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March 9, 2013

Steven asks…

Why does feminism still exist, what rights do women not have?

I can understand some women In Saudi Arabia campaigning but why does feminism still exist in the west. Women have lower car insurance rates for simply being a women, imagine getting car insurance lower for simply being white, people would be outraged. Why does feminism still exist, they have just as many rights and some privileges on top that men don’t get.

Administrator answers:

America’s already free and has been it’s own country for quite a while now, why do we still need the military? Protection and keeping what we’ve already got, right? Now apply that to feminism and any other civil rights groups out there :)

Sandra asks…

What do you do to releave stress when you cannot get away?

I am at a breaking point right now between fighting with my ex husband and talking to my car insurance company about an accident where the other driver is filing a medical claim. Along with the normal stresses of the day and work I feel like I am going to loose it any second. But I am not allowed to get up because I am at work and I have to man the desk.

What do you do when you are in a situation like this? How do you stop from breaking?

Administrator answers:

I worked as a receptionist where I couldn’t leave my desk very often, just like you. Not sure if this will help you right now, but it’s a good idea to either save funny e-mails or links to funny websites. Some that was enough to get my mind off stuff for a bit.

Otherwise, I think what would be really helpful right now would be to do deep breathing. You want to breath deeply, using your diaphragm, and slowly. Focus on something happy, not all the junk going on. Keep doing it until you feel much calmer.

And if you feel like you’re going to burst into tears, clench your butt muscles. It’s nearly impossible to cry if you’re doing that (personal experience on that one).

Carol asks…

My 19 year old daughter just lost her virginity to a 30 year old man. Is she a slut? What should I do to her?

Her father says that we should stop paying her tuition and stop paying her car insurance for her. She has a job, but most of it goes to her rent at her apartment. If we stopped paying her tuition and her car insurance, her life would be ruined. Should we do it?

Administrator answers:

Your daughter is considered an adult at 19. Would it make you feel better if she lost her virginity to another 19 year old? I fail to see the connection between cutting her off from her education and the lesson you are trying to teach her. You can guarantee that if you do that you will probably not hear much from her about what is going on in her life or her relationships. Cutting her off will fracture your relationship. Unless her grades are failing or she is moving in with this man and expects you to support there is no reason to go to such an extreme. Did you discuss with her prior to her going off to school that your financial support was based on her remaining a virgin?!? Sorry to say that your disappointment now can not be a new condition you put upon her financial support.

If you do it I can guarantee you, from experience, that your relationship will NEVER be the same. It may be civil, but you will never have the closeness you once felt since she will never feel that she can trust you. Sorry, but even after 25 years I still would not say I have a close relationship with my parents even though I spent the holidays with them and speak weekly.

Donald asks…

What is a good job to pay for insurance?

i need to come up with $150 every month to pay for car insurance.
besides for a legit job is there anything else i can do to make money?

Administrator answers:

I understand that you can make about $200 a month by donating plasma. I used to do that when I was in college. As long as you are healthy and have not had sex with other men, you should be able to do it.

Helen asks…

Why is auto insurance allowed to be sexist?

Women always complain about getting paid less, while insurance companies charge huge amounts for a guy to have insurance. Also, why is no one complaning about florida reqiuring car insurance, when everyone complains about the health care law.

Administrator answers:

Well, it’s not, in every state – in states that don’t allow gender to be used, women pay the same rates as men, even though MEN have more claims dollars paid out.

Just like auto insurance is age sensitive – people under 20 are JUST going to pay higher rates, because there are more claims.

It’s not “sexist”, it’s LEGAL DISCRIMINATION – telling the difference between two things. Just like if you’re 30, you pay less for life insurance, than if you’re 80. And (because only guys complain about auto rates being higher), it works IN YOUR BENEFIT (but I don’t hear you whining about it!) that you pay less for HEALTH insurance, because you can’t have a baby. Yep, women pay more for health insurance, because MOST of them end up having baby claims.

And, lots of people complain about Florida – and 48 other states – requiring car insurance, mostly the ones who don’t want to buy it. But the plain truth of the matter is, you don’t HAVE to buy car insurance, you don’t HAVE to own a car. Mandatory health insurance, just for EXISTING, isn’t something anyone can opt out of, and it’s not constitutional. The federal government has no legal right to REQUIRE it.

States, however, can require anything they damn well want.

Next semester, sign up for a class on the Constitution, if they offer one at your high school, and learn all about it.

Sharon asks…

Why do women ONLY AGREE with stereotypes and statistics that BENEFIT them?

When you ask women drives better drives, they wholeheartedly agree with those car Insurance companies.

But When say things like who is more of a gold digger prostitute , bad at math. They say you’re generalizing. about women.

But those same women agree that ALL men cheat on their girlfriends, are rapist, are violent killers and are simply no good. While women are sugar, spice, and everything nice, and are the only gender that positively contributes to society.

Why is that?

Administrator answers:

Because they cannot comprehend any possibility that men may be better than them at anything.

But they will certainly embrace anything that makes them feel better than men.

It is all about emotion. Whatever makes them feel better about themselves or keeps them from feeling bad about themselves is all they care about.

Look at how they defend child custody in family courts. “Well since the mother is the primary care giver she should get custody” This stance is for the woman’s benefit not the child’s.

Just because she knows the kid likes the crust cut off of his bread does not make her a better parent. My own mother was the primary care giver and she was a disaster.

They don’t care that shared parenting would be better for all involved because it does not feed into their need to feel in control.

It comes down to the emotional desires of women trumping everything else.

Donna asks…

Do men and women drive the same amount of miles per year?

If they don’t then using car insurance rates would be stupid.
Beer you’re wrong. They wouldn’t have you pay per time then measure accidents per distance that wouldn’t make sense.

Administrator answers:

Well, most truck drivers are men. So, I would say, no.

Jenny asks…

what are the responsibilities of teenagers in spain?

like do they have to get a part time job, do they own a car? car insurance? idk help? i tried searching it but all that comes up is stuff on stuff in the U.S. and i need spain.

Administrator answers:

From 16- 19 years old i worked part time as an English language tutor

you can’t get a license until you are 18, not everyone gets it at 18 like in America because it’s usually more difficult to pass (written and mandatory stick shift road test)

i got my first car at 19 a Toyota yaris, i paid for it

car insurance is mandatory if you have a car, it’s usually more expensive between 18-25, especially for men.

From barcelona spain

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