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May 9, 2013

Carol asks…

Isn’t it just horrible to pay for something in cash instead of through insurance?

I just got some thumbs down for paying my medical bills in cash for the past 11 years, am I a horrible person?

I also had some auto body work done on my car without claiming from my car insurance company so that my rate wouldn’t go up, how bad is that?

Administrator answers:

No you are a wise man, and I wish that our government took a lessen from your economic policy

Steven asks…

Why are employers even involved in Health Care?

Wouldn’t getting them out of things streamline the process? Just like when you buy your home insurance, and your car insurance, shouldn’t you be able to buy your health insurance? I know you can, but let’s get corporations out of this. What started out as an incentive to draw employees, is turning into a millstone of burden around the necks of employers.

There’s no reason why a young man needs to purchase insurance that covers his maternity care. He should be able to pick and choose what he will be covered for. Anything else beyond which is his own responsibility.

Administrator answers:

Unfortunately, we have vested interests who like it that employers are stuck with this millstone around their necks.

It is one thing that is steadily dragging down the vitality of the U.S. Economy.

Richard asks…

Can somebody explain the “So easy a caveman can do it” commercials?

I see these commercials for Geico car insurance, and they always show this hairy man that looks sad when they say “so easy a caveman can do it”. Can somebody explain what this means? This is very confusing because I don’t know what hairy men have to do with car insurance.

Administrator answers:

Either you are using a clever sarcastic approach to poke fun at some really terrible and over run commercials, or you are a complete fool. Either way, I’ll explain in case someone else is dumb. The hairy guy is a caveman…notice the characteristic overbite, and extra hair. That is to portray a modern caveman. They are saying its so easy a caveman can do it. These guys get offended, because frankly, they aren’t dumb…they are just dumb looking. So when they say that, the cavemen get offended that they are being called dumb. Then they continued until now it’s just an overrun bad joke.

Donald asks…

How much is car insurance going to cost for me?

I’m 16 years old and im about to get my learners permit. Im not going to own a car or anything im just going to occasionaly drive my parents car. My mom says its going to be very expensive but i thought that was only when you have your full license and have your own car.

Administrator answers:

To fucking much bro here’s why

1-your a guy
2-the way things are right now
3-your young

anywhere from $1500 to $3000

then $200-$700 every month

sorry man

William asks…

Has a car accident ever turned out to be a blessing?

I don’t mean to offend anyone. But has an accident seemed at times a blessing. You know like a new car, or insurance money? Any stories?

Administrator answers:

I just got into an accident today. Doesn’t seem like a blessing at all. Everything went quickly and smoothly afterward, so that’s good. The only injuries were mine…just from the seat belt…everyone is ok though.

I was driving my dad’s car. Stopped at a stop sign, going to turn left. I didn’t see any car coming from my left, until I was halfway through when the other person was speeding towards me. I tried to speed up and get out of the way, but it was too late. Most of the damage is on the other person’s car. In the front. The damage on my dad’s car was on the left side toward the back (which just proves how far ahead I was and that I was the one who got hit).

No one has to go to court or anything. And that, I guess, IS a blessing in itself.

I’m just so scared now b/c I only have a permit. I don’t know what’s going to happen. And, though the damage isn’t too bad – not the worst, I want to make it up to my dad SO bad. He handled everything well. He’s not angry at me, and he says that at least I’ve had an experience. He’s a very good-natured man.

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