLY need it back. How am I meant to ask my dad for it back?

Administrator answers:

You can’t ask them for money back til you’ve paid all your debt back to them..and man, you REALLY owe them!


Nancy asks…

Does a single, unmarried man with no children really have a lot more disposable inc?

Does a single, unmarried man with no children really have a lot more disposable income than one who is married with children? On average, for an average salary earner, after all bills and taxes, about how much extra would he have left over? A small sum, or a larger sum? For instance, could he afford a lavish vacation or afford designer clothes? On Average?

Administrator answers:

This is really difficult to answer as there are varying “average” salaries out there depending on location and of course professions/jobs. Now, if we said average was about $50,000 a year – after taxes, they are probably only bringing home roughly $35,000 a year. Depending on if they live luxuriously or down to earth, they may have a lot of disposable income or almost none. A mortgage can run a thousand or more dollars a month, rent $500 up to $1500 (in average). Add in cell phone bill, cable, gas, electricity, car payments, car insurance and the disposable income quickly decreases.

Your question also asks “a lot more” – more than who? Kids are really expensive so a guy with no kids is going to have some more extra money than say a father.

Jenny asks…

Why Do Independent Women NOT need a man?

They have their jobs, cars, and insurance, and they go around saying they don’t need a man for anything, but when they need a plumber because the pipe broke then they need a man?

Aren’t women hypocritical?
No honey not lesbian. There are some women that can do anything hold a job anything. Now, I am not saying drill for oil, or pick up logs that’s man’s work.

I mean an indenpendent woman who does NOT NEED a man or woman–just herself.

Administrator answers:

“Strong & independent woman” is a silly cliche that insecure women spout to help them feel better about themselves. The reality is that women always have and always will continue to need and depended on men. Men built/create/invent and maintained virtually everything that women use and see around them – women are living in houses built by men; driving on road and bridges built by men; using electricity & gases discovered and utilized by men etc..etc..

John asks…

I dont understand how kids can afford a car and insurance?

for me it will take about a year to save up for a decent car, but the insurance is like 5000 a year, how could someone afford that, is there something im missing? and is it only like this where i live (ontario)?

Administrator answers:

Most kids can’t afford a car on their own and they have to rely on Mom and Dad to supplement stuff like insurance and car payments. A lot of it has to do with age and gender: Men will always pay higher insurance than women until they reach age 25. The reason? Insurance providers have found higher risks in men lower than 25 — and so they charge a higher premium.

I think you may find the costs of insurance will differ between locations to some degree (based on car thefts in the zip code, number of accidents on local roads, etc) but not by much.

Ken asks…

How do you transfer a car title to a new owner?

Tell me the steps please, what do i need to do, what does the new owner needs to do . Last I want to know If i Have to do anything else besides call my insurance company. Car is payed for, no liens, i am the owner. Selling to a man next town from me..
**2003 Chrysler Sebring
Kansas is where we are at. What do we do at the DMV thanks!

Administrator answers:

Some states require that you notify your DMV of the sale but aside from that all you need to do is to fill out the sellers portion of the title to the car, sign and date it and give it to the buyer. He must then take the title to the Kansas DMV to register the car in his name. (You don’t have to go with him if you don’t want to) Then, you simply need to notify your insurance company of the sale. So that you are not liable if he wrecks the car. Why not look up the procedure on the Kansas DMV site?

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