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March 25, 2013

Laura asks…

Why do walk in clinics have some days dedicated to females only?

Certain days for sexual health check ups have days dedicated to females only. Wtf i think it’s sexist. All the females keep crying about equallism, but keep quite when it’s in their favour (car insurance is another example). Unless there is a reason, but I can’t think of any logical explanation for it.

Administrator answers:

Some women do not feel safe around men. For instance, if a woman was raped and had to go to the doctor for treatment, she may feel uncomfortable or afraid if she has to sit in the waiting room with a bunch of men.

Steven asks…

Have women won the battle of the sexes in America?

Think about it. It’s better to be a woman, and men envy this and are jealous of women.

And I’m a man — but eventually I had to tuck my male ego away and realize women are superior.

Think about it. Women get in clubs for free or for half price. Women get drinks bought for them. The man has to propose and buy the ring. Men can’t walk in certain neighborhoods and are more likely to get killed in violent crimes. Men are less happier. Men have less freedom to express their emotions and fashion sense. Men die sooner. Men get receding hairlines. Men are uglier in both the face and body. Women do yoga and other enriching activities, and eat better and take care of themselves better. Men drop out of high school at a higher rate. More women than men are graduating from college. Women get higher GPA’s than men, even in math and science. Men have more car accidents and pay higher car insurance. Women smell better. Men get skid marks and women don’t.
Women are humiliating men and shattering their egos in this point in history. Do men deserve getting their asses kicked by women?

Men routinely are defeated in athletic competitions by women; as a result these men are embarrassed and are forced to hide in shame. Women can get sex whenever they want; men have to work for it. Women can get multiple orgasms.

I myself have lost athletic and intellectual competitions to women. One was a karate match to a woman. The other was a chess match at a tournament. It was great. I deserved it, didn’t I?
Check this out:

Graymalkin, you are a man-hating idiot with penis-envy. If you checked the other thread, I made a gender opposite “question” asking if men won the battle of the sexes. Personally, none of these questions reflect my true nature, but rather is giving people a chance to think.

Ta-ta, you man-hating, lonely misandrist!

Administrator answers:

Men and Women Fart.

John asks…

Why do car insurance systematically break the sex discrimination act?

IF this was a case of pay or working conditions or job description, the womans lib and campaigners for EQUAL rights would be hopping mad, they would be marching down the street but NO, when it comes to being FAIR, they are not in the case of car insurance.

Anyone ever wondered why women pay less for car insurance yet if your in an accident and your a man, your no claims is effected whilst the womans NCB isnt?

I believe that theirs a big case of Sex Discrimination with these insurance brokers and no one has ever challenged them before so they still continue….

Your thoughts?
I am talking from experience too, the number of accidents I have been in and it not been my fault and the other driver is a woman, FFS, IM the one who has lost out and yes IM annoyed that I AM DISCRIMINATED AGAINST!!! I dont care what Insurance compnays pull out of the hat with statistics because they can make number say what they want, People who drive Red cars are more likely to have an accident than a Blue car…. Is that fair? So why should sex determine cover in insurance? Think about it….
As for AGE related, I dont see why that should be relavent, what I do find relaventt is the “TIME” that has been spent driving, so if your Licence was gained at 17 Years old, and your 34, you have 17 years worth of experience on the road, where as a 17Year old who has just passed their test has had Zero years experience on the road.

I See that as more relavent, not age related because if you are a Cyclist then a Motorbike user and then progress to car, you gain allot of experience and can have a couple of years driving experience in hand before using a car.

Administrator answers:

It is a proven fact that men, young men especially, are less cautious drivers than women. They are an insurance liability.

Chris asks…

Do you think that we should blame pharmaceutical and insurance companies for the reason for healthcare costs?

Apart from the fact we were told to hate”Obamacare”, apart from the mandate for ereryone to have insurance, can anyone give me a reason why we dont cut out the middle man. If I am not mistaken, I believe we are requiered by law to have car insurance.

Administrator answers:

The insurance companies, yes.

FACT – Insurance companies in the USA before the reforms pushed up prices, did not pay out claims when they should and bought or blackmailed politicians [1]

FACT – PER PERSON the USA spends more on healthcare than any other nation on the planet [2]
FACT – Obama debated his plans before the election for healthcare [3]
FACT – the chance of a child under five of dying in the USA is greater than industrialised nations with universal health coverage [4]
FACT – Obama was elected to bring in change [5]
FACT – Obama wants to stop insurance companies from screwing America [6]
FACT – The reforms Obama wants work in the Netherlands and Switzerland [7]

Let me know if my facts are wrong, but please provide proof.

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