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Your Questions About Car Insurance For Men

July 14, 2013

Lisa asks…

What do i need to know about buying a car and getting insurance for the first time?

I don’t want to show up at a dealer or the insurance office not knowing a thing about it. I’m also young so i’m afraid they might try to take advantage of my inexperience.

Administrator answers:

Luckily you have internet, the biggest source of information ever created by man, and most of it is free.
Start off from your state’s website.

Susan asks…

How much will my car insurance go up if I’m a minor and got into a wreck?

I have State Farm insurance in Texas, how much do you think my rates will go up if I hit somebody, and I’m a minor who’s driven for a year?

**The man who I hit MIGHT need his bumper replaced, and it was my first accident.

Administrator answers:


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