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Your Questions About Car Insurance For Men Only

May 22, 2013

Charles asks…

How is fair that Males have to pay more for car insurance than a female?

Women are worse on the cell phones, applying make up when driving, and young teenage girls all jamming out to jonas brothers and not paying attention. Im 22 (male) with no accidents and drive a sports car (cobalt super charged) and my insurance is 180.00 a month. I have no points, but a girl my age with same scenario would only be 110.00. HOW IS THAT FAIR?????? And yes i have searched other companies and its the same story.

Administrator answers:

I believe it’s the few that spoil it for the rest. There are men and boys who like to show off in their vehicles by speeding. They are risk takers. Then you go with the often fact that they drive more, females take the passenger side usually, and if you drive more you are at risk. Statistically men have more accidents than women (not a judgment call by me here-men drive more).
I see your point, and annoyance though. It is unfair, it’s allowed sexism and stereotyping. Clumping one sex together is never a fair or just practice. It’s the few that ruin it for the majority. The show-offs, risk takers and just dangerous boys who want to impress their girl.
The safe drivers, the ones who follow the laws get punished.

Sandy asks…

After all bills is it good to have this much left over?

I live in Georgia, and I am in the process of purchasing my first house. After I calculate for all utilities, the mortgage, gas, food, cell phones, cars, Insurance for cars, and savings. I am left with about 500-600 dollars each month. Hopefully i can use this extra money for savings/entertainment purposes. I really just want to know if this is going to be considered struggling.

Administrator answers:

Yes that is good. Too many people are “house poor”, in that they pay way too much for a mortgage then can’t eat or go to a movie. Successful budgeting requires that you pay yourself first, before bills. If there isn’t enough money for your to live comfortably, then reduce your bills. I learned this from an old man that had tons of money, and worked a regular job. He made a payment to his savings account just like a car payment. Took his weekly money first, and THEN started paying bills. That way he didn’t get a frazzled because he couldn’t go out, or have fun.

Richard asks…

Is it inequality when women have to pay more for health insurance?

Is it inequality when men have to pay more for car insurance?

Administrator answers:

The US will be a better place when it starts seeing health as a given human right and stops charging people insurance and healthcare bills. Universal health care is the best way forward for the whole world. I am from the UK and the NHS is one of the best things about this country and it has helped me and literally everyone I know at one time or another.

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